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Saturday, August 19, 2017
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The Rant for Aug. 10, 2016

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Tuesday, August 09, 2016 09:01 pm
The Rant is The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum. The readers’ views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel. With all the times it is requested to show an ID, would someone please explain why is it considered to be discrimination to show an ID to vote. It seems some judges need common sense education!

When (Donald) Trump is elected and his administration is overthrown by the military, my weapons and me will back the military all the way to Pennsylvania Avenue.

Every time that I see a car with a (Donald) Trump sticker, I really want to punch them in the face. Boy, I want to knock the hell out of them.

Anybody else have to turn the channel whenever Hillary Clinton appears in a political ad? Enough with the same old politicians. We need fresh ideas and faces.

First John Gregg for governor, and now Evan Bayh for senator. The Democrats sure love those special-interest lobbyists as candidates.

Road to One Million needs to focus on jobs, not "downtown entertainment" that attracts, for the day, population! Entertainment "ideas" only increase taxes, not population! Taxes deter growth!

Why did Hillary Clinton dress like the Michelin Man for her acceptance speech?

If we don't use paper ballots in this election we can never trust the outcome. The hackers will choose the winner, not the voters.

Chris Wallace interviewed Hillary (Clinton) on July 31, and they talked about the importance of (U.S.) Supreme Court appointments. She agreed that it was important. She said the court did some things she agreed with, like marriage equality, but also some that she thought hurt our democracy. ... But we are not a democracy. We are a republic not susceptible to the tyranny of the majority with checks and balances of the three divisions of government.

Education is overrated. Real life makes people smart, not school and books. Two of my neighbors are Phd.s, the rest just common people. The common people have more happy families and a better outlook on life than the college eggheads.

Anyone blaming (Hillary) Clinton for the deaths in Benghazi is misguided. The blame falls on (former President George W.) Bush and (former Vice President Dick) Cheney the day they dropped bombs on Iraq and started the Middle East on a downward death spiral. No Iraq war, no Middle East hell hole. This is the legacy of the Republicans and the Bush family. 

I urge everyone to go to a citizenship ceremony and see how happy and thrilled these new Americans are when they take the oath. All of them are more proud to be citizens than the majority of Americans who take everything for granted. Everyone should have to swear their allegiance before they go to high school. Maybe then they would understand what our country stands for.

Put the presidential debates on TV when there is no sporting event. The people of the United States deserve the right to see the candidates with no distractions. Or is the media going to continue to hide Mrs. (Hillary) Clinton from Donald Trump and the truth, just like they did Bernie Sanders?

Just like crooked Hillary Clinton, most of the media misinterprets what (Donald) Trump says and distorts Trump's sarcasm and sense of humor. Trump boldly and honestly takes all questions from the press for an hour, unlike his opponent, who hides from press conferences.

I can't remember when I have read a more stupid column than the one written by (state Rep.) David Wolkins, Republican from Warsaw. ... He does not like the teachers union because they did not support him, and he fills his story with lies and falsehoods. He must be using (Donald) Trump's playbook to just say things that aren't true and the Republican constituents will be dumb enough to believe them. 

It's very annoying when I hear news commentators make statements about children of celebrities, politicians and even British royalty such as, "We've all watched them grow up." No, many of us couldn't care less about them. I don't hate children, I just don't think the amount of coverage and lauds is warranted. I want news, not fluff pieces please.

You get arrested for drinking and driving, and you are pregnant. There are some really stupid people in this world.

So you're battling with depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder. To make yourself better, you get a tattoo. Then you post on social media little rants like, apologies are only as strong as the actions you deliver, or why should I be the one to carry you along. Then to sum it up, you drink and drive and hurt someone. ... Accept responsibility for your actions, and maybe someday you will grow up!

Fort Wayne has some pretty wonderful police officers and then some not so wonderful. ... They take an oath to uphold the laws and have the responsibility to do just that. So if someone runs a red light, they should get a ticket. The same for speeding, drinking and driving. Sadly, there are some officers who choose to look the other way. When an officer does that, it speaks volumes to their character and they then become the problem. 

In regards to the supposed involvement of Russia hacking both her and the DNC's email servers, Hillary (Clinton) stated that she would not tolerate that kind of involvement from anyone. Who does she think she's kidding? Whether you refer to her policies or (President) Obama's, which are basically the same thing, tolerance is the backbone of their philosophy. Obama proved that by not following through when he drew his red line in Syria, and did nothing when Russian jets buzzed our Navy.

