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Tuesday, August 22, 2017
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The Rant for Jan. 18, 2017

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017 09:01 pm
The Rant is The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum. The readers’ views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel. If Jesus was alive today, he would be a Democrat. So would Mother Teresa. Neither could get elected in Allen County.

(Donald) Trump doesn't pay any taxes but wants to use our tax dollars to pay for his wall. A good leader wouldn't ask others to do what he is not willing to do himself. The probability of getting Mexico to pay for the wall is zero. Put up or shut up, Donald. And grow up.

Why would the American public need to know what its spies are doing? Spy means covertly, not publicly. We don't need to show our hand to the rest of the world.

They screamed and shouted that the stock market would collapse if Donald Trump was elected. Have any of those blockheads watched what has happened in the market since the very first day after Donald Trump won the election? I doubt it.

Still waiting on the leaf pickup. Since the city isn't capable of picking them up, maybe we should burn them. I don't want my grass killed. 

To the lady I upset on Jan. 6: I'm autistic and have a hard time with the carts, especially in the cold. Most people don't mind pushing in a cart as a favor. Nevertheless, I'm sorry for yelling and making you not want to come back.

Thanking the ... (Allen County Solid Waste District) for closing Foster (Park) West, sending us to Macbeth Road for tree recycling. In a line of trucks entering a scale declaring a Christmas tree. Up the hill to a muck track, stepping in 3 inches of muck discarding the tree. Always thinking of the best for your citizens.

Any political organization with either America or Freedom in their title is for neither of those words. They are for only themselves, mostly to line their pockets with millions of dollars.

Democrats keep crying about Russia trying to influence our elections. Our current president did the same in Israel, Brexit, etc. Groups always do this. Examples include the mainstream media, Hollywood, unions, and on and on. This is how it always is, so get over it kids.

How dare Kellyanne Conway denigrate Vice President Joe Biden. Does she have no shame? This man has served the U.S. for his entire lifetime. He was in Congress while she still was wearing a retainer and bleaching her hair to fit in with the cool kids. What a piece of work. Terrible human being.

China, Russia, North Vietnam and the United States all hack. The DNC (Democratic National Committee) and Hillary (Clinton) are small-bit players looking for someone to blame for their failure! 

Ever notice that everyone against Planned Parenthood already has insurance and can afford to go to doctors? Only 3 percent of Planned Parenthood visits end in abortion. That leaves 97 percent of clients trying to get help for health reasons. Why do the rich always want to take from the poor. Instead of marching through the streets, why not pay out of your own pocket for the needy to go to a doctor? Now that would save lives.

As a taxpayer in Allen County, I do not support the death penalty. I do support life in prison without parole. ... The message that is being sent (by the Allen County Prosecutor's office) is you won't get the death penalty for murdering one person, but you will if you murder more than that. So one person murdered does not carry the same punishment? Aren't all murders important, Karen Richards? 

TASS, CCTV, KCNA and Fox (News). They are all propaganda television. All are one-sided, and all make up the news to please their viewers.

Wow! We now have an arrogant businessman and a radio-talk show host as president and vice president. We might as well have Bernie Madoff and Howard Stern in the same capacity.

The "Man Bun" has to be the dumbest thing that young men have done with their hair for the last 100 years. They have made a joke out of long hair on men. It's time for all of us boomers to grow out our ponytails again and show these whippersnappers what long hair is all about. Even the dreaded mullet and rat tail were better than a "Man Bun."

Thanks fellow Americans for giving the Russians what they wanted, their man in the White House. Now sit back and watch this puppet (Donald Trump) kiss his shoes (Russian President Vladimir Putin) and let him off the hook. Trump is going to lead this great country to destruction because the weak-kneed Congress Republicans are afraid of him and are now in power. Pray, pray, pray.

A recent letter writer reminded all of us to call (U.S.) Senators (Todd) Young and (Joe) Donnelly about Jeff Sessions. I did, and I told them to vote "no" to this man being (U.S.) Attorney General. Sessions was turned down for a judgeship because of his racist rants and writings. He has not changed his views. He is tied to white supremacist organizations. Down with Sessions.

Science trumps political correctness every time. When someone with gender identity disorder decides or is encouraged to try to transform their bodies through surgery to trick normal people into believing they are interacting with a member of the opposite sex, they are not only being deceptive to other people but are only fooling themselves. Despite whatever they chop off or have grafted on, centuries from now when their bodies are examined for whatever reason, DNA will show with incontrovertible proof what gender they actually are. Unlike these mentally unstable people, DNA does not lie.

The odds of (Donald) Trump being impeached before the end of his first term have been lowered to 3-1 from 6-1. Looks like he's heading for trouble.

