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Tuesday, August 22, 2017
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The Rant for Jan. 11, 2017

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017 09:01 pm

The Rant is The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum. The readers’ views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel. The Donald says he doesn't use computers or email. He says he writes stuff down and sends it the old fashioned way, via courier. At least now there will be thousands of job openings to work for the Pony Express. That will make America Great Again — great again if you lived in 1880. 

My buddies who are Ohio State football fans keep asking, "What happened?" I tell them in a nutshell: They weren't very good, they did not play anybody tough except Penn State and the Big 10 was awful this year. That ought to shut them up for the next month or so.

Happy New Year America. We finally did it. We elected the most intelligent man in the whole universe as president. Don't believe me. Well, believe him. He will tell you so. He knows more about everything than God knows. 

Of course (President) Obama could have won a third term — in Iran, in Yemen, in the Palestinian section and Californiastan.

Have school vouchers, "will travel." How do we figure where to build and maintain schools and facilities when students can go anywhere? Would taxpayers have to build and pay for private and charter schools, too?

The (Indianapolis) Colts need to clean house from the GM (general manager) down. If not, at least trade (Andrew) Luck to a team that won't get him killed and has a chance to win a championship. Luck deserves better than what the Colts have given him to work with. They are wasting a top-caliber QB with their bad management and coaching. The fans won't tolerate another bad season.

The blonde women cheerleaders of FOX University are gushing over their quarterback, Donald Trump. Disgusting.

Fox and the Trump administration would rather take their intelligence reports from Julian Assange who is under investigation for espionage and holed up in a foreign embassy over the Intelligence community of the United States of America. These two groups are going to have to back peddle so far that they will fall off the cliff. But it won't matter because the right wing voters have blinders on and won't wake up until it's too late.

That didn't take long. A new year and the Republican Congress votes to do away with the ethics ( defined as the moral principles that govern a persons behavior) committee. Now it's a money for votes in Congress free for all. I doubt if all of the poor people who voted Republican have enough money to bribe congress on their behalf. But the rich sure do and now there is no one to stop them.

Thirteen NFL teams were sub-.500 this year. Three more were at .500. It shows that there are not enough pro caliber players to fill 32 teams when half can't even compete. The pro game would be a lot more fun to watch if every team was competitive instead of most games being over even before the kickoff. Shrink the league and add the fun. Thirty-two teams is a joke.

Yesterday, I realized why the left lane of South Clinton (Street) approaching East Rudisill Boulevard is left so nasty. People passing through going south use the right two lanes. The left lane is for those turning left on Rudisill Blvd. They are the locals in southeast Fort Wayne, and no one cares about them.

Now we will hear hours of opinions on the possible Russian hacking of the various parties and government information. There will undoubtedly be millions of our dollars spent on this over something that transparency, honesty and integrity would make totally unimportant information. If there was no secrecy, the hacking would be meaningless since we would already know what they were telling us after the hacking. Why can't candidates realize that we want them to tell us what they plan to do when they are in office and be honest and open about their lives. When you run for office, it is a good idea to check the skeletons in your closet before you start the process, not try to make excuses.

So I turn on the local news the other day and see a couple stories on how some people here decided to celebrate the New Year. I don't know which bothered me more, the yearly Polar Plunge where you have about a hundred people jumping into the scummy freezing water of the St. Joseph River like lemmings vs. thousands of people getting excited because the pretentious leaders of the city who couldn't come up with novel way to celebrate the New Year decided to usurp the Times Square ball drop, which is traditionally watched around the world.

I've recently become involved in a child custody case. The family court system in Allen County is geared strictly for the benefit of the mother, not the children, and leaving fathers to jump thru unnecessary hoops.

A certain cemetery was picky about where the flowers should go. Must not care about all the limbs and debris littering all over the place. No snow on the ground, all the roads are good and cleared. So what's the holdup for their maintenance to do their part in keeping the cemetery nice looking? These limbs have been there since Thanksgiving!

Fox News is the propaganda arm of the right-wing Republican party. ... If you don't like what others are saying, then you have bought into their propaganda and now have a closed mind. Look at history. It all starts with control of the press. By the time you wake from your stupor, it will be too late. The right-wing will have total control of America.

Saying that Fox News is balanced is like saying that Tamerlane was a compassionate man. How unbalanced is Fox? Just watch the Fox show ... where the nasty women on the show picked at everything (President) Obama every day for three years — the president, his wife and kids, everything they said or did. Balanced, no; neurotic, yes.

Democrats are going to continue with their dislike of (Donald) Trump as long as he keeps up his juvenile tweets aimed at them. Take the Twitter account away from your president, and maybe, just maybe, they will see him as a person, not as a jerk. But don't hold your breath.

You really think Dan Coats retired? Pshaw. His staff just walked across the hall to Jim Banks' new office. Different face at the top, same old stale right-wing ideas for the rest of the team. Boy, that is real change, isn't it?

Politicians thrive on succulent distractions, not on the meager fare of honesty and integrity. Watch them lick their chops the next time the media drag more "fake news" across their path. Watch them sink their teeth into some meaningless morsel that gets us looking in the wrong direction at stuff that doesn't really matter. Distraction confuses truth with self-interest, and disguises preferences and payoffs as justice.

Heaven forbid that the Republicans on City Council show some bipartisanship by having the president from one party and the vice president from the other. More stale bread from Republicans. 

Someone should remind the local column writer that (President George W.) Bush left (President) Obama with two wars and over 150,000 troops deployed overseas to fight those wars and a full-blown recession. Now that, my friend, is what I call tying the incoming president's hands. Not the penny-ante stuff he writes about. How easy Republicans forget what a mess Bush left to be worked out by Obama.

