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Saturday, September 23, 2017
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The Rant for Aug. 3, 2016

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Tuesday, August 02, 2016 09:01 pm
The Rant is The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum. The readers’ views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel. The city dump out on Smith Road seems to be filling up rather quickly. … I need to plan now for the rate increase for shipping my trash farther out of county, so what are the plans?

Is it me, or does Hillary Clinton use the same tailor as that nut leader of North Korea?

The reason other countries hate us is because we hate ourselves and each other. This is not what we were founded on. So stop it America.

(Donald) Trump asked Russia to hack into United States (computer) servers. What is wrong with you people who support him? He is the biggest idiot to ever run for president, and you are going to destroy your way of life.

1933-1945. 2017-? Be very careful America. Think, and think very hard.

Now that (Fort Wayne City) Council has approved the riverfront (design) contract, we will now find out the real cost and how much of our tax money they are going to take.

I see the push for "de-escalation" training for all police officers to interact with blacks. Maybe it should be respect and courtesy taught to our black youth instead. You need to give respect to get respect, and youth need to be taught both that and some basic manners.

Dear Fort Wayne Community Schools: Thank you for your programs assisting "Those who need help the most." I agree, when a student joins society and becomes employed, crime and poverty shrink. The problem is your instructions are failing. Sometimes I wonder if your needy students even know how to interview for a job. 

If (Donald) Trump becomes president we all better learn the line from the movie, "The Hunt for Red October." The Russian submariner tells the captain, "You arrogant ass, you've killed us."

Indiana has an over-$2 billion surplus, and this increased again this year. ... My income taxes are lower than neighboring states, and my property taxes are a fraction of these states, which really helps fixed-income and the disability-income families. The state spending on education has grown since 2013, and students from Illinois pay less at out-of-state Purdue University than in-state. Remind me again the job that Gov. Pence has done for us?

December 7, 1941 we were attacked. Not Democrats, not Republicans, but Americans. We came together to defeat evil. We were not the enemy like we are now, if you listen to both major political parties. This war of words has to cease and desist. We will implode if the hate talk from both sides does not end now. Man on Mars? We can't even live on Earth in peace. The dinosaurs would be disappointed that they all had to die for this.

I'm the only one in my small neighborhood who is a Democrat. (I'm also the only one) who doesn't have a lake cottage or a vacation home, who doesn't drive fancy vehicles, who never went to college, who is the only one who is debt free, who has sent my kids to college without them having student loans, and who has a boatload of money in savings. It's all about living within your means and not trying to show off like (Donald) Trump is doing. Republicans are all about the show, not about the substance.

My wife and I are young and trying to decide if we want to bring a child into this country full of hate. We just don't want to have babies because we can. We want to have babies so that they can live productive lives and have everything that we had and more. (Donald) Trump scares the bejesus out of us. He is all about hatred to everyone who is not Trump.

History will prove that the Democrats were spot-on about climate change. When your great-grandkids can't go outside because the air is bad and the sun's rays will severely damage them because the ozone layer is gone, they will ask, "Why didn't you stop this?" You will have to answer, "Because we were Republican, and we didn't listen to the experts." We only have one planet, and we need to protect it against the terrorist, anti-global warming Republicans.

I saw a news story telling how police in Indiana and some adjoining states are cracking down on aggressive driving in an effort to cut down on road rage incidents. Passing on the right was one thing they will look for that is considered aggressive. But when the police hardly ever enforce the existing law against slow driving in the left lane, it's the people who are forced to plod along behind the creepers or who choose to pass where they can that suffer. Slow drivers are among the top reasons road rage incidents happen, so do your job and crack down on these violators. And to those too old or nervous to drive the speed limit and/or move over, then get someone else to drive you or take public transportation.

Let's look at some of the things that have happened in the last eight years. If you think that we as Americans are richer, safer, more productive as a country and on the right track as a whole, then vote for (Hillary) Clinton because, if she gets in, you will have at least four more years of all the same policies. If that kind of thinking makes you scared and anxious, if you want someone who will do his best to fix these issues, someone who refuses to be politically correct, a person who our allies will respect instead of sneer, laugh at and walk over, then cast your vote for (Donald) Trump. Hillary is a talker, Donald is a doer.

The reason the Three Rivers Festival had better attendance years ago was because they had multiple beer tents. That is the atmosphere that young people love. The ability to go from one venue to another. To party with other young people and to let it all hang out. Once the religious right got involved and shut down those "nasty" tents, attendance dropped and will stay low unless you bring back the spring break option. A place for the young to be with their own to flirt, mingle and maybe even get lucky.