There's a great overuse of the word "attack" by the liberal progressive leaders and voters, and especially the liberal news media. Every statement made is called an attack, and the public falls for this insanity. People, the liberals are not making the world better, they are making it worse. They are totally to blame for the division among the people.

Why is it that every time the media talks to Ivanka Trump, they ask how she feels about the way her father treats women, but when the media talks to Chelsea Clinton, they never ask how she feels about the way her father treats women. Do I detect a media bias here ? H-m-m-m.

Democrats insist that (Donald) Trump is too unstable to be trusted with the ability to launch nuclear missiles in a crisis. One thing that you can count on is that (Hillary) Clinton, like (President) Obama, might talk tough but will never cross a line once its been drawn, still pursuing diplomatic solutions while our country bakes in a nuclear hell. Lets hope our enemies can be talked to death, because that's the biggest threat they would face when they chose to wage war against the USA.

At least (Hillary) Clinton's clothes are made in the USA by American workers. (Donald) Trump makes his in sweatshops overseas. Imagine your 10-year-old granddaughter working 14-hour days sewing Trump suits. If you're OK with that, then vote for Trump, but I feel sorry you value your grandkids so little.

Yeah, ... (a large national retailer) has remodeled alright. Notice they don't have that cart of reduced produce anymore? Sure miss that, which is why I used to go there all the time.

Better take your overseas vacation now. If (Donald) Trump wins and bars citizens from certain countries from coming to America, they are going to reciprocate. ... You are going to have to jump through hoops to get a temporary visa just to go on vacation. The poor uneducated whites who back him don't have the money to travel but those of us who do will be penalized for his actions.

Instead of a downtown arena, lets take the time, energy and money and get Fort Wayne an AA (baseball) ball team. Or better yet, an AAA (team).

Mr. Khizr Khan brought his family to America in 1978, and they came to be Americans. That was a whole different time in a whole different world. I'm quite sure Mr. (Donald) Trump would have had no objection to that family coming to America. I'm also sure Mr. Trump is also sorry for the loss of Mr. Khizr Khan's son, who was a true and loyal American. Mr. Trump doesn't want other American's killed in this country by a terrorist coming in as a refugee. 

I, like thousands of other Hoosier Democrats who voted for (Donald) Trump (in the primary election) to knock out Ted Cruz, will be voting for Hillary (Clinton) in November.

(Former President Ronald) Reagan got 241 service personnel killed in Lebanon. What did he do. He pulled the troops and ran away. The generals had asked for more protection for months, but he ignored their pleas. No congressional hearings. No charges against him. Reagan was not the hero that Republicans make him out to be. He said that he was misinformed about the threat. Republicans will get your kids killed and not shed one tear.

Republicans love to say that Hillary (Clinton) is no Ronald Reagan. Well, Ronald Reagan was not Ronald Reagan for his last two years in office. ... I am not making fun of dementia, but the man with his finger on the button did not even know what year it was or who he was. Time for Republicans to quit dragging up the past when they don't know what they are talking about.

When (Donald) Trump speaks, he sounds like a See 'n Say (toy) that is stuck on the same recording. He can't even say one cohesive sentence without repeating himself at least three times. Not the sharpest pencil in the batch.

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump distanced himself from the planning of last week's Republican National Convention after the Democrats' event, which ended Thursday, posted higher television ratings. But, but Don, you said it was gonna be "Huge!," best thing ever. But at least it wasn't your fault; nothing ever is.

Why does Mr. (Donald) Trump continue to use songs by people who don't like him? Mrs. (Hillary) Clinton or President Obama don't do it, Democrats didn't do it. Does the man not understand English, or is he just not cable of doing what he is told? Here's a thought: Why not use Ted Nugent's songs; he likes the man.

Kim Jung Un of North Korea and Hillary Clinton having the same tailor was the best rant of 2016!

(Donald) Trump was asked about the bone spurs that kept him out of the Vietnam War and he said, "They were the best, really great bone spurs, they were Huge!"

The Republican bandwagon on its way to Washington has already lost its driver, Reince Priebus. It has lost one wheel, and the rest will fall off long before it gets its candidate to the White House. The RNC (Republican National Committee) reminds me of all of the characters from "Dr. Strangelove," with (Donald) Trump being George C. Scott.

