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Saturday, August 19, 2017
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The Rant for Feb. 15, 2017

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017 09:01 pm
The Rant is The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum. The readers’ views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel. Watching the last two weeks of the (President) Trump comedy is like watching reruns of "McHale's Navy." Trump is McHale, Kellyanne (Conway) is Parker and all who trusted Trump are Binghampton. Hilarious!

Trash to the right of us, trash to the left of us, into the city of Fort Wayne we went.

Taxpayers have already paid for the public school system. If (for-profit) charter schools want to compete, let them do it on their money, not out of our pocket. It would be easier to repair our present system than to build new.

Why doesn't the city hire the guys from "CSI"? They can solve a murder in one hour, even with commercials.

Closing the after-hours drop boxes at Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control is really a huge, gigantic, colossal, awful, misdirected decision. Thousands of animals will suffer in the future.

Donald (Trump) is 70 and Arnold (Schwarzenegger) is 69. Give them some boxing gloves, and let then have at it on the White House lawn. Call it the Humiliation by Immigration when Trump loses.

It's only a matter of time before these ... (people) who are assaulting people at college campuses and anti-Trump rallies accost the wrong person, and then we have a real tragedy on our hands. They are hoping to get themselves on the news ... and they'll eventually get it but not in the way they envision when they bring pepper spray or a baseball bat to a gun fight.  

I'm so glad that (President) Trump is going to put the coal miners back to work. It really won't matter because now, after the EPA rollback, the coal companies can discharge unfettered into rivers and streams, killing all of the miners and their families. Republicans did not learn a thing over the Flint water crisis. Vote Republican, vote death.

Please explain to me why, when IPFW has student housing on campus which is nowhere near capacity, are student athletes being housed at Canterbury Green Apartments. (Editor's note: IPFW offered this response: "There are some student athletes who live at Canterbury as they are given room and board as part of their scholarships. We recognize that this is an area where we can save costs and have made moves to address it. When the university assumes management control of our student housing this fall, students who receive room and board as part of their scholarship will be required to live in our housing. There are a few students admitted for fall 2017 who will be exempt as they had signed commitments prior to this requirement going into place. But moving forward, if room and board are part of a scholarship package, the students (athletes and non-athletes alike) will have to live in campus housing, and, if they choose to live elsewhere, that part of their scholarship will not be awarded."

Who are the idiots who don't know the difference between a garbage bucket and their neighborhoods?

All my vital signs are great. My blood work is great. I exercise daily, and I never miss work. But I smoke. For that I am going to be taxed. How about taxing the ... people I work with who are constantly going to the doctor because of illness (and) are always missing work, who can barely walk because of sore knees and ankles, and some who are now diabetic and require medicine. They are the one's who drain the medical coffers and cost lost days at work.

To those of you on the left, are you comfortable with all of the violence by your movement aimed at your fellow Americans? What kind of people are you if you don't mind seeing Americans hurt and private property torched just because you lost the election? I know there are sane and good Democrats (the old-fashioned kind) out there who abhor the idiocy going on in your name. Please speak up, ... we need you.

The revolution is starting. This will be America's second revolution. In the first, England had all of the power. In this one, Republicans have all of the power. ... Make no mistake, true patriots will rise and free ourselves of the monarchy that the Republicans are trying to establish.

(President) Trump is the Johnny Manziel of politics. Starts on top and falls to the bottom in two years.

Let's face facts. The idea of a united 50 states does not work. We need to dump the Supreme Court and all of Congress. Move all jurisdiction to the individual states to write their own laws. Each state will have a high court elected by the voters to make laws. If you don't like the laws of one state, then you can move to one that you do like. Our republic is broken, and there is no fixing it.

Trumpism: McCarthyism on steroids.

(President) Trump's doctor should check and see if someone did not change his hair growth pills for stupid pills. He is definitely overdosing on stupid.

... Had I ever met ... (President Obama) in person, I would have referred to him as Mr. President, despite not liking or approving of him myself. If you can't respect the man, we should all respect the office. What some of these Donald Trump protesters are shouting and writing on their signs is inexcusable.

War with Iran, Donald? Not a good idea. Iran has ... subs (submarines). All it takes is one lucky shot to sink a carrier worth $15 billion counting the aircraft on board and ,6000 personnel. Not to mention the fact that the Iranians are willing to go kamikaze on our ships in a confined area. Tone down your mouth before you get thousand of Americans killed who you swore to protect.

Cubans have taken over south Florida, and no one seems to care. Why are Cubans allowed to stay and given citizenship just because they made it here? If you want to stop illegals from Mexico, then it's time to stop the Cuban invasion. 

A staff member at ... (a local government agency) has repeatedly ridiculed a client because of the way the client looks. The staff member knows that the client has clinical depression and a history of suicide attempts. Why does the staff member still work there?

