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Saturday, September 23, 2017
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The Rant for Aug. 17, 2016

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016 09:01 pm
The Rant is The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum. The readers’ views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel.

Can we please forget about politics for the next two weeks, watch the Olympics and be proud to be Americans. We can go back to hating each other when the Olympics are over.

Why is it that every "sticky finger" in town wants the people's Legacy Fund to finance all of their "for-profit" downtown projects?

Great timing Fort Wayne Street Department in repaving Homestead Road. You had all summer, but wait till all the fall sports and band starts practicing to tie things up the first week of August?

Folks in Fort Wayne who wear tank tops and T-shirts to small for them should really look at themselves in the mirror before venturing out. It is amazing to watch folks at Barr Street Market or at Three Rivers Festival ... .

(Fort Wayne City) Council person (Jason) Arp does not seem to know his job has introduced a new acronym for his name: " Always Reject Progress."

Should President Obama or (Hillary) Clinton be in jail? That's a toss-up, I say.

(U.S. Rep. Marlin) Stutzman says that (Donald) Trump's words are twisted by the media. What crap. I see and hear exactly what he says and means. Does Stutzman think that Trump needs an interpreter to clarify everything he said all of the time?

My grandfather worked for GE (General Electric) on Broadway. Started in the '30s and ended in the late '60s. As he got older and more informed, he always told me to stay away from there because it was a dead area. It took me years to understand until he told me that they would just dump anything that was coming off of the machines on the ground. No one new about hazardous waste then. But we know now. 

Anyone who says that ISIL would not be here if we wouldn't have left Iraq is dead wrong. ISIL is here because the Bush administration got in over their head. This war is all on the Republicans. But they don't have the ... (courage) to admit it and try to fix it.

During the cold war with Russia, MAD, or Mutually Assured Destruction, was the only thing that prevented either side launching a nuclear attack. It's not enough to possess nuclear weapons; your opponents need to know that, if attacked, the USA will utterly destroy the attacking country. While some people seem worried that (Donald) Trump might start such a conflict, I’m much more concerned that Hillary (Clinton) would never retaliate if we were attacked. She would still be talking and trying to pursue some diplomatic solution while their missiles were in the air. 

If I only knew then what I know now, I would have become a syndicated columnist. All you have to do is complain. Why is my raspberry slurpy blue? Why does the rest of the world call soccer futball? Why is LA (Los Angeles) called the city of angels when it's hot as hell there most of the time? See, three columns right there. Check please.

What does it matter if one or two immigrants kill some people. Americans kill over 16,000 other Americans every year. You don't hear (Donald) Trump worrying about that number do you? Why isn't he talking about the death penalty for Americans who kill other Americans?

Over 23 million refugees in the world, the most since World War II, who don't have a home or a country. The Republican candidate for president of the most powerful country in the world says tough luck. When did Republicans lose their compassion for the downtrodden? This is not what is going to make America great again. 

Seriously? The fight isn't against coal, it's against the power companies that won't install scrubbers to clean the emissions. Power plants are killing Americans, and you are too every time that you turn on a light or your air conditioner. Lets keep polluting our air, oceans and rivers and our food sources. This is a life-and-death battle. Get with the program, and demand clean energy.

NASCAR and the WWE are the same game, only NASCAR fans don't realize their "sport" is fake. Always a caution at the end to have drama. At least the WWE fans know it is entertainment, and the fix is in. 

Dear homeless couple at Walmart: Your arrived in a fairly new SUV, proceeded to get out your signs, wheelchair for the husband (who after watching for a while appeared to walk fine) and plunk your big butts in the parking lot saying you were homeless and out of work. ... Really!

Dear church-going, righteous neighbor: Doing a good deed is good enough in itself. If people recognize you for it, great. However, religious zealots like yourself always have to publicize it through social media. You need to stop patting yourself on the back and move on with life.

"Go with the flow"? How about this: If everyone does the required law of going the speed limit, we would all be going "with the flow"!

I used to find my hookups in the grocery store. Now I just walk my puppy down the trails. Like taking candy from a baby. 

Quit your ... (complaining) about what the city spends your tax money on. You have two choices: Run for office and win, or vote for the best person, not just for Republicans because you are a Republican. A council full of Republicans is spending your money faster than you can make it. It's your fault for voting party over reality. The mayor proposes, and the council says OK. 

(President) Obama gives the bad men $400 million cash (our tax money) in an unmarked airplane, in the middle of the night, and says nothing suspicious going on. Democrats may buy your scam, but the smart ones don't!

Everybody wanted (Donald) Trump's tax return documents. Anybody think to ask for the Clintons' and their foundation's?

Both presidential candidates would be better off if they kept their mouths shut!

Hillary (Clinton) couldn't identify classified information when she was Secretary of State and exposed it to the world through her personal e-mail system. Now, being a presidential candidate, she will start receiving classified briefings when her security clearance should have been revoked.

(Donald) Trump wants the Russians to find Hillary's "lost" e-mails, and the Democrats are furious. Who is naive enough to think they don't already have them? Or our own NSA for that matter.

The Democrats want free college for all. Why? Everyone doesn't need a college education. We need millions of blue collar workers, not millions of liberal arts majors who have next to zero job opportunities. And God knows we don't need any more lawyers and financial experts. One of our biggest problems is all the people we have earning huge salaries and bonuses for producing nothing. 

How can all the people from our two biggest political parties choose the two worst candidates from all of the choices we had. America truly is dumbing down, and the world sees this.