Enough with the plea agreements. Charge them with the crimes they committed. They can either plead guilty or not guilty. If not guilty, make them go to trial. I will sit on a jury every day if it means putting these animals behind bars. They are not afraid to go to jail, so lets make sure they go to jail for a long long time.

In the Senate, questioning of FBI Director James Comey concerning Hillary Clinton's e-mails, how could he recommend charges be made? Had he done so, the Democrats would have whined and screamed "party-line politics, witch hunt, harassment." Even if charges were recommended, the airplane encounter assured no charges would be made. Another Clinton/Democratic favor granted, promised or called. How can anyone spin or deny, from the answers given by Mr. Comey, that any other person would have been fired, lost secrets clearance, charged and sentenced? Because of the double standard and in no way do I want "little Willie' to troll the halls of Congress, I will not vote for Hillary Clinton. Hopefully, she will be a good president and no dire consequences occur from the leaked top secret documents.

There is nothing fair and balanced about Fox (News television channel). It was and still is tilted toward the far right (and) Supported by the NRA. MSNBC is not balanced either. It is tilted toward the left and supported by all of the liberal organizations. I finally found a station that looks at both sides and runs the middle. That is CNN. I may be young, but I know when stations are following their own political agenda. No thanks, give me the facts, and I can make up my own mind.

A local doctor is going to lose his license because he is considered to b, narcissistic, compulsive and unfit to practice. Sounds just the the fellow that the Republicans have nominated as their presidential candidate.

Big surprise, (President Barack) Obama endorses Hillary (Clinton).  Why wouldn't he ... .

The Democrats say we really don't know Hillary (Clinton), and that's probably somewhat true since she keeps changing her persona to attract whatever block of voters appears to be up for grabs. But we have all seen her lying and law-breaking enough over the years to know that she should not be president.

How come we don't see any news coverage of the lawsuits filed against the Democratic party for accepting money from (Bernie) Sanders supporters but that was used (for) supporting Hillary instead? All we get is little blip about the Party chairman resigning. Guess the media really is in bed with the Democrats.

I guess millennials make great Democrats, since both groups don't think for themselves. They just march along like good little lemmings.

Hillary (Clinton) breaks the "Glass Ceiling." Well, why not, she's broken so many other things — our trust, as well as who knows how many laws.

Has anyone been keeping count of Bill Clinton's indiscretions since he's been out of the spotlight? I'm sure Hillary (Clinton) hasn't since, she didn't seem to care even when he was president. Guess both of their morals are very low. Just what we need in the White House.

The Clintons say we "Get two for the price of one." Just what we need, two liars and crooks who'll do anything for money!

Let's compare Milwaukee to Fort Wayne as one writer tried to do. Milwaukee population is over 600,000 with a metro population of 1.5 million. Fort Wayne is 250,000 and 400,000 respectively. Milwaukee city budget is $277 million for the police and fire departments alone. The total Fort Wayne city budget is $155 million for everything. This is not even a worthy comparison to bash the proposed promenade and to compare it to Milwaukee's.

Of course Hillary is going to try to tell us that everything is fine, nothing to worry about, lets all hug it out. To admit anything else would be to have to acknowledge her and (President) Obama's failed policies both here and abroad. This is not the time for a female president, not this one at any rate. God help us if she gets in.

If you were the only one going the speed limit, then you were impeding traffic and should have been issued a ticket. You go with the flow, or you don't go at all.

Saying that (Evan) Bayh doesn't have "Hoosier values" is just plain stupid. Why would he? The term "Hoosier values" was made up by Republicans. Just a few "Hoosier values" from Republicans: Voucher program gives to the rich and takes away from public schools; discrimination against the LBGT community; and telling a woman what she can do with her own body. If those are "Hoosier values," then I'm glad that he does not have any and neither do I.

The Democrats accuse (Donald) Trump of preaching doom and gloom and of using scare tactics to swing people to his side. Meanwhile, they refuse to address legitimate concerns of the American people, such as terrorism by ISIS and a failing economy, instead preaching love and togetherness. Its like the '60s without the drugs, as they stick their heads in the sand while holding hands and singing, "Kumbaya." Wake up people: (Hillary) Clinton cannot and will not fix any of these problems.

Whoever voted for (Fort Wayne City Councilmen Jason) Arp and (Paul) Ensley should go see a head doctor. These two clowns always vote no, then come up with some kind of (Donald) Trump spin on their votes. They are doing nothing for the people they represent except cashing the checks that the taxpayers give them. Talk about wasting taxpayers' money. These two are on the top of the list.

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