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Saturday, September 23, 2017
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The Rant for Dec. 14, 2016

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016 09:01 pm
The Rant is The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum. The readers’ views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel. Lying Donald (Trump) does not like the press, except Fox (News) and ... because the real journalists call him out on his lies. The Republicans love the lies because the truth hurts and shows how bad of a choice they made. Lying Donald will go down as the worst president in history, and his term hasn't even started.

Let's round up all the gang members and drug dealers, take them out south of town, lock them in a fenced-in compound and let them fight it out out there instead of on the city streets.

Safe rooms on college campuses: The next step in the Liberal agenda. Scare the kids into thinking they need the coddling and protection of Big Brother. Just the next step in turning the population into sheep (lemmings). Thank God we have young conservatives that have seen through the Liberal smokescreens and are willing to think for themselves!

We try to teach children to be kind, compassionate, caring, considerate, respectful, and charitable. Then we elect Donald Trump as leader of the free world, a man who isn't any of those things.

Why is it that females have to be genetically blessed in the looks department to be a newscaster or sports reporter, but males do not?

A 35 percent tax on imports is a hare-brained idea. If you make TVs in the U.S., you are going to create jobs but the TVs will cost more to make. So more people will be working but they will pay more for products, so it is a wash. The only ones who will make more money are the corporations, which is what the Republicans want. Keep the poor man down.

So I read recently that Kate Arthur, a correspondent for the private internet media company, BuzzFeed, took Chip and Joanna Gaines, stars of HGTV's "Fixer Upper," to task for attending a church that's pastor is firmly against same-sex marriage. She admitted in the article that she didn't know Chip and Joanna's feelings about the subject ... . Just as you have a right under our nation's constitution to believe as you choose, Chip and Joanna Gaines as well as their pastor have that same right. 

Republicans need to stop saying all of America, this or that. It is less than a half of America, not all. Those who voted for (Hillary) Clinton will never stoop to the low levels that Republicans want America to look like. We are proud of America and will not treat it like a commodity to be bought and sold. Careful Republicans, your heads are so big that they are going to explode just like Donald the Dictator's administration is going to.

I hope the news media really begins to become news agencies again and will not continue their political campaigning. Although I did get a lot of laughs out of their writings. It's just too bad gullible people believed them.

Glad to see the mayor now admits the downtown arena will cost somewhere over $100 million dollars. He doesn't say how much over. ... What were the original estimates used to get us hooked? Some of us knew as soon as (Mayor Tom) Henry and (local businessman Chuck) Surack both supported the effort that it was a done deal regardless of the original estimate and the outcome of the "studies."

Wake up Libertarians, you've just become dupes of the Democratic Party. You can't possibly have any real belief that recounts will change your positions in the election, therefore you're working for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. Someone you tried to distance yourselves from in the election, now you're playing for her. Your party is just as morally corrupt as the Democrats, so don't try to let on like you're different.

Who pays for the recounts of the election results? Hopefully the requesting party, and not the taxpayers.

I feel that the word "America" means absolutely nothing to Mr. (Donald) Trump. All he sees and feels is opportunity for himself and his family to fill their coffers at the expense of the real America. That is the citizens who call the USA home. I hope that I am wrong, but Mr. Trump's track record shows that I am probably correct.

Hey liberal writers and ranters: How's that "obvious demise of conservatism" thing working out for you?

You work for 35 years and pay Social Security, and they tell you we're giving you a raise of $3 this year — the price of a loaf of bread. But come into here from Mexico, and we give you housing, food, health care. And they wonder why Trump won.

I really get a kick out of white (Donald) Trump supporters on Fox (News) telling viewers what it's like to be black living in America today. Does anyone really believe this ... (stuff) that comes out of their mouths?

Not once has (Donald) Trump or his Republican allies spoke the words, "Buy American." That should be more effective than big corporate tax breaks. Saying you're going to tax imports without promoting buy American is just hot air. Trump wears suits made overseas. His kids wear clothes made overseas. Even Trump's wife was made overseas. See a pattern here?

