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Saturday, August 19, 2017
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The Rant for Jan. 25, 2017

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017 09:01 pm
The Rant is The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum. The readers’ views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel. With all of the leaking going on in Washington, I'm investing in Kimberly-Clark, the maker of Depends.

Save time and money, do not see the movie "La La Land." Worst movie in my lifetime.

The inveterate racism of civil rights hero Rep. John Lewis makes him oblivious to present opportunities with (President Donald) Trump — or plain stupid.

I need a billionaire telling me how easy it is to live on a fixed income like I need another hole in my head. Maybe he will let me live in Trump Tower rent free. Yeah, right!

Since dead Republicans can get elected in Fort Wayne and since the Republicans can't win the mayor's office, why don't they run The Honorable Harry Baals in the next election. He would win just because of his name. Heck, he already has a street named in his honor.

We conservatives suffered for eight long years under (former President) Obama's rule, and we made it through somehow. You lefties can't even make it through two months after the election! How are you going to survive the next four (or eight!) years?

On the one hand, modern medicine means that we can live longer. On the other hand, it has given us a Congress filled with 80-year-old men. Egads! 

What a shame that Ringling Brothers circus is forced to close. I remember the thrill of seeing the exotic animals, including the elephants and the big cats in the lion tamer cage. Obviously PETA fans will be celebrating its demise, but the rest of us will mourn the loss of the "Greatest Show on Earth." Besides the continual pressure from animal rights activists, a sure sign that their days were numbered was when they tried to appeal to progressives by appointing a female ringmaster ... .

I'm sorry that the Fort Wayne Farm Show considers me a gawker. I don't wear bib overalls, but I want to see the equipment that the companies, that I have over $5 million invested in (through) my portfolios, are showing for the new year. So to Fred Cline I ask, just because I don't buy but I invest in your exhibitors does that mean you don't want me there?

The silence is deafening and the hypocrisy is so evident. Just recently in Chicago, four blacks ages 18-24 kidnapped and tortured a mentally challenged white man, going so far as to place the act on Facebook. When asked about "hate crime" charges, ... (a police commander) said, ... (the attackers were young adults and they) "make stupid decisions." Really, and can you imagine what the comment might have been if it was a white on black situation? 

Twice before they have poured money into The Landing downtown and failed! Why is it when there is free money around (Regional Cities fund),  some politician finds an idea to tap the money? Now even the old Clyde theater. They will spend more money to reclaim the place than it cost. But it's in the name of progress.

Voters preferred Roy Buskirk, knowing he was deceased, over his opponent by over 20,000 votes. If opponents want a re-election, the opponent or his party should have to pay for the costs of a special election. It wouldn't change the way I voted, but if politicians have money to waste, go for it.

Years ago, someone had a lighted display of Santa bowing down to the infant (Jesus Christ) in a manger. Haven't seen it anywhere. Who has it, and where is it? That made me humble, and it was truly the true meaning of Christmas!

The U.S. Mint has unveiled a new $100 coin depicting Lady Liberty as an African-American woman. That's alright, but I don't know how many of us will be able to afford to use them or even add one to a coin collection. Seeing as how it currently costs 1.5 cents (each) to make new pennies, wouldn't the Mint be better off finally eliminating these next-to-worthless coins first?

I find the defending remarks of the south-side consultant pretty ridiculous — typical liberal-speak. Saying that a legitimate concern and question of what the taxpayers received for their $5,000 per month is self-serving and part of an agenda is pretty much self-serving and part of an agenda. That's a lot of money per month for a year. Hopefully some good results will come from it, but please stop with the nonsense that no one has a right to ask about it or even criticize the lack of tangible results. The councilman's job is to look out for the taxpayers, not consultants. The man should have made a defense of his work without trying to smear the motives of the councilman.

Really, (U.S. Rep.) Jim Banks? The Marines went looking for one part, not parts as you expressed. Did you want them to make one new part at over $2 million dollars or use ingenuity to save taxpayers money. ... I still can't believe you won with your lack of integrity.

(President Donald) Trump must have dropped his phone in the toilet because his tweets are always full of crap.

Putin puppet, Donald Trump, sets a dangerous precedent by declaring that someone is guilty of a crime before he/she has even been charged. This ill-advised proclamation explains his thinking when he praised the Philippines leader for his drug war in which thousands have been killed by police and vigilantes without trials. Be afraid; be very afraid.

