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Saturday, August 19, 2017
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The Rant for Feb. 8, 2017

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Tuesday, February 07, 2017 09:01 pm
The Rant is The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum. The readers’ views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel. We stopped the (Vietnam) War, and we brought down (President Richard) Nixon. Now my grandkids are going to bring down (President Donald) Trump. We won't stand for totalitarian rule. That is not the American way. I am so proud of them.

Lots of (President) Obama people still in under our new president. Get used to hearing, "You're fired."

I lived my life to help others less fortunate. Now getting on in years, I have already wrote my obituary. Yesterday, I added the line. If you voted for (President) Trump, please don't come to my funeral. 

It's the first of February, and the pothole season begins.

Help wanted: College basketball official. Must be able to blow into a whistle and fit into a striped shirt. Apply at http://bigten.org.

President Trump and "Vice President" (Steve) Bannon have removed the chair for the director of national intelligence from the big table and put it at the kiddie table. Dan Coats, the nominee to sit in this chair, must remove himself immediately from consideration for this chair or he is not being true to his own values. Time to step up, Dan.

To the woman customer at ... (a local chain store) who on Jan. 29 wanted to argue and belittle the customer service desk about 79 cents due to a sign being moved: I was appalled by your aggressive behavior over pretzels and 79 cents. I explained to my four children who were watching how rude and inconsiderate you were of all of us there at the customer service desk.

I just ordered 535 high chairs and had them sent to Congress, along with one huge crib to be sent to the White House. What a bunch of babies.

As the great Rosa Parks said, "When people made up their minds that they wanted to be free and took action, then there was change." And that, folks, was what happened last November when we, the people, took back our country from the stranglehold of the far left.

Wake up America, wake up. (President Donald) Trump did not impose a travel ban on ... Saudis, where he has business. They have been the country that is responsible for killing more Americans than all others combined. Trump is looking out for himself. When will the Republicans speak up against this want-to-be dictator.

I used to live in Fort Wayne. I read these rants online in Florida now. It seems to me that the rants get meaner as the winter sets it grip on Indiana. Hopefully, they will calm down when spring reaches all of you in cold northern Indiana.

Groups are protesting that (President Donald) Trump is acting against their American rights — like abortion, same-sex marriages, the rights of transgenders (restrooms), the right to have contraceptives provided for them and the right to allow whoever they want into the country no matter what they want to do to us. 

Please repair both eastbound lanes of St. Joe Center Road at the bottom of the hill east of the traffic light at The Townhouse retirement complex. Throwing cold patch pothole asphalt does not remedy the situation — hasn't for years now. The road needs fixed, not patched!

Instead of spending billions trying to prove voter fraud, which is nonexistent, just have all of the states' attorney generals purge the voter list every four years. That is two voting cycles. If you don't vote over two election cycles, then you are no longer registered and will have to re-register. Costs about 1 million per state. I should be running the country.

I urge all of my fellow Republicans to look at the lyrics of the Adele song, "Rolling in the Deep." Better yet, listen to it on YouTube. If we don't get it together, we will pay for all of the nonsense that is coming out of Washington. The dog says, "I finally caught the car now, what am I going to do with it." We have one chance. Don't blow it.

Most kids go to college, rack up huge debt and for what? To party, drink and have sex. They can do that right here in Fort Wayne without racking up huge debt, and then, after four years when they grow up, they can get the job they would have gotten when they got out of college. College is a scam.

To the ranter who said President (Richard) Nixon was impeached: You need to get your facts straight. He was not impeached; he resigned. I'm also puzzled as to what grounds you would use to impeach President (Donald) Trump when he has only been in off for a week. Just shows how unglued the Democrats have become.

I'm going to side with Mexico on the wall and immigration facts that (President Donald) Trump is trying to justify. Without migrant labor, most fruits and vegetables rot on the vine and trees. When is the last time you saw white people spending 12 hour days picking fruits and veggies? Never, because they won't do it. I'm going to not buy American until Trump figures out that we need migrant labor, German cars and Italian shoes.

Get over it, anti-abortion zealots. Until you can prove that life begins at conception, which you can't because it is only a belief not a fact, then abortion is a minor medical procedure. Nothing more. And it is not against the Constitution. I don't know what wacko came up with that drivel.

(President Donald) Trump said that he would be a president the likes that we have never seen before. Man, was he right. 

Talk about washed up. (Conservative talk show host Sean) Hannity can't crack the Top 10 during the 10 (o'clock) hour. What a has-been. Journalist no way; definitely a patsy for the White House.

The leftists must be so proud of their role models. Madonna with threats and swearing, Ashley Judd being just plain crazy. ... Adults wearing obscene hats and costumes. ... What a bunch of sick people.

So many rants against President Donald Trump, calling him every name in the book. What about Barack Obama though. His actions and policies showed him to be a total wimp on defense, a coward and a weakling when he wouldn't back up his ultimatums, ...  and a fool in almost every other matter. Look closely at his record, and it's indefensible.

The Antichrist will be high (Trump Tower) and exalted in his own eyes.

There's so many different kinds of music to choose from. Why do all the TV ads have to pick loud, crazy "rock" to annoy us? Also, I think we're tired of being screamed at by obnoxious salesmen. Tone it down; you might just increase your sales. Customers for all of these businesses aren't all 14-year-olds. We are all just hitting the mute button or changing the station when this nonsense comes on.

Egocentric, self-aggrandizing President Donald Trump wants to waste taxpayer dollars to investigate 3 to 5 million votes he thinks cost him the popular vote. While they're at it, they should look into at least 50 ineligible Republican electoral college delegates who held elected office or did not live in the district they represented. Such an investigation might show how he did not legitimately win the electoral college either.

