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Tuesday, August 22, 2017
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The Rant for Dec. 7, 2016

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Tuesday, December 06, 2016 09:01 pm
The Rant is The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum. The readers’ views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel. I didn't vote for Donald Trump. That doesn't mean he won't be my president come January. If I were to say that he is #NotMyPresident, that would mean that I don't have to hold him accountable. He will be my president. And I will be sure to hold him accountable.

It seems like all violence in the world is motivated by capitalism or religion.

It's hard to understand the strange allegiance that many non-rich Americans have with a capitalist system that benefits only a privileged few.

People need to have more realistic expectations for the Notre Dame football program. It's impossible for them to recruit enough great athletes to compete with the likes of Alabama and Ohio State.

We need to change the way we calculate unemployment rates. Just because someone isn't "actively" looking for work doesn't mean they aren't unemployed. The current administration has played these numbers worse than most. We need numbers that really mean something. 

The 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor is coming up Dec. 7. I don't care who you are, where you live or who you voted for. Fly the flag. Rain or shine or snow. If you don't have a flag, buy one. This is the most important day in American History. The young men and women who answered the call to arms made America great, and they deserve to be honored. All Americans of that era need to be honored. No excuses now. Fly the flag.

Hey, summer brides and grooms. It's been months since your day. Do you not have the decency to write thank-you notes. You took the time to send invitations to ask for gifts and money. 

Get over it, Jill (Stein, Green Party candidate for U.S. president), you lost! The recount reminds me of the Bush-Gore election. (Democratic candidate Al) Gore wanted the recounts to continue until they said he won! Glad the Supreme Court stepped in.

Trump Jr. says that, when it comes to the outdoors, "Between my brother and myself, no one understands the issues more than us." Looking out at Central Park is not knowing about the forest. Since Donald and the kids know more than anyone about everything, why do they need an administration? Let them go it alone. You fools voted for the Clampetts. All money, no brains.

To all of you Republican ranters who keep talking about the Constitution: I bet money that none of you can even recite it without reading it from a cheat sheet. I can tell by your rants that you are ignorant to what the Constitution really says. I also bet that you can't name half of the people who signed it, or even when and where it was signed.

A group of us parents whose kids go to a local middle school are ready at the drop of a hat to confront the group Created Equal if they come to our kids' school. They are supported by the ... (people) of the Allen County Right to Life. We will crack a few heads if they try to push their ideas and beliefs on our kids. It's time to fight back against this hideous group.

What a slap in the face that Melania Trump won't live in the White House. It is not opulent enough for her? She said it is not her style. Then go back to where you came from with all of the other immigrants. Ungrateful woman.

I hate (Donald) Trump and everyone in his administration for what they stand for. I hope that they all burn in hell.

(President) Obama, lying hypocrite: He and Hillary (Clinton) have been adamant about more gun control, and yet he commutes sentences for convicted felons with firearms violations? 

I hope (Donald) Trump eliminates all of the new government agencies (President) Obama instituted. We need to get Washington out of our faces and pocketbooks. Also, perhaps downsize the IRS by simplifying our tax laws?

Hopefully, (Donald) Trump and the Republicans will bring the rule of law back to Washington. I can't believe they will be worse than (President) Obama and his supporters.

(President) Obama and the leftists blew it. Let's see what Trump can do.

Boy, if that's not the Left patting the Leftists from Hollywood on the back, handing out the "Presidential Freedom Medal."

Are you kidding me: Bob DeNiro, Ellen DeGeneres and Bruce Springstein are given the top civilian Presidential Medal of Freedom. That now makes the medal mean nothing!

It appears (President) Obama is handing out the Presidential Medal of Freedom like candy at Halloween.

(Paying) $19,000 for legals to figure out how to "tax" the public so we can "afford" to duplicate a smaller version of the (Memorial) Coliseum. Only 10 percent, why not 20 percent on the sales taxes? Oh, since we have 3\three rivers, let's redevelop all the riverbanks. Why stop at restaurants, hotel-motel and sport development taxes? Raise them all. Spend!

Have our teachers dropped the word "enunciate" from the teaching of English to our students? Understanding the young clerks in our stores is really disgraceful.

Martin Luther on Jews: "... but then eject them forever from this country. For, as we have heard, God's anger with them is so intense that gentle mercy will only tend to make them worse and worse, while sharp mercy will reform them but little. Therefore, in any case, away with them!" Not quite what most would call a man of God.

Hey President-elect Trump, Ms. Conway is right: Nobody likes Mitt (Romney)! He swore to support the nominee. No he did not = Loser!