My goodness, progressives! It's only been two months since the election, and your hissy fits have already put you in the loony bin! Next stop may be a date with the Grim Reaper. Be rational, please.

Kellyanne Conway insults everyone's intelligence when she says we should give (President Donald) Trump the benefit of the doubt. She says we go with what comes out of his mouth, and we don't look at what's in his heart. Tragically, some people actually believe this crap! 

Prizes are given away at Komets home games, and they almost always go to ticket-holders in the first dozen or so rows of the lower arena. Is it worth alienating half the crowd to favor ticket holders who paid a few dollars more for their seats?

Over 700 people shot and killed in Chicago in 2016? How is that possible? Gun ownership/possession is — for all intents and purposes — illegal. Are you saying that criminals don't follow the rule of law? Shock!

Why don't people understand that it's not the law-abiding citizens who choose to carry concealed (weapons) they need to worry about? You probably never know I'm carrying, but if you see my firearm, please do not freak out. The people who are out to wreak havoc do not worry about you seeing their gun or having a valid permit. Our founding fathers did not want us to live in a country where only the "government" gets to possess guns.

In one newspaper story, we are told that we need to increase taxes. In the next story, we are told that the (Allen) County has almost $20 million in excess taxes from last year. Do these people really know what they are doing. Oh, right. They are Republicans, and they never met a tax that they did not like. Gimme, gimme, gimme.

The reason the "Tweeter-in-chief" won't laugh at "Saturday Night Live" is because his face would crack and fall off, and underneath we would find Dick Cheney.

Just because (conservative radio and Fox News talk-show host Sean) Hannity calls people snowflakes, we know it is his racism showing through. He might as well say hamburger, instead of the "N" word. He might as well call the mentally challenged "pizza" instead of the "R" word. The man is the king of the morons and is a full blown racist.

Wonder why DUI arrests have dropped in Allen County? It is because federal grant money for that cause has dropped substantially. Police do not want the hassle of processing such an involved offense. Grants that are received are now focused toward domestic issues. That money can be spread further to fill more wallets of social agencies and the courts. Government in our lives is never a good thing!

Good, let all the whiner Congress people boycott the inaugural fun. More seats for us conservatives!

Mr. (Donald) Trump, do you know who you are going to be dealing with? Let's call your "Obamacare" (plan) "Trumpcare." Unless all the lefters get free healthcare, your plan will be worse!

Watergate resulted in the impeachment of (President Richard) Nixon. The impact of the hacking of Hillary's e-mails with the encouragement of (Donald) Trump, had a far greater impact on the election in 2016 than Watergate had on the election back in '72. It should also be an impeachable act. Please contact those who supposedly are serving our best interest in Washington and begin demanding impeachment of Trump.

Hey, slow poke in the center lane, that's right, you. If cars are passing you in the lane to the right of you, you are in the wrong lane. And please, unless it is slick, at least drive the speed limit, not 5 mph under.

Why are there no left-turn-only lights on Reed Road? Almost every intersection has left turn only lanes, but not the lights. Stop putting our lives at risk and install the left-turn-only lights like the ones at Hobson (Road) and Coliseum (Boulevard).

When on earth will people learn to drive in this town? At dusk and dawn, if you see other cars with their lights on, perhaps a light bulb should go off in your dim head that maybe you should turn your lights on also. Don't you realize that you are an accident waiting to happen, as you are difficult to see. I understand, you can see to drive, but let other drivers see you.

With constant winter-gray skies, you wouldn't think people could get sunburned. But I see more rednecks in Allen County than on a Florida beach.

All (President Donald) Trump had to say was that he believed the Russians were behind the leaked e-mails and that the e-mails might have changed some voters' minds. Then offered everyone a voice in his administration. But NO-o-o. He has to get on Twitter and slam everyone that did not agree with his childish and boorish behavior. He lost his chance, and now he has zero credibility with half of America. Good job, Donald.

Those bozos in California who are marching, demonstrating, chanting and protesting our new president and vowing to keep up their absurd Sanctuary City policies had better beware of angering President (Donald) Trump. His promise to withhold federal funds to all sanctuary cities will also apply to FEMA, and God help them if they suffer from an earthquake or hurricane because ... they will get no money from the government. I'm sure all the illegals residing there will provide all the help they need, right?