W2 forms: The IRS will not run them off for a person, nor do they stock them. Referred to ... (an office supplies retailer). Yes, they have them a pack of 50 for $32.99. Come on people, not every one needs 50 forms. I need 2. 

Dear ... (local grocery), I was not offended being asked to take in a cart, I was offended by your employee cursing and yelling at me for not taking in the cart. I asked you to stop him, but you ignored my request. I won't be back.

Too funny watching the left-wing snowflakes whine and cry about (President Donald) Trump after just one week. Never mind the right had to put up with ... (President Obama) for eight years and $10 trillion more in debt. 

Airports are government businesses. All of the protests against the immigration ban may be protected by free speech, however, airports are suppose to be restricted space. These protests are breaking the disorderly conduct and disruptive laws. These people should by our own laws be arrested! Authorities who constantly turn a blind eye to this are not upholding our laws and are showing bias.

Really, Bishop Rhoades (of the Catholic Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend), you are now "disappointed and sad" over President Trump's immigration ban? Several weeks ago, you were part of the Catholic structure "unofficially" urging Catholics to vote for him because he is against abortion. One-issue voting brought this egomaniac to power.

If you remove "Big Pharma's" pill-pushing TV ads and their counterpart, "Big Lawyers," did-you-suffer-or-die ads, we could add more time to the TV show!

It's been years since we've watched award shows that deal with Hollywood. Ater watching todays news coverage of the SAGs (Screen Actors Guild), we're reminded why we don't.

The Boy Scouts of America are going to allow "transgenders" in. How about leave this time-honored organization alone! Start your own!

Starbucks CEO wants to hire 10,000 refugees. Hey, bonehead, how about hiring veterans and or their family members?

To all whiners and losers: Your dog is smarter than you are ... . Move on!

(President) Obama does have a legacy: It's tens of thousands of unemployed and part-time workers/protesters.

I enjoy reading the rants, and occasionally I will write one. I wrote the one about grey skies and necks being sunburnt. You changed it to read sunburned. ... The use of the term sunburnt was correct in the context of the sentence. (Editor's note: Sunburned is correct, but we learned sunburnt also is correct in that usage.) 

Charter schools and voucher programs are the biggest theft of school money that has ever been implemented. ... I had great teachers at FWCS (Fort Wayne Community Schools),and I have a great career thanks to them.

President Trump could bring back 10 million jobs and 100 companies back to doing business in the U.S., and the liberals will still ... (complain) it's not enough.

In this age of technology, the drug cartels are probably buying hundreds of drones to fly over the wall.

What this country needs is more Hollywood award shows so those who have what they do scripted and can do as many retakes as needed think what they do is important and be adored.

I just threw the book "American Sniper," by Chris Kyle, in the trash after listening to his wife on TV. If he was still alive, he would tell his wife to be quiet. Her opinion is worthless, but right-wing media is fixated on her. He was killed by an American. Not a Muslim or an immigrant, but an American, a former Marine.

Terrorists don't kill (all) Americans. Americans kill Americans ... . What about that, King Donald (Trump)?

There is no way tax dollars should be used to support Planned Parenthood. There are too many good, moral people who don't want their tax dollars used for baby murder. Let Lady Gaga, Madonna, Gloria Steinem and all other the Women Marchers support them.

Whenever Republican congressional leaders during the Obama administration had a press conference, CNN and FOX showed it. Now, whenever congressional Democrats hold a press conference, Fox (News) is a no-show. 

Could someone who is good at math — maybe a second-grader, please tell (President Donald)Trump and Fox (News) that it takes 51 percent to have a majority. Not 40 percent or 42 percent, but 51 percent. Thanks.

I apologize to the rant people. I am an older women, and I wrote my first rant today about the womens' march. I meant to write one day, not one week before. Again, I apologize to those who put the rants in the paper.

The letter writer who constantly dogs out the ACLU does not have a clue. If someone sues him for defamation of something stupid that he always writes about, the only ones who will come to his aid to defend his right of free speech will be the ACLU. Wonder if he would tell them?

Republicans would not hold a vote for (President) Obama's pick for the (U.S.) Supreme Court because they said it was the last year of his term. How do we know that this isn't the last year of (President) Trump's term? He could be out of office in six months.

What Republicans don't seem to understand or refuse to understand is that the Constitution was written for all Americans, not just the political right.

Should California secede, imagine the jobs created extending the wall to Oregon or, as far as I'm concerned, to the Canadian boarder!

California would like to secede from the U.S.A. I double-dog dare you!

A letter writer has his lack of facts wrong. The women's march did not burn a limo or throw rocks at the police. That happened eight days earlier during the coronation of King Trump. You have the right to express your opinion in the paper, but you don't have the right to blame women for something that they did not do.

Washington, D.C., is messed up. Can't we clean house over the next two elections and quit sending carbon copies of the same people to govern every election? Repubs and Dems should all be ashamed of what they are doing. And so should everyone who blindly votes for party over substance. Both parties. We deserve better before our democracy is no more.

President Donald Trump is more than an exaggerator or fibber. He is a full-blown, "pants on fire" liar. He will say anything to satisfy his inflated ego or get his infantile way. How can anyone believe or trust anything he utters — ever? 

When Republicans won't talk to Democrats, from (President) Trump all the way down to (U.S. Rep. Jim) Banks; when (White house adviser Steve) Bannon tells the opposition to shut up; and when (Kentucky U.S. Sen. Mitch) McConnell acts like an idiot and will not listen to others, then the only choice is to protest. And if they still won't engage, then it must be violent protest. American against American. We will not be silent as Trump destroys our country.

To contribute to The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum, email comments of 50 words or fewer to therant@news-sentinel.com or send mail to: The Rant, The News-Sentinel, 600 W. Main St., Fort Wayne, IN 46802.



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