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Thursday, August 17, 2017
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The Rant for July 20, 2016

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016 09:01 pm
The Rant is The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum. The readers’ views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel. The United States has been in moral, ethical and physical decline ever since military service (draft) was no longer a required obligation.

Riverfront development is a playground for the already empowered. What would happen if that planning and money were devoted to the poor and slum areas of the town?

Pity the police. They are damned if they do, and they are damned if they don't. 

And the political ads increase — millions of dollars that most certainly could be used for more needed causes. But the money will be spent, and we must remind ourselves that we have the best government money can buy.

Why is Donald Trump hiding his taxes and his wife?

Rant about the ignorant, financially challenged supporting (Donald) Trump: My two degrees-plus and $200,000 in the bank will be supporting Trump. Again, the non-thinkers, media spoon-fed, are the ones who will not support Trump.

Research shows that Americans feel that the (approximately) 24 inches in front of their face is their own personal space. Any closer, and they are ready to defend themselves. If someone gets closer to that in a cop's face, they should be prepared to be taken down. 

A large home-improvement store advertises 11 percent discount on everything in the store. They advertise this as a big "savings" to you. Not true: You fill out a mail in rebate form then the money you thought you saved is in the form of a refund paper that must be spent in this store. Keeps you coming back. Gimmicks.

The guy who died after being shot in his car with his girlfriend and child in the car could have been saved. He bled to death. The police officer seemed to definitely be in the wrong here. Someone should have performed direct pressure to the wounds and a tourniquet to his arm.

Retention ponds in all of these additions need life preservers or some kind of floating device with a long rope on them. 

If you are over (age) 30 and live with your parents, there are two things wrong with this. Your parents are idiots, and you are either, lazy, strange or socially awkward. Really awkward. How do you expect to be able to be an adult? Heaven forbid that you ever have children: How are they going to handle society? Gen X kids have ruined American society.

The Ark (Encounter in Williamstown, Ky.,) people say that the earth is only 6,000 years old. If any of the Bible thumpers can give me proof of anything that the Bible says, I will change my mind about a work of fiction. Not what you believe, but scientific proof. You can't, because there is none! A storybook, just like Harry Potter. It is all make believe. Fiction at it's finest.

President Obama said of the Dallas sniper that the actions of a few are not representative of the rest of us, or the whole. However, that is just what he and other leaders have said about police departments libeling all with a broad labeling brush. This has led to protests over the actions of a few and inciting rabid response. He didn't have this excuse for the police.

The quality of the Three Rivers Parade was at a all-time low this year. Just because a group wants to participate, they should bring something entertaining to the table. And the broadcasters were completely out of it. Fort Wayne can do better. ... Get broadcasters that can really get people excited or dump the parade and have something else for the kickoff of Three Rivers (Festival).

Thanks to Liz Brown and Mike Pence for wasting millions of our dollars on an abortion bill that they knew was unconstitutional and would be settled in court. A court case that Hoosier taxpayers are going to pay for. Brown is a one-issue candidate, and the Supreme Court just eviscerated her one issue. I'm not ... (wealthy), so to me every dollar counts.

Wouldn't it be nice if dog owners would quit complaining about fireworks. My fireworks last one night for two hours. Your darn dog barks 365 days a year. Wakes me up every morning, and keeps me awake until you take him in at night. Please move to the country and do us both a favor. You are a lousy pet owner, and the city won't help. By the way, how about picking up the trash on your property.

I attended a local funeral home recently and gave a memorial in memory of the deceased to a local charity. What a surprise when I received a letter from the funeral home thanking me for taking the time to give the memorial and offering me an invitation to schedule a no-obligation meeting to set up my own funeral arrangements. I've never had this happen before, and I don't appreciate local funeral homes using my private information on a memorial to pad their contact list for business.

The riverfront development should be called "SweetAshPark."

The problem right now is that nobody reads the fine print. Take the company who offers up to $1 million if you have identity theft. In all reality, they will spend up to $1 million to straighten up your problem. They will not give you any money. Just like (Donald) Trump promising everything that he knows he cannot produce. How many times are you going to be fooled? He is scamming you, a perfect Bernie Madoff.

I have nothing against gays. But all of you young men who wear a so-called man bun look gay. That is what we called them, sissy girls. I am sorry for the political incorrectness of this. You wear black socks with sandals and are not proud enough to even wear your hair long like we did. Please listen to some old songs and see that we were trailblazers for you. Long hair matters, wear it proud.