To all you people who do not like Donald Trump: Is it because he is a highly successful business man, or because he tells it like it is and you don't like hearing it? Come on people, no one is completely qualified to be president, so quit crucifying him in everything he does and give him a chance. He may surprise you. Anyone can run and become president of us, even you. In my opinion, anyone would be better than (President) Obama or Hillary (Clinton). Enough said.

With (President Donald) Trump's lack of transparency regarding tax returns, worldwide business interests and owing hundreds of millions to who knows, how will anyone know if the narcissistic, self-serving hypocrite is acting in America's best interests or his own? Terrifying to think what is coming. 

I applaud a local man pushing colonoscopies for all, but the elephant in the room remains. The cost. The procedure costs more than a used car. Few can afford it unless they have top-tier insurance. And with the repeal of the ACA (Affordable Care Act planned), 18 million ... (may) now be out of the chance to have one. I encourage him to take his battle to the Republicans who want to remove this life-saving procedure from the millions who will no longer be able to get it. That would be a worthy cause.

The voters on the Left are boycotting and crying and really mad because they didn't learn how to lose and didn't get a "I Voted" participation trophy.

Anybody who would take advice on ethics from disgraced Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich would probably take marriage advice from disgraced Congressman Mark Souder. Losers both.

City Utilities' 5-mile tunnel bidding. Why not use the ... Legacy Fund for funding part of the project? All taxpayers would benefit from the savings, not just a few businessmen and developers for their personal gain.

To the stalwart Republicans, Jesus H. Christ has been replaced with Donald J. Trump. Sad.

(President Donald) Trump got elected with ... (46) percent of the popular vote. Two months, later his approval rating is down to ... (45) percent. At that rate, his approval rating will be zero in 10 months. The only ones who will approve of Trump will be the Trump family and those respondents who have no idea what approval ratings mean.

(U.S. Rep Jim) Banks is a typical Republican politician. Sponsoring a bill to save Biomet-Zimmer a little money while forgetting the little people. ... The tax affects devices for less than 1 percent of the population. Why doesn't he sponsor legislation to help the poor or underprivileged who are 35 percent of the population. ... This politician is not a man, but he is a parrot for the wealthy.

If you really want to know who runs America, go to a Chinese restaurant on Christmas day and see who is dining there. That's your answer.

The crystal ball sees that, with the expansion of the (Indiana) voucher program, in 20 years the SAC (Summit Athletic Conference) will be five schools — (Bishop) Luers, (Bishop) Dwenger, Concordia (Lutheran), Canterbury and Blackhawk (Christian).

Trump Jr. ( Jim Banks ) has a meeting with constituents. He gets a question that he did not want, and he has the man thrown out of the meeting. Just like Trump, Banks wants only softball questions. Not very professional from a so-called Navy man. Well, he really is a supply clerk, and they never get shot at. So the first time under fire from one of his constituents, and he ducks and covers. I think he's chicken.

Everyday, it's the same news. Parents killing their children while doing drugs. Parents passed out from drugs with their small children around. Parents making drugs in a house with small children present. I wish that anti-abortion people would put their effort into forced sterilization of men and women who they know will commit these crimes and actions. One strike, and you're out. No more babies for you.

Indiana started sales tax at 2 percent (in 1963). After six months, they bragged that they had received what they expected to receive in one year. So they started spending. And spending, etc. Now 7 percent isn't enough to satisfy their spending needs.  Where is the money really going?

If you call people snowflakes like Fox News' (Sean) Hannity does, then you are racist. He is against anyone who is not like him. That means all gays and all people of color. All people who are not Christian or Republican. This is how it starts. Hatred of those who are not like you. Should all of the snowflakes be forced to wear a snowflake patch just like the Jews had to wear a Star of David in Germany? Be afraid, America.

FOX News is at war with itself. It keeps blasting Hollywood, who's major player is 21st Century Fox, the parent company of Fox News. The same company that employs the actors who Fox News hates. Talk about bipolar. Is this company just plain nuts? Maybe not. They are playing their viewers from both ends, but most of them are not able to see it.

I'm going to repeal and replace my wife. I just don't know if the next one will be better than what I have now.