Republicans in Congress keep saying that they want to give power back to the states. Yeah, right. That's like saying that the generals are going to let the sergeants run the military. Ain't gonna happen.

NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) did not send jobs overseas and to Mexico, corporate greed did. Quit blaming Democrats for job losses. Blame company CEOs whose compensation is tied to profit.

None of the primetime news channels allow their pundits to promote and sell their books on air except Fox (News). Fox even allows (Bill) O'Reilly to sell his primetime premium membership for $50 per year. This is not news, this is about the almighty dollar. It is QVC packaged as news. If you believe what Fox pushes, then you are an idiot and a dolt.

Jared Kushner, senior adviser to the next president. At 36 years of age, with a BA (bachelor's degree) in sociology from Harvard. His father donated $2.5 million dollars to Harvard. A JD (juris doctor) and MBA (master's in business administration) from NYU. A donation of $3 million to NYU. What qualifies him to be any kind of adviser to a president? Not by what I read in his biography. Oh, now I get it, he’s married to Ivanka Trump. The joke is on me and my fellow Americans.

The Trump family continues to make their branded products overseas. They have stated that until labor costs come down in the U.S., they can't afford to make their products here. What is wrong with that family? They talk out of one side for the rest of us, but talk out of the other side when it concerns them and their money. This has to stop now.

What do safe rooms on college campuses have to do with liberals? What a stupid rant written by a stupid Republican. Does the writer think that no conservatives would go into a safe room if there was an active shooter?

Better dust off (former President Richard) Nixon's tape recorder and put it back in the Oval Office. It's going to be pay-to-play at its grandest.

What kind of president-to-be argues and tweets with common people? Grow up, Mr. Trump!

Yet another somber video released by snooty, know nothing, Hollywood has-beens, making demands of Congress and our president-elect has surfaced. The funniest thing about these videos must be that they actually believe that people outside of California and the Hollywood culture actually listen to what they say. Remember the "Charlie Brown" cartoons where the teachers call upon the students? That's all we hear when they (the videos) air — "Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah blah." Hilarious.

Data from John L. Allen's book, "The Global War on Christians " reveals that ... and 80 percent of all ... (violations of religious freedom) in the world today are directed at Christians. Christianity which started with the blood of martyrs in Rome still has that baptism. Does everyone know this? Does anyone care?

I just watched President Obama's farewell speech. What a load of crap. Almost everything he spouted while clapping himself on the back was lies and fantasy. He speaks of our country as he would like it to be, but not as it actually is. The economy, race relations, unemployment — all worse under his watch. If all the presidents were represented by playing cards, Obama would be the joker, included in the lineup but discarded as useless. History will reveal him as one of, if not the worst, presidents ever. What a disappointment.

Over and over and over again, you see rants against Fox News. You know what you will see on Fox News that you will never see covered on any other "news" stations? The truth about soon to be ex-President Obama's failed policies, the truth about the Black Lives Matter movement, and the truth about the whiny babies who refuse to accept that Donald Trump won the election. Not your president, you say? Move, as if any other country would accept you.

Every time I go from CNN to Fox (News), I have to turn down the volume. All Fox does is scream. I learned a long time ago that people who have no facts seem to scream their point of view.

Bo Dietl, a Fox (News) contributor on law enforcement, has no credibility. He is on Fox for the money, just like when he did the Arby's commercial. That fat man could not chase down a snail.

Why do Republicans dislike me? I served my country in the military; I am raising my children to be all-inclusive of others, regardless of their skin color or their religious beliefs. I pay my taxes, I volunteer at the food bank, I go to church every Sunday, I shovel my neighbor's driveway when it snows. Why? Because I am a Democrat. This has to stop. We are all Americans.

Fox (News) always claims to be pro-American, but the two big-headed, white, talk hosts talk over the singing of the national anthem at the President's (Obama) last speech. They would rather talk about Obamacare than listen to our national anthem. Shame on them.

Why spend $6 billion on a wall. Two 10-foot chain-link fences with razor-wire on top, separated by a 100 yard no man's land with land mines, ought to stop the intruders coming into our country. It should cost about $1 billion, or cheaper if we have the illegal immigrants build it.

Let me start out by agreeing that everyone, including overpaid Hollywood celebrities are entitled to express their political opinions. What I can't understand is why these people think that making those ridiculous videos will actually influence anyone who has an opposing viewpoint. What narcissists they are.

Life is so-o-o good now if you're a white male. If you're not, then not so much.

A ranter recently praises Megyn Kelly for leaving Fox News, implying that her leaving was because she was "sick of the right-wing rhetoric." If the ranter had bothered to watch her interview on the subject instead of presuming to know the real reason, he/she would find out that her late night time slot at Fox was preventing her from spending the quality time she wanted and needed for her three young children.