Federal judge in Seattle, Wash., stops President Trump's 90-day refugee suspension from seven unfriendly countries. We can now let them in. OK, they should all go to Seattle and stay there!

C'mon. Not one terrorist attack in the U.S. since 911 has been committed by foreigners.

Is (President) Trump going to make me wear a gold D on my clothes in the near future? I fear so.

It's time to reinstate the draft, build up a million man Army and get all of this crap around the world taken care of. Start with North Korea — should be easy because it is a peninsula, and China won't get involved. Move to Iran with Israel's help, then to Syria to get rid of ISIS. Maybe three years and $5 trillion ought to do it. Let's get started.

No surprise at all to the left's overreaction to the president's 90-day immigration ban affecting seven countries harboring and promoting terrorists. The same countries the Obama administration had placed restrictions on for years. Of course, that was fine both with the liberals and the media, who have continued to "frame" the ban as they want us to see it, not what it actually is. 

If (President) Trump gets his wall built and then we have a civil war, where are 100 million American refugees going to go? Mexico will line the boarder with its army, and then what. It's either Canada, or swim for it.

First, (President) Trump's lapdog (Vice President Mike) Pence ruins the education system in Indiana with vouchers, now he confirms the Amway woman (Betsy DeVos) for education secretary so she can ruin the national education system with vouchers for all states. Republican voters don't get the fact that vouchers are a tax, plain and simple. What they give away in voucher money has to be made up by more taxes like the gas tax and cigarette tax and who knows what else is coming.

The Secretary of Homeland Security, retired Gen. John Kelly is the first of many, I presume, to fall on his own sword to save the ego and self-importance of Donald Trump. This man served our country with honor, only to be used as a scapegoat for a president that can't even find the locations of countries who are our allies on a map. Shameful and disgraceful!

California, that liberal bastion of illogical beliefs, is leading the charge to try to legislate giving their entire state sanctuary status, collectively thumbing their turned up noses at the President (Trump) and those trying to protect us all from crimes committed by illegal immigrants. The key word here being illegal. Its no real surprise that these idiots think that federal laws don't apply to them. Perhaps President Trump will build a wall around this overly progressive state as well to keep their illegals from contaminating the rest of our country, and who will he make pay for the wall? California! 

The whole idea of sanctuary cities was absurd enough, but now some are proposing sanctuary states, which is insane. Proponents cite unsubstantiated opinions of some law enforcement agencies who supposedly rely on illegal immigrant snitches to help them do their jobs, and who might be scared to inform on their illegal brethren otherwise. Democrats, liberals and progressives who believe this claptrap are lunatics, often ignoring their own crime statistics which don't support their narrative.

If you cannot tell the difference between a ban and a temporary halt so that intentions are checked out I feel very sorry for you. ... Common sense no longer exists in America, and a "house divided cannot stand." What cannot stand will fall. We have all contributed to this, but liberals you are the blindest of all.

The scam that is the so-called school voucher program is a disaster. Taxpayers pay to send well-to-do families' kids to private schools. Any voucher money received should be taxed at a level of 35 percent on their tax returns. The people who it is supposed to help will not pay the tax because they don't make enough but those who ... (do) will no longer get a free ride. That will stop some of the scammers but not all of them. The scammers should have to do jail time for theft along with the idiots in the legislature who installed this rip-off system.

Now Fox (TV network), the propaganda arm of the Trump administration, is censoring commercials for the Super Bowl. The changes that (President) Trump and Fox are making to America will take years to undo. That is, if they don't start another civil war first.

I moved to Fort Wayne from New York City in June for a new job. I was paying $13.50 per pack for smokes in New York. Your increase in taxes will not deter me from smoking. You are just going to make it harder on the poor because the lower income levels are the majority of smokers in Indiana. Stick it to the poor is the mantra of Republicans.

Someone has not read their Bible very closely. No, Jesus would not be a Democrat. Nor would he be a Republican. God just wants us to choose his side and that is not about being a Democrat or Republican, neither of which probably impresses God at all.

Realized Mike Pence has more in common with President Trump than exaggerations and half truths. Pence left we taxpayers of Indiana holding the bag for ... ($53.5) million bicentennial projects he swore he would get from leasing state-owned cell towers. Never happened. That is a fact and reality.

Despite your personal views of Donald Trump and your chanting of "Not My President," this is America, and, yes, he is your president, like it or not. The only people who can accurately make that claim are illegal immigrants who have no right to complain or even express their opinions on this matter. For actual citizens, who insist on spouting this nonsense, you are more than welcome to immigrate yourself to another country and renounce your citizenship. Then you can yell, wail and shout your chant accurately, although it will make no more difference there than it does here.