Hillary (Clinton) tries to let on like she's one of the little, common folks, but the millions being paid to her from big ... (pharmaceutical companies)  puts her out of that category. Her supporters need to look into that and understand she is not doing anything with those companies to help the lower-income people.

Why hasn't the IRS looked into the Clinton Foundation? With the millions and millions of dollars coming in from overseas, you'd think they would (should) be interested.

The whole world was watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. The loudest cheer was for the USA. Why? Because the rest of the world wants what we have and looks to us for guidance and protection. It's time for our citizens to stop the hate talk and realize that the rest of the world is watching. They need us.

Why don't we privatize school bus service like some other states do? Put it out for bid and see what you can save. No drivers, no maintenance, we could rent out the bus garages to the highest bidder. It's a win-win for our school systems, and I bet our taxes would go down.

How about that? The "yield" sign that's been down on the ground for almost three years is now standing up! If it wasn't for the street being repaved, it'd probably still be laying down.

Our political mess was put in a nutshell by a letter writer who stated that the chances he would vote Democratic was 0 to minus 50,000. Voting for the party when you don't even know what that candidate stands for is idiotic. When you go through life with your head buried in the sand, other people will abuse the part that is sticking out.

To the gullible, I'm 67 and I'm collecting Social Security. A hundred times a day, one political ad says "social security is a Ponzi scheme," if you read the definition. Social Security fits the definition.

The first thing you have to ask your marriage counselor before you agree to meet them is, "Are you divorced?" ... (A large number of) registered marriage counselors are divorced. ... Just dump the abusive spouse, and save yourself a ton of money.

Tax returns show what kind of a businessman you really are. Do you cheat, or are you honest? (Donald) Trump cheats because he won't show his.

Why would anyone listen to Steve Forbes. He ran unsuccessfully for president as a Republican twice and left with his tail between his legs. He gave his own campaign $37 million (1996) to try to buy the nomination. ... The poor, uneducated whites are being duped by the rich. You might be uneducated, but are you really that stupid?

Every time I hear (Donald) Trump's proposed policies, I get Stank Face. His policies smell worse than and old lady's house who has 50 cats.

Hey (Donald) Trump voters: You are giddy that he wants to repeal the (IRS) estate tax. That tax does not kick in until the amount is over $5 million ... . It won't help you, but it sure will help him and his rich Republican friends. Just once I would love to see a Trump supporter who works for $15 an hour explain coherently why they support this charlatan.

I'll pass on the reading the Bible challenge. I'll read something else instead that is made up — the National Enquirer.

Every time (Donald) Trump repeats himself using the same line twice in a row, you take a shot. By the end of the speech you are drunk enough to forget what an idiot he is. But after you sober up, you realize that he is still the ugliest person at the dance.

The students in our military academies are severly punished or expelled for lying. Our commander-in-chief and his aspiring same-party successor are both well known as pathological liars. Why do we continue to put up with the buffoonery?

Once again, the ... (a local) organization is setting a bad exampe for the young people that they are supposed to be mentoring. How can they believe that promoting the use of beer and wine (in their beer and wine festival) is a good thing? What are they thinking?

A 73-year-old Florida woman taking part in a citizen police academy was shot multiple times and killed by a police officer during a "shoot/don't shoot" role-playing exercise Tuesday, authorities said. Another man had a gun fall out of his pocket and go off at a Texas Roadhouse, endangering everyone in the building. These two fools should never be allowed near a gun again, but I bet the NRA would disagree.

The (Memorial Coliseum just lost some customers: Everyone must walk through metal detectors now for all events. We had to take our legally owned and legally carried firearms back to the car. There is no force of law for them to do this. All they do is lose customers. When will businesses realize how stupid that is? "Gun-free zones" — criminals love them!

Maybe Aqua Indiana will use some of their rate increase to improve their customer service. Try calling them with a concern, and see how you are treated.

Just a little curious, with all of the great things happening in downtown Fort Wayne, how long before adult entertainment strip clubs start showing up? Columbia City has banned the possibility of strip clubs. When will our elected officials start cleaning up the Coliseum (Boulevard) corridor of strip clubs? ... This area is hardly what you call family friendly. These places are degrading to women and the communities that surround them!

Democrats flount Hillary's (Clinton's) government experience and (Donald) Trump's lack. ...  We don't need that kind of experience. We need an outsider.

Thank the Lord for the DVR. I get to skip all the political ads.

There is absolutely no pride in having an incompetent, lying, untrustworthy woman representing as the first woman candidate for president. The country and women deserve so much better.

I am a Republican and was going to vote for Todd Young. After reading the letter to the editor about how "bad" Evan Bayh is, I changed my vote to Bayh. I lean a lot more towards Bayh's voting record than Young's. Thanks for opening my eyes to how much Bayh has worked for the State of Indiana. Bayh just picked up two votes from this house.

I wonder if Mike Pence is having second thoughts?

(Donald) Trump needs to grow up and leave school yard talk out of his vocabulary.

Hillary Clinton is an out-and-out liar, and (Donald) Trump is an out-and-out braggart. How sad what our country faces. 

Wouldn't it have been nice if all the money given to (Donald) Trump and Hillary (Clinton) could have been used to build homes for the poor and homeless and donations to food centers?

If someone wants to run for office, let them use their own money. I couldn't and wouldn't give a dime. 

I wonder what kind of pie they are serving in jail? So many dumb people doing dumb things just to get there and find out. 

Wouldn't it be nice if seatbelts were added safety for our school buses?

To contribute to The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum, email comments of 50 words or fewer to therant@news-sentinel.com or send mail to: The Rant, The News-Sentinel, 600 W. Main St., Fort Wayne, IN 46802.



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