When Donald Trump officially becomes our 45th president, you will see a marked change in the way the world outside of the United States views us as a world power. Under Barack Obama's reign, a number of foreign powers have shown their disdain and contempt for us, having their jets and ships coming dangerously close to our warships, knowing full well that Obama would never retaliate, even when provoked in this way. They also know they won't be able to get away with putting our Marines and sailors in harms way like that under a Trump administration. I, for one, am looking forward to watching them turn tail and run like rabbits after seeing the results if they try that garbage after Jan. 20.

(Allen County Prosecutor) Karen Richards has ... (applied for) the death penalty for a multiple-murder suspect, also a man of color. Shouldn't she be imposing the same penalty for any murder suspect, like the white man who shot and killed another white man at a restaurant last year. One murder charge is really no different than multiple murders. Murder is murder.

During the primaries, Rep. Jim Banks called me during the dinner hour to get my vote. He was pleasant and promised to work for me and to always be in touch. I emailed him eight weeks ago, and he has never responded. He shows his real reason for calling me. He wanted to be elected and reap the benefits of federal office, and after he won, to hell with me. I will not vote for him again. Ever.

Now I know why America is such a mess. Bill O'Reilly ... was the third most-watched show the other night. Since the lemmings believe the crap that comes out of his mouth, they deserve what is coming to them. Are all old people crazy? I guess so, if they believe they are going to be better off in the next four years. Goodbye youth, hello senility.

The poor white people who voted for (Donald) Trump (for U.S. president) because they thought he would make their lives better were misguided. The only white people whose lives will be enriched by a Trump presidency are the Trumps.

Imagine this IU-PU lineup. Bryson Scott, V.J. Beachem, Caleb Swanigan, James Blackmon Jr. and John Konchar. They breeze through the Summit League and get a No. 5 seed in the NCAAs. Get these local kids, plus some outside help, to help Fort Wayne be the new Gonzaga. The NBA will come looking no matter who they play for. If you split ... (IPFW), this will never happen.

Regarding the letter about Sen Joe Donnelly: Any senator who will blindly vote "yes" for all of a president's nominees for cabinet posts or court seats is not doing his job. That is why they have Senate hearings. It is not a dog-and-pony show. It is about finding out the values and beliefs of those who are nominated to serve our country. By the way, 1.2 million Hoosiers did not vote for Trump.

The next place American service people will die is in Ukraine. A country smaller than Texas. (Donald) Trump said he will be tougher than (President) Obama on the Ukraine situation. That will be Trump's first war, and it will pit U.S. and Russian ground troops. We will then see how well Trump and Putin get along. Putin won't care how many of his troops die, but the American people will care about our deaths. Quagmire coming.

Lady Gaga says kindness and love will cure the world of hatred. Beautiful. But if a gentleman politely disagrees with the gay agenda and other liberal causes, will Lady Gaga (and liberals) respond with love and kindness? Don't count on it.

I hear the complaining about (Donald) Trump making money in Russia. Do you think he's that stupid? Do you not think someone would find out? 

A recent renter complained that Rep. (Jim) Banks and Sen. (Todd) Young are already corrupt. Typical Democrat — condemn a person before even (her or she is)  taking their seat. The same for president (Donald) Trump. ... The American people have had enough of the politics of destruction.

Donald Trump spread false news for years about President Obama and his birth certificate. He was well aware of what he was doing and its effects. Now, when he has to reap what he sowed, he doesn't like it. He is the author of fake news. What a terrible, terrible example he is as a president.

I hear whines about obstruction. Do you remember how the President (Obama) reached out to the Republicans when he had the chance? No? You're right, he said, "Elections have consequences." Obama didn't want any suggestions. 

People believe the nonsense from Democrats that repealing Obamacare means insurance ceases to exist? There will be insurance plans you want at different prices instead of one plan given by the government. ... You know, competition?

I saw a complaint that Republicans don't let the Democrats preside over city council. It's called an election. The council votes in a president. Do you remember when the Congress controlled by one party elects the other side to lead? I didn't think so.

Say what you will about whether or not WikiLeaks should have hacked the Democrats' emails, but the fact that has all of them outraged is that their dirty little secrets were exposed, proving them to be the liars and connivers that they really are. From Hillary (Clinton) to the head of the Democratic party and beyond, what a bunch of clowns.

Some people seem to have a problem when Donald Trump tells how Mexico will ultimately pay for the border wall he has promised to build. Is cash up front the only way these people purchase and pay for services around their homes, or do they, like us, often pay afterward in one form or another? Mexico will ultimately wind up paying for the wall.

Why does Fort Wayne hire outside consultants? Because they will say what our local politicians tell them to say. Not what is necessary for the city, but what (they) want us to believe we need!

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