There may be a fine line between exaggerating and lying for some people, but when Donald Trump exaggerates, he is speaking without knowing all the facts, while his opponent in the last election Hillary Clinton, was totally incapable of telling the truth about anything, despite the facts. Liar, liar, pantsuits on fire. What a disappointing example for the young women today.

I remember some fond memories of being a youth in the Boy Scouts of America, learning skills and values that have helped me in many aspects of my life. During the last 10 years or so, though, this organization has been beaten down and berated so that they now have to accept gays, girls and now transgenders. This once-proud organization has fallen by the wayside due to the pressure of progressive policies, but luckily I can still teach my son the skills I learned without having him join the We Used To Be the Boy Scouts.

Despite your personal views on abortion and whether you believe that life starts at conception or not, the logical argument against it is that too many women get abortions because they and/or their partners don't like using prophylactics or other contraceptives. Nobody likes using them, but responsible people will to prevent even the possibility of getting pregnant.

There is nothing wrong with immigrants doing some of the manual labor that most people dislike doing themselves, but they need to be legal immigrants who have gone through the system to become citizens like everyone else.

A big thank you to the ranter who talked about moving the director of national security chair to the kiddie table, and the one about buying high chairs for members of congress. I literally laughed out loud at how liberal lefts imply their political enemies are children while totally ignoring the childish actions of their own party, who still scream and rant exactly like spoiled kids who can't have their candy while shouting obscenities at anyone who has opposing views.

Liberals are such hypocrites. They preach tolerance, and urge us to embrace everyone no matter what except, of course, if you happen to be a conservative. In that case, they demonstrate and scream and riot, attempting to deny anyone with opposing views to even be allowed their own First Amendment rights to speak. In their minds, you can have any view you want, just don't voice it if it differs from theirs.

Your candidates lost. Hillary lost. Bernie lost. They moved on, its time you did, too. If you cannot or will not, that makes you losers as well.

(President) Trump now has three full-time employees on the White House staff to translate Trumpspeak into English. It's still gibberish!

Special-interest groups keep complaining that President Trump has done nothing to "reach out" to them. That's a buzz phrase for roll over, knuckle under or capitulate. They actually seem to believe that he will not follow through on his campaign promises, probably used to getting their way in the last administration. Don't hold your breath on that, although his policies will help all Americans, just not the way these groups may want.

Donald Trump tweeted that Ivanka pushes him to do the right thing. It hasn't been working. Her clothing brand hasn't been successful either. Who can afford that overpriced, foreign-made crap anyway?

Call us snowflakes, OK. A few snowflakes is no big deal. Three hours of snow starts the schools and churches being delayed. A full day of snow closes schools and businesses, store shelves are emptied and everything comes to a standstill. Get ready. A blizzard is coming.

To those who went crazy when President Clinton and Loretta Lynch talked for half an hour in an airport: Applying the same standard, do you really think that any time President Trump talks to his sons during the next four years, they won’t talk about his business? And more importantly, do you then really think that all of his decisions will be based on what’s best for the country, not for his business? Come on!

President Trump is upset that the popular vote and the Russia connections lead some to question the legitimacy of his election. For five years, he questioned the legitimacy of President Obama’s election by trafficking the lie that President Obama was not born in the United States. How unfortunate that karma seems to be paying Mr. Trump a visit.

According to the Obama haters, every executive order he signed proved he was a lawless tyrant. I guess they think our current president’s penchant for executive orders are all unicorns and rainbows.

President Trump says that 3 to 5 million people voted illegally in the presidential election, and that all of those people had to have voted for Secretary (Hillary) Clinton. Assuming his ridiculous premise is correct, how could he know that none of them voted for him? I thought we had a secret ballot!

Congratulations, America. You put the button for launching nukes in the hands of your 10-year-old son. Sooner or later, he will push the button.

Hillary (Clinton) has re-emerged to proclaim publically that "The future is female" — big surprise on that opinion, eh? Scientific studies have shown that married women live longer than married men. 

While the majority of students protesting at anti-Trump rallies and college campuses are relatively peaceful and exercising their right to free speech, some decide to caper in front of the cameras and assault people with opposing views and indulge in other outright criminal acts, such as looting, arson and destruction of property. Unfortunately, this bad behavior can be laid directly at the feet of their parents ... . The apples don't fall far from the trees.

Democrats continue to drag their feet and make things as difficult as possible for our new president by not showing up for confirmation votes, filibustering and having losers like pompous and disingenuous senator (Elizabeth) Warren blather on about irrelevant and inaccurate issues ... . They are unbelievably naive if they think these stall techniques will do any good at all, and they might as well slam their heads against the wall in an attempt to break it down. Hard-headed they may be, but their efforts are pitiful and futile.

To contribute to The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum, email comments of 50 words or fewer to therant@news-sentinel.com or send mail to: The Rant, The News-Sentinel, 600 W. Main St., Fort Wayne, IN 46802.



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