As long as the GOP in Congress continues to show their disdain of Democrats, this country cannot ever move forward. They are like a bunch of children on the playground who did not get picked to play hopscotch. These GOP members are the most immature people that I have ever seen, and the voters who vote blindly are the stupidest voters that I have ever seen in my 80 years.

We don't need letters thanking your 3rd District councilman in the paper. That is for him only because I don't give a fig about the 3rd District or your little park. The way you always describe your neighborhood and how it is lacking makes me think that is a rathole and you couldn't pay me to live anywhere near it.

The current racial issues were settled by Martin Luther King many years ago. I know, I lived through it. The current government leadership plus the Clintons and Bushs have sent many jobs overseas because of their global agenda. We need jobs here in America to give people something to do instead of making up social issues the progressives will use to bring America down.

The rise in bullying in school is directly related to the stoppage of playground and after-school fights. When we were bullied, a knuckle sandwich right to the chops of the bully stopped it right there. It took 5 seconds. Teach your kids to stand up for themselves. Teach them a right hook, and they will go through school happy and content.

Hear that screaming? That's Melissa Long hollering at her husband to run for governor. 

With both the Democrats and Republicans being disgusted with their presumptive candidates, perhaps this is the year of the Independents?

Gun-free zones equal human hunting zones. Shooters know it, and therefore they are attracted by them.

Bernie wanted free college for all. Now Hillary has picked up that idea, so we shift the financial burden from the student to the taxpayers. Just another socialist idea, but a good way to buy votes. If the millennials would think it through, they'll see that they will be paying the bill, not the rich people they hate.

Both parties have equally stupid constituents who have subjected us to the most absurd choices for president we have ever had in my lifetime. A lying Democrat who is beholding to big money while trying to pretend she cares about the "average" or minority voter simply to buy votes. A Republican beginner who has a questionable background as a big money businessman (and) who can't figure out how he relates to the real world. The Democrats have it easy, they will just vote for any Democrat, no thought required.

If (Donald) Trump becomes president, this will be a popular job. Wanted: Spin doctors, apply at Fox News. Qualifications: Ability to take truth and turn it into lies and vice versa. Turn a sow's ear into a silk purse. And most of all, actually acting like you believe what you are saying.

The Parkview Regional Medical area ... (had)  not had rain for three weeks. During that time, the weather people with their computers forecast rain for 13 of those days. It's time to drop the weather forecast and give us more news during the half-hour newscast. I'll just look out my window for the weather.

Hey, officer, I didn't mean to drive drunk, speed or to cause property damage or death. I promise I will not do it again. Can you let me go like Hillary Clinton? If I get into trouble, I want FBI director James Comey to be my judge.

A ranter who hates Ted Cruz says, "The bible has no place in politics." Are we to assume that liberal leftist religion (ideology) does? Lucky we have our (religion informed) Constitution.

Hey global warmists: If the sun (or God) decides to let the Earth become an ice ball or a burnt cinder, there is nothing you can do to stop it. Stop the demogoguery, manipulation and lies. It's the age of awarian!

I keep looking for the broadcast of thousands of black protesters marching in solidarity for the five Dallas police officers gunned down in cold blood by a black person. I won't hold my breath. 

Fireworks equals a war zone? You have been watching too many John Wayne movies. With fireworks, there is no screaming, calls for a medic or unbelievable human carnage. Utter destruction of everything in the battle area. Grown men calling out for their mommies. Please start using another terminology for fireworks. They are nothing like war.

We understand that the elderly woman doesn't like fireworks. We understand that she has petitioned the state to stop fireworks sales. We also understand what a whiner she is. She can move to Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey or New York. They do not even allow sparklers. 

Why are (Fort Wayne City Councilmen Jason) Arp and (Paul) Ensley even on City Council? Just tape a "No" sign to their chairs and save us their salary.

I originally thought that the Pokemon Go was stupid, (and) then I thought, well, maybe the kids will get some exercise. Not in my neighborhood. The parents are driving them around looking for whatever it is they look for. Now not only is the game stupid, so are the parents — especially the red SUV packed with kids with phones hanging out the windows.

The bible thumper got mad and wrote a nasty letter to the editor. Not very Godlike of him. He should repent for his sins.

To contribute to The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum, email comments of 50 words or fewer to therant@news-sentinel.com or send mail to: The Rant, The News-Sentinel, 600 W. Main St., Fort Wayne, IN 46802.



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