To the ranters harping on about climate change: Nobody, including Republicans, cannot see that the world is getting warmer. The difference is that Democrats and extremists want us to believe that it's all the fault of the big bad humans. The Earth has gone through extreme cycles of warming and cooling many times since it was formed. While humans are contributing, even scientists know that it cannot be stopped — it's a cycle.

The DNC (Democratic National Committee) made a strong case for not casting dishonor on the Muslim religion and castigated (Donald) Trump for his stands. They failed to mention ISIS and the violence they do in the name of Allah (beheading Catholic priests). Trump was criticized for trying to solve this problem ... .

GE, Dana, Joslyn Steel, American Hoist & Dredge, and all the east-side industries made Fort Wayne, not "downtown" minimum-wage retail stores. For downtown to prosper and grow, the good-paying jobs are needed again. That was the money that went into "downtown."  But politicians, property taxes drove them out! Love those taxes. 

(Donald) Trump haters, recognize the genius. Trump alienates the Republican party, women, veterans, parents, moms with babies and everyone he feels like. Then he steps aside, and (Indiana Gov.) Mike Pence is swept into office on the relief (Any One But Trump) vote. Genius.

Rich people who think that Fort Wayne is their playground need to be put in their place. You (a local businessman) bullied me when I was young, but not any more. 

(Donald) Trump has said if his wife or daughter was a victim of sexual harassment at work, that they should just get a different job. Is that what you would want your wife or daughter to do? 

(Donald) Trump was a draft dodger. He is a sissy. He would run from trouble while Capt. (Humayun) Khan ran toward it. This man (Trump) is lower than a snake's belly to belittle a war hero. John McCain should punch Trump right in the face like millions of Americans want to. Have American voters sunk so low that they will vote for a fraud, a charlatan and a flimflam man?

When Trump was old enough to have been drafted during the Vietnam War, he received five deferments. Four of them were because he was still in school; the fifth was medical. Trump, his doctor said, had bone spurs on his heels. (In a 1993 interview with Howard Stern, Trump jokingly said that he had lived through his own Vietnam: the dating scene in New York City. In 2004, he said that the threat of sexually-transmitted diseases from dating was like combat in Vietnam or Iraq.)

Melania Trump made a lesbian photo mistake when she was a young model. But ... potential First Man Bill Clinton? I'll take Melania for First Lady.

Why is Indiana 1 not being paved from the DeKalb-Allen County line to St. Joe. Who is dragging their feet?  

What happened to the Allen County 4-H Fair? We took one grandson to the fair and had a great time. The old title must come back. 

When I read some of the comments from our Lefty audience ((Donald) Trump's a Nazi, only stupid people like Trump, Christians are darn near evil, unions are our only salvation, only Republicans can be racist, blah, blah, blah), I laugh with you! No, really, I like a good joke as much as anyone, and I realize you're trying to lighten the mood by offering political humor! Oh. You're being serious? Now that's funny! 

Recent stabbings in London, Israel and Japan emphasize the danger of knives in the wrong hands. Large sharp knives should be registered and kept out the hands of those would hurt their fellow man (and women). Just as with guns, we must cut down this threat and pass laws curtailing sales (permit to carry).

A student pilot who can't fly with passengers takes his daughter out on a night flight, crashes and darn near kills her. Guess he won't win the Father of the Year award. What was he thinking? He wasn't.

Right-wing FOX (News) would not show the Libertarian town hall. Neither would left-wing MSNBC. The only mainstream channel to air this was CNN. What are the others afraid of? A different opinion on life in the U.S.? 

I have lived in many major cities, and, even though I understand the plight of the homeless, I have never seen a homeless shelter in the heart of a downtown area. Surely the city council can find an off street building to renovate on our dime so the homeless don't feel that they are in the public eye all of the time. C'mon Fort Wayne, these people need our respect, not to be looked down on by visitors to downtown. 

If "going with the flow" is the norm for driving, then why do we have speed limits at all? Then everybody "goes with the flow" wherever you are driving, and I will not be "hindering" other drivers! Again, take down the speed limit signs then!

To contribute to The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum, email comments of 50 words or fewer to therant@news-sentinel.com or send mail to: The Rant, The News-Sentinel, 600 W. Main St., Fort Wayne, IN 46802.



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