(Donald) Trump wants taxpayers to pay for security at all of his Trump-branded properties. He said that they are soft targets and will be threatened by terrorists because they have the name of the (U.S.) president on them. Thanks Republicans for giving that idiot the keys to the castle and an open checkbook. 

I am disgusted to be white in America and to have our spokesman a tool like (Donald) Trump. Him and all of his bourgeoisie class of people that he is surrounding himself with will turn back the clock on race relations 50 years. Hard to believe that all the people who had love in their hearts in the '60s and '70s now have nothing but hate for the working class and love for the establishment, a.k.a. "The Man."

When IPFW was formed in 1964, it was two institutions operating on the same campus. They shared courses, but there was an IU registrar and a Purdue registrar, an IU Director of Admissions and a Purdue Director of Admissions, etc. If you changed majors, that meant a university change. ... Not very convenient for students. In the management agreement in the late 1970s, all those dual functions were combined into one. Much better student service. 

I can't tell you how much fun it was reading the rants posted Dec 1. Most were obviously submitted before the election. No doubt there was much gnashing and weeping following the election results. Now on with making America great again.

You're worried about ISIS being here. You better start worrying about the pissed off Democrats who are here by the millions. The more you want to shut them out, the more you will pay for it. Treat them like second-class citizens, and they will turn on you. Most of them believe in the Second Amendment, too. You are on a slippery slope. Don't fall.

A Republican name-caller acting like a 5-year-old calls Democrats stupid. Let's see in four years who the smart ones are. You control all of Washington. National debt of $20 trillion. Let's see what it is in four years.  

Mitch Daniels is still at it. He wants everything. Now he wants IPFW, and they will give it to him. Just like (Russian President Vladimir) Putin, Daniels has small-man syndrome. He even looks like Putin.

Dear Santa: All I want for Christmas is for God to strike down all of the heathens who worship at the alter of (Donald) Trump.

About the hysterical types who feel that the title "Mad Dog" Mattis "sounds bad" for a Secretary of Defense: Remember our ancestors didn't worry about "Mad" Anthony Wayne. Their concerns were elsewhere. Get a life!

I'll never vote again. It doesn't count. (Hillary) Clinton wins the vote but loses the election. Buskirk dies before the election, but a caucus fills his seat, not voters. Banks wins and goes to Washington, but a caucus fills his seat, not voters. The system is definitely rigged in Indiana. If you're not a worthless Republican, you have no voice in this backwater state.

It seems like white people are scared for their safety when around minorities. Should they be? Do they have a reason to be?

Congratulations Republicans, you won. You win the trophy for being so gullible. There will be no wall built. Obamacare will not be repealed. There will not be mass deportation. Imports will not be stopped because you want low-priced products. The swamp is not going to be drained; they are already enlarging it. Etc., etc. You won, now come get your trophy.

Writing letters about political content (and sending them) to the paper that goes against your personal leanings is silly. If you don't like the content, just don't read the paper. Seems pretty simple.

(Donald) Trump says our military is a disaster, yet he wants to start a war with China. China would beat us up one side and down the other. We are not the world's superpower anymore, China is both militarily and economically. Maybe we should fight someone we could beat, like Panama or the Bahamas. 

Fort Wayne politicians, doing what they want: Outside lawyers, outside consultants, and already (downtown) arena building designs. Oh, out of state also. Of course, the $300,000 is Fort Wayne money. That type of funds isn't spent on anything but a sure done deal. Consultants and study, baloney. "Yes Men " only.

America did elect the first woman president, Ivanka Trump. She and her husband, Jared, will be running the White House. 

Anyone who thinks that God decided the election should put their head in the oven and turn it on. They are already brain dead.

You can't buy soaps, paper products or hygiene products with food stamps. Why is the state treating poor people like animals? No toilet paper. I would like to see how long Indiana legislators would go without toilet paper in the statehouse. How barbaric.