Mr. (Donald) Trump says he is Israel's best friend. If he voids the Iran agreement, then Iran will have the bomb within one year. In that scenario, the only one who can stop them is Israel by bombing Iran and sending in ground troops. This will cause mass causalities for Israel. Not the kind of best friend that Israel needs.

(Donald) Trump is so shallow that he is a sore winner. He has nothing between the ears but mush.

Recently a young lady was found wrapped in carpet and left for trash. I never knew this person was on the Indiana Missing Children's Bulletin. There are over 30 children missing in the Fort Wayne area! One is too many! Why ... (don't local media) publish these names on a regular basis?

All citizens repeat the pledge, pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the country for which it stands. When someone desecrates our flag and no longer honors his or her commitment, then the nation no longer should be required to accept them as a citizen. To protesters: When you burn my flag, it is the same as spitting in my face. I am not inclined to react favorably to your cause.

Shouldn't profits made from natural resources like oil, natural gas and coal belong to everybody?

Well, I am a 60-year-old woman that does not like fireworks, as in the city they were never allowed until the "me" generation changed the rules and let every person — sane or otherwise — have them and create an unsafe environment for the rest of us. I do not think the person complaining about stupid is a whiner or should move, but maybe those complaining about her could do us a favor and leave.

Hey (Indiana Sen.) David Long,  my kids have to walk to school. Winter is back. That money you are giving to Carrier could re-establish bus service for my kids. Do you work for people in Indianapolis or people in Fort Wayne. No need to answer. I already know the answer. 

The taxpayers of Indiana (us) are on the hook to save the Carrier jobs in Indy. That money doesn't come out of (President-elect Donald) Trump's or (Gov. Mike) Pence's pockets, it comes out of ours. What a crock. We could have helped a lot more than a thousand workers in Indy with that money. What about Huntington? Pence sold out the Indiana taxpayers again. Better get used to it. It is the norm now.

A letter writer is trying to give us a history lesson. Just like (Donald) Trump, she has her facts wrong. Civil rights, women's rights and voter rights were pressed by the unions who were mostly Democrat. You can say what you want, but you can't make up facts. You and Donald deserve what is coming your way — a revolution of the truth.

The rant of Nov. 30 was nothing but a bunch of (Donald) Trump-bashing sore losers. Boy, you Democrats can dish it out, but you sure can't take it when you lose. Now you know how the Republicans have felt for the last eight years.

Why won't Republicans admit it: They are run by ultra-rich, white Americans. They drag the poor, uneducated, white Americans with them. Look who was up to replace (late Allen County Council candidate Roy) Buskirk. Did you see any minorities in the mix? (Allen County Republican Party Chairman Steve) Shine and his rich buddies have Allen County locked up.

Who's next after the Carrier debacle? Will Cummins diesel say they need incentives and tax breaks, or they are moving to Mexico. (President-elect Donald) Trump just opened up a pandora's box when it comes to U.S. manufacturing. He will have to build a wall to keep companies in the U.S. Donald, this isn't a game. This is real life for millions of your subjects. Be smart.

Turn the interstates into toll roads. Lease them out to a foreign company. Rename I-469 from the Ronald Reagan expressway to the Vladimir Putin expressway. Perfect!

What about a simpler approach: Just repeal the 17th Amendment and give the States their Senate back.

The end of IPFW is upon us. The IU board (of trustees) has no more concern for Fort Wayne than the Purdue board. Surprised IU would go along with Purdue branding Fort Wayne as Purdue Northeast. Does IUPUI go next to IU Indianapolis. Same logic applies.

(President) Obama saves 1 million auto jobs, and FOX (News) has a hissy fit for years. (President-elect Donald) Trump saves ... (800) jobs, and FOX applauds him. Fair and balanced, my patootie.

Carrier does not make air conditioners in Indianapolis. They make furnaces that blow hot air just like (President-elect Donald) Trump and (Indiana Gov. and Vice-president-electd Mike) Pence.

Trump misspoke when he said he was going to clean up Wall Street. He meant to say that Wall Street was going to clean up under his administration.

How did the Dictator (President-elect Donald Trump) elect get through college with the attention span of a fly and the speaking skills of a sixth-grader?

A letter writer uses more fake facts, which shows that he is out of touch. The caucus for (selecting a replacement to complete the current term of late Allen County Councilman Roy) Buskirk is only for the end of his term. There will be another (caucus) if the courts allow it for the next term. Just shows how dumb Republicans are. They don't even know the facts, which makes their point, pointless.

Anyone who voted for Dumb Donald (Trump) gets a free ticket to ... (an illusionist's) show. Everything Dumb Donald said was an illusion, and you bought into it. Enjoy the show.

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