You can preach all you want about colonoscopies, but the standard price at a local hospital is over $5,000. With no insurance, there is no procedure and death might await. People voted for the repeal of the ACA (Affordable Care Act) by voting Republican, and now more than 20 million people will never be able to have the procedure. But, hey, who cares, because they are poor. No, they are people, and they should not be allowed to die because of politics.

CNN showed both Democrat and Republican speeches on the first day of the new Congress. Fox (News), only the Republicans. Fair and balanced, yeah, if you are a righty. That's why Megyn Kelly left for the mainstream media. She got sick of the right-wing rhetoric that she knew was not fair and balanced and not what she believes. She wants to speak the truth, not what her bosses told her to say. Good job, Megyn.

If you are going to split IPFW in half, then get us out of the Summit League. Having the championship came a gazillion miles away never favors IPFW. Get (Purdue President Mitch) Daniels to tell them, the championship will be at the (Memorial) Coliseum, or we leave. Or is he too busy destroying IPFW to care?

You can't take the high school graduate who is flipping burgers or stocking shelves and put them in high-tech jobs. There are millions of job openings in the U.S., but the workforce that isn't working is either too old or undereducated. No politics will change that equation. Don't fall for the rhetoric. Good-paying jobs are not coming to everyone who needs work.

Jeff Sessions is George Wallace 2.0.

It's so obvious why (Donald) Trump is scared to death of (Vladimir) Putin. The Trump Corporation does billions of dollars worth of business with Russia and their entities a year. ... Trump is all about Trump, and only Trump. Not you or me, no matter what party you belong to.

(Donald) Trump should threaten the insurance companies with large taxes if they don't get on board with the ACA (Affordable Care Act). He won't, though, ... . Congress does not have to worry about health care. They voted it for themselves for life on the taxpayers' dime. How foolish the American voters are to not see that they are all crooks and only have their self-interest to look out for. Shameful.

My crystal ball says that (U.S. Sen. Todd) Young and (U.S. Rep. Jim) Banks will blindly vote yes to confirm every one of (Donald) Trump's cabinet picks. They will not ask one question and will put billionaires in control of our lives. More Wall Street, and no Main Street. Wait and see how far America goes backward in the next four years. You haven't seen massive debt like your going to get with this Congress. Buckle up.

Someone should tell (Donald) Trump and (Mike) Pence that Mexico is not an overseas country. Maybe buy them a map of North America.

Recently there was a news story done about domestic violence. What was not in that report was the fact that cops beat their wives, husbands, girlfriends and boyfriends at double the national rate. What is more disturbing is the fact that more and more females are the "abuser" of this crime but are still viewed as the victim.

The Republicans have been obstructionists for eight years. Now that the Democrats are going to use the Republican playbook, the Republicans are crying foul. Geez-Louise, what a bunch of hypocrites.

Does our gas tax go to pay for walking paths and the bike trails? If so, tax walking shoes and bikes, too!

If a performer is lip-syncing, then it is not a live performance. We should pay for tickets with "Monopoly" money. It looks like money, but it is also fake.

East Allen University deserves their F rating from the Indiana Department of Education. A brilliant education is marked by the ability to collaborate, communicate, think creativity, become innovative and use logic. Bright kids would skip over EAU, as the credits are from a community college which does not prepare them for the likes of Notre Dame, Harvard, Cornell, MIT, Stanford or other top-notch schools.

Russia will defeat the U.S. without ever firing a shot. (Vladimir) Putin is playing (Donald) Trump like Itzhak Perlman plays a Stradivarius.

Doesn’t (Donald) Trump have to get an EPA permit to “Drain the Swamp”?

To the rant about Gillmore Drive: A neighbor plows the whole street, and we did not get salt or a city plow. Too bad you don't have a nice neighbor to do your street. Thank you to the neighbor that plows.

A gunman, dressed ... (in a) Santa Claus (hat), slays ... (at least 39) people at an Istanbul nightclub. The only way you can stop this kind of terrorism is with armed citizens.

The (Donald) Trump disaster will still be debated in 100 years. It will be required reading in ethics classes at the turn of the next century. The discussion will be about the almost total collapse of American democracy before Americans — true Americans — brought us back from the brink of failure by kicking Trump out of office. It will be close, but politicians from both parties will combine to save our republic.

Want to know which political party is the party of hatred and total intolerance? Just read the Rants! That is why my family left the Democratic party. So pathetic. Grow up, and think for yourself.

I'll never understand those "moron drivers" (who) tailgate and swing out to pass you and speed, for what, the light is or will be red.

What has Israel ever done for us? Nothing except stir up the Middle East. If all of the American Jews want to help the motherland, then they should move and take up arms against their enemies. We should not be fighting their war with the Arab states.

Dan Coats said he was going to step away from politics; that is why he retired. Liar. Now he is going to work for the Liar in Chief. "Fill the Swamp."

Every time (Donald) Trump attacks an American company — Boeing, GM, Ford, Toyota, etc. — American workers and investors lose money. The stock drops and the value of people's 401Ks fall. Pension funds lose money. How is this going to make America great again if you are taking money away from Americans' investments? This is just insanity from an insane man.

I know, I know, Donald “The Liar” Trump won. He won with campaign lies to the American people. He is going to make America great again. What was wrong with it? Mexico! “They send only their worst people to America. I will build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.” Fast forward to Jan. 6. He and the GOP Congress are planning to make the U.S. pay for it, and he will make Mexico pay for it later. How delusional can “the Liar” get. Any member of Congress that votes "Yea" for this is perpetuating his lie.

To contribute to The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum, email comments of 50 words or fewer to therant@news-sentinel.com or send mail to: The Rant, The News-Sentinel, 600 W. Main St., Fort Wayne, IN 46802.


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