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Tuesday, August 22, 2017
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The Rant for Dec. 28, 2016

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016 09:01 pm
The Rant is The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum. The readers’ views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel. Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee was very generous in paying the utility bills for 1,000 Indianapolis customers. But the lady they interviewed on TV had a stack of lottery tickets sitting on her desk by her electric bill. Instead of paying her bill someone needs to teach her about handling money. The money wasted on lottery tickets could put food on the table.

Liberals, please calm down. Your rants are bordering on maniacal. When you find that (Donald) Trump voters aren't dumb, Trump isn't a racist-Hitler-homophobic-white supremacist monster, and America works a lot better in 2017, will you please try to stifle your wild fears and work with the rest of us? You do, potentially, owe us a big apology.

A local morning TV news reader was surprised that ice fishing was not allowed at the Lakeside Park skating rink. What did she think we could catch? Maybe the elusive basketball fish.

The last I knew, Fox News reporters were not sitting in on daily intelligence briefings. You wouldn't know it by their right-wing opinions blaming (President) Obama for everything. Why don't they talk about the sexual assaults that (Donald) Trump did and also the sexual assaults that their boss, Roger Ailes did? That must not be news to them because Obama did not do such dastardly things.

Concerning the University of Minnesota football team boycott, I have the solution. The players are being paid (scholarships) to play. Pull every scholarship from players who refuse to play. Let their parents pay or the student can take out loans to finish their education. Don't let any of them transfer to another school to play sports. Their right to play college sports is over, permanently.

If all of the talking heads on Fox News are smarter than our president, then why didn't they run for the office? Because their opinions are thinner than toilet paper. It's easy to complain when you are not in the position to make life or death decisions. Fox fake new is neither fair nor balanced, unless your scale tips to the ultra-right.

Most of my ex-friends who voted for (Donald) Trump are having second thoughts. They thought that Trump would grow up. He has not. Now they are having buyer's remorse. Too late. The end of America is happening now.

When Congress tells him (Donald Trump) no, you, those who voted for him, will see the true Donald ... Trump. He will act like a little boy who didn't get what he wanted for Christmas. Republican against Republican. I can't wait.

I'm curious to know that, if "Black lives really matter," why are the blacks in Fort Wayne and Chicago killing each other?

After we have loaned (Ha) all the Legacy Funds and borrowed and bonded ourselves to the limit for "downtown entertainment," where will we come up for the millions and millions it is going to take for the sewage tunnel across Fort Wayne? Oh, more taxes!

Not happy that the Trumps are going to live in two different cities. The taxpayer will have to pay to shuttle one of them back and forth for conjugal visits. 

The never (Donald) Trump crowd has failed again, despite their last-ditch effort to persuade the electoral college voters to change their votes for their loser candidate Hillary Clinton. Aw-w-w, poor babies, I wonder what they will try next? Many of us weren't happy when (President) Obama was in office, but instead of protesting and chanting "Not my president," we acknowledged the process that allowed him to be elected. It's time these protesters did the same, or apply for a visa and leave the country like so many of them vowed to do if Donald Trump was elected.

China has long faced some of the worst air pollution in the world, blamed on its reliance of coal for energy and factory production. Now some in the (Donald) Trump camp want to reduce emission standards and mine more coal, not less. This hurts everyone and helps who? Maybe if Mr. Trump tries real hard, our cities can look like Beijing in the spring time.

You are "worried" about arson on vacant houses? Then don't "advertise" on TV where they are! This gives the arsonist clues where to start next. TV stations/reporters, neighbors and other nosey people do not know all the situation(s) why these or other houses are vacant, so don't judge the owners.

Glad that (Donald) Trump doesn't read these rants. He would be all over me on Twitter ... .

I don't see a lot of people who promised to move to Canada if (Donald) Trump won lining up at the border. It is winter, maybe they are waiting until spring. Although, Mexico is nice this time of the year and, before the wall is built, it would be easy to slip back to the USA.

What a bunch of bahooey. Union jobs relates to great work ethics. I worked with unions for decades, and the only thing unions did was protect the workers that needed protection. Most of them couldn't hold a job outside of the union with their work ethics.

Women say they are tired of being objectified, but when you go to the grocery store in yoga pants and a tank top with no bra, am I supposed to close my eyes?

Billionaires. Our country will be run by billionaires. How is that going to help your pitiful life? You voted for the filthy rich. Aren't you proud of yourselves?

A writer calls the ACLU the No. 1 bully and says they manipulate the First Amendment to fit their own perceptions. Right back at ya, buddy, with the NRA (National Rifle Association) and the Second Amendment. The ACLU never got anyone killed.

With all the fireworks disasters lately and the loss of many lives, maybe it is time to rethink the selling of fireworks to private individuals in this state. It would certainly bring peace back to our neighborhoods.

After Donald Trump gets finished building a wall to keep illegals from Mexico from entering the United Sates, he should build a tunnel so the illegals that are already here can go back to Mexico for all the jobs that are being moved there.

It's time to raise the rim in basketball to 12 feet. When the height was set, a tall player was 6 feet, 4 inches. Now they have players who are 6 feet, 10 inches at every school. Players have a 48-inch vertical jump. That's like me playing on my kids 5-foot play backboard and hoop. All sports evolve. Now it's time to bring basketball into the reality of tall players.

Thank you to the Ranter calling Democrats a bunch of whining, mad, poor losers. I took lessons from the Republicans for eight years, and I think that I got it right. You were such good teachers.

I am a registered Democrat who listened to Republicans call our president every horrible name possible, his family called names — even the dog. Since (Donald) Trump's election, now you want us to respect him. Get ready for the name calling and disrespect you dished out for eight years. He is a idiot.

Regarding the idiots who support sanctuary cities, what President-elect (Donald) Trump should do is twofold: Stripping these cities of federal funds is a good start, but laws should be put in place making it felonious for mayors of these cities to defy federal immigration laws. Put a few of these clowns in jail with records that will make them ineligible to hold public office, and watch how quickly they fall in line.

I'll emigrate to Mexico or Canada if everyone who supported the Birther Movement against President Obama goes with me. That was more than 20 percent of Republican voters. That would be 12.5 million people. We're gonna need a bigger bus.

Whatever became of talking to a real person when looking for a phone number? Dial "0" will never get a real person — I spent two hours trying, but anything automated, including (iPhone's) Siri, will not understand the words bubble, bauble, bevel, wobble or many others. It's worthless. Give the jobs back to real people.

CIA Director John Brennan calls Russia’s cyberhacking of the USA “skullduggery.” I thought it was called “global espionage.” We are so smug of who we are as a nation. We put our defenses down and underestimate our enemies and friends alike. It has cost the citizens of this country in blood, deaths of our military in foreign lands, and made a mockery of our democracy. I love this country, but despise what the old and incoming politicians have and will do with this country by being “diplomatic.” It is all about power, money and influence. As said by the mob, “What’s in it for me!”

To contribute to The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum, email comments of 50 words or fewer to therant@news-sentinel.com or send mail to: The Rant, The News-Sentinel, 600 W. Main St., Fort Wayne, IN 46802.



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