(Sixty-one) percent of Americans said that (former President Barack) Obama did a great job. That is a mandate. Unemployment at a 10-year low. The stock market at an all time high. Wonderful.

Why should my homeowners association be able to tell me if I can rent out my house. What's next, them telling me how many kids I can have? Indiana is trying to control every aspect of our lives from birth to the grave. No thanks. I can make decisions on what is best for my family without the state telling me what to do.

It's easy to spot the Fox (News) watchers by reading these rants. The only channel to show the Hollywood videos was Fox. They did that to get a rise out of their viewers. Fox (News) is the Pied Piper of right-wingers. Your children are next if you don't quit believing their garbage.

Who wants to pick a fight with China? We couldn't win in Vietnam fighting against a less superior Army. Nothing against all who fought there. It was bad military doctrine that tied our hands in Vietnam. But I don't see Americans wanting a shooting war with China or Russia.

Really? You can't wait for (President Donald) Trump to start a war. What makes you think China would turn tail and run? Do you have family in the military? If you want to sign up, the local recruiting office is in Glenbrook Commons, Suite A-8. Have at it.

I did watch Megyn Kelly's interview. If you think she left (Fox News) to spend time with her kids, you are influenced by the Fox-aganda. She left to make upwards of $25 million per year. She will still work into the evening hours, and her nanny will still watch the kids. Take your blinders off and see the big picture.

Listening to (former President) Obama's last press conference revealed his lack of understanding. I didn't listen to the whole conference but long enough to hear three times referring to our country as a democracy! Once saying that depriving people of their voting rights still was a big problem for our democracy. Eight years as president, and he doesn't know we are a republic in order to protect the less populous central states from the overcrowded coastal areas. Many other politicians repeat this falsehood.

This, from a "stupid Republican" who concurs that safe rooms on college campuses have everything to do with liberals. Safe rooms could be used as shelters from active shooters, sure. But they are also being used as shelter from reality. As in, people not accepting (President Donald) Trump winning Hillary's (Clinton) election, being fat-shamed, being bullied (whatever that means anymore), misconstruing an innocent glance from someone from another racial or minority group, or thinking every man is out to rape any female walking by. Yes, gentle Rantist, safe rooms and liberals go hand in hand. Users of said rooms are known in our world as snowflakes, cupcakes and buttercups. Used affectionately, of course.

As rabid as some of you Lib ranters are, I was wondering where you come down on the violence that is being threatened for the (U.S. presidential) inauguration. Do you also condone that? Does it bother you that people may get hurt because of the hysterics of the left? Better examine your tolerance, friend.

Why not add up all of the money the government will spend on health care for the next 10 years, including payments to Congresspeople and retired government workers, social security, Medicare and Medicaid, Planned Parenthood and whatever other programs are out there. Divide that by everyone who has a Social Security card and send them a check. Next, tell them that are on their own for healthcare for the rest of their lives. Some will save the check and some will blow it. That will be their choice what to do with the money.

Why are we spending so much taxpayer money on downtown on businessmen to offer low-paying jobs? Put the money into factories, not riverbanks.

My 80-year-old mother could have hit home runs with the softball questions that Republicans were lobbing at (President Donald) Trump's cabinet picks.

Anyone who believes anything that comes out of (Sean) Hannity or (Bill) O'Reilly's mouths has to be absolutely brain dead. Jerry Springer has more credibility as a journalist than both of them put together.

Main Street voted for (President Donald) Trump. Trump voted for Wall Street by his cabinet picks. Too bad, so sad, you got duped, and you will still be poor.

Wanted to listen to Three Doors Down play at the Inauguration party. Fox (News) would not shut up because it was all about them and not anything else. They never let the music play. Turned to CNN who has the smarts to know when to be quiet.

There is a new musical group at the top of the charts. It's Donald Trump and the Rubber Stamp Congress. Now playing in Washington, D.C.

Rarely in this county does a judge give the father custodial rights. Judges need stricter term limits — once you serve, then you are out. These cases are never treated fairly, and father's rights are trampled on. Society complains that fathers are not being responsible for their children. It is about time men be given the same rights as women!

A talking head on TV who makes $15 million per year said how smart it was for George Washington to limit the presidency to two terms. Great, if George Washington was alive in 1951 to vote on the 22nd amendment (which set U.S. presidential term limits).

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