Republican voters elect a surveyor who isn't even licensed and is a convicted felon. Now the man wants more money for his work. When will it end. Maybe the next time those voters fly they won't mind if their pilot is a convicted felon and does not have a pilot's license.

The only saving grace about living in Indiana is when the revolution starts on both coasts, it will take a while for the carnage to reach here. Thanks to the NRA, we are all armed. Both sides. ... It's going to get ugly, really ugly, before it gets better, if it ever does get better.

There is no one more hateful than a liberal. There is no one more intolerant than a liberal. There is no bigger bully than a liberal. There is no one more devious or dishonest than a liberal. And yet, these are all things they accuse the conservatives of. Conservatives aren't perfect, but liberals really think too highly of themselves.

The gospel is made-up stories. It says only Christians go to heaven. What about the rest of the people? Where do they go?

Jill Stein, Green Party candidate, was commenting on the possibilities of voting machine discrepancies. She said, "This is really a mockery of democracy — one of the many vulnerabilities of our democracy and our elections." Someone should tell this presidential candidate that we are a republic, fashioned to prevent the tyranny of the majority.

Was home from work sick so I decided to watch some of that Fox News channel. Questions: Where are the black reporters? And do these people actually believe what they are saying, or are they saying it to keep a job? It was a bunch of gibberish, and that is why I only get my news online. At least online is less fake than the TV is.

The right wingnuts think that (Donald) Trump's tweets are funny. Just wait until he goes after something that you hold dear to your heart. Or when he turns the FBI or NSA against you. This man will not last one year in office. If he does, it will be because he declares martial law because the people have turned against him. The end of America is near.

Not everyone uses gasoline and not everyone smokes. Raising taxes on those items is a selective tax. ... (A high percentage of) adults drink coffee. It would be fair to put a tax on coffee consumption. That way, everyone would have to pay, not just a select few. By the way, coffee is just another drug that people can't live without, or so they say.

Carrier played (Donald) Trump and (Mike) Pence like a bull fiddle.

... (Donald) Trump is as corrupt as they come, and time will tell.

The First Amendment of our Constitution does not equate freedom of speech with freedom of action. I am free to say, print, or to assemble peacefully to petition the government for redress of grievances. But freedom of speech does not permit me to riot, loot, destroy property, block roads, beat up or kill people, no matter how righteous I think I am.

The ranter is correct. Now we Democrats know how Republicans felt the last eight years as they and their surrogate news channel bashed (President) Obama at every turn. Now it's our turn to bash (Donald) Trump, and already you are crying foul after only one month. Your skin is thinner than my 90 year-old grandma.

Vote Republican. Stop the special interests from running the country. Now the Republicans and (Donald) Trump are going to repeal the estate tax, a tax that does not kick in until the estate is worth $10.9 million. How many of you who voted for Trump have parents with an estate of $10 Million. Thought so. You fell for the trap. The rich and special interests now have more power than they have ever had, thanks to you.

There are five levels of intelligence. Gifted, normal, moron, imbecile and idiot. If I add up all of (Donald) Trump's score, I get a total of 6. I'm sure that you can figure out which ones I picked. If not, then you must have voted for Trump.

If you like stupid, then drive north on Maplecrest Road and see the new trees planted in the dug-up median just before (Interstate) 469. As you go, you can count all the dead trees along Maplecrest Road planted years before. We can't waste it fast enough.

The countdown is on. Come Jan. 20, what does FOX do? It will be all Republicans in charge. Who are they going to bash? They will either go off of the air or become the propaganda arm of the (Donald) Trump administration. It will be like North Korea or China's state run TV. All Trump, all the time. Oh, boy! Can't wait.

Quoting the Bible does not make you a Christian any more than me quoting Lincoln makes me a historian. Get off of your high horse.

To contribute to The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum, email comments of 50 words or fewer to therant@news-sentinel.com or send mail to: The Rant, The News-Sentinel, 600 W. Main St., Fort Wayne, IN 46802.



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