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Saturday, August 19, 2017
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The Rant for March 15, 2017

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017 09:01 pm

The Rant is The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum. The readers’ views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel.

Don't we have a constitutional right to have a president who is not a delusional madman?

You go President Donald Trump, you are doing a great job. Make America great again! Ready to vote for you again in four years. 

Instead of electing politicians, we should elect the lobbyists since they run the country. Every politician is beholden to some kind of special-interest lobbyist.

Listen up people, "Profanity is an expression of a weak mind." Clean up your act.

I'm glad that I don't live downwind from Washington, D.C., because it smells like a barrel of dead fish.

Why do so many people on the left seem to actually hate Americans on the right? Why do they harbor hostility toward accountability, morality, self-control, work ethics and religion? I thought those things were virtues.

(Richard) Nixon was totally paranoid, and look where that got him and the country. (President) Trump makes Nixon look like an amateur.

I never thought that I would dislike someone as much as I do my ex-wife. But lo and behold, (Donald) Trump has passed that threshold.

In 2010, (Sen. Mitch) McConnell stated that the No. 1 job of Republicans was to make (Barack) Obama a one-term president. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, he is crying foul. Wa-a-a-a! What a baby. Could someone please change his diaper? He is starting to stink to high heaven.

Go to the mall and see how many people are outside smoking, the one's that will pay the new tax. Then go inside and see all of the obese people, the ones that run up medical costs. Being obese (sometimes) is a choice just like smoking. ... Obese people should pay an obesity tax and pay more for health care. End of story!

Atheists, agnostics and even nominal Christians need to learn that Bible-believing Christians know they are not perfect or sinless, but with the help of God going in that direction is their goal and that is the reason they do not want to be forced into approving the attitudes and actions that are clearly called sin in the Bible. It does not mean that they hate anyone. They really do care about those who neither believe in or walk with the Lord, but they cannot approve of sinful attitudes and actions.

A new arena (or whatever they with to call it) for downtown, really? With all the money they are spending on drawings and renderings, aren't they putting the cart before the horse (again)? Let's do a study of how many days the Memorial Coliseum (arena and expo center), the Embassy Theatre and the Gates Center at IPFW sit empty or go unused. Enough with wish lists — start by determining need. And if the Pacers want a new location for the Mad Ants to play, let them pony up the money! Fort Wayne is not Indy! So design something practical, not lavish!

When I first heard the term "snowflakes," I didn't know who they were referring to, but watching liberal college students and anti-Trump Democrats behave on the news makes it all clear now. Cold, fragile and having apparent meltdowns whenever cameras happen to be around has emboldened these radicals to try to outdo themselves at every turn. Beware, Snowflakes, a heat wave is coming, and just like their namesakes they will eventually evaporate to nothing and be remembered only as nuisances.

(President) Trump does not go to church on Sunday and he does not wear a wedding ring. I guess that he is not big on commitments.

(President) Trump's immigration policy is ripping moms and dads away from their children. You think that Muslim terrorists are a problem? Just wait 20 years when these kids, who are American citizens, grow up and are so pissed off at these policies take their anger out on other Americans. Pandora's box is now opened, and there is no closing it.

Think ahead: Impeach (Vice President Mike) Pence now!

The only winners of the new Donaldcare (proposed Republican health care plan) are the wealthy and insurance companies, which get huge tax breaks while the poor and vulnerable will lose their insurance. What a deal!

Protesters got the U.S. out of Vietnam and stopped the senseless killing of U.S. troops. Now some young right-wingers on Fox (News) are saying that citizens don't have the right to protest. If it wasn't for protesting, your dad might have been killed in 'Nam, and you wouldn't even be here. Protests move governments to do the right thing.

I'm Irish. How dare you. The majority of Irish came during the famine of the 1840s. Starving to death. People dying along roadsides eating grass. We had to pay for slave-like conditions aboard ships for a three-week journey to uncertainty. We weren't jetted in, given free phones, food and lodging. ... When we got here, we did work slaves couldn't or wouldn't do. "No Irish Need Apply." We didn't come to make Ireland West. We came to be Americans. 

(President) Trump makes allegations. No question I was (wire)tapped without any proof.  Investigate. Russian cyber-attacks, cabinet appointees entering into questionable arrangements with Russia, proof given by several intelligence agencies. His comments, "No need to investigate, “fake news.” How can we citizens and the world look upon this man with any creditability. He will get the United States into another war because of these childlike little tantrums and refusal to heed the (advice) people who really know what is going on.

Building a wall will do nothing to stop drugs from entering our country. We have 95,000 miles of coastline. We have a border with Canada of over 3,800 miles. Cartels will figure out a way. The war on drugs is a failure. We have to stop the demand in the U.S., and that can only be done by treatment. Twenty billion dollars would go a long way in treating addicts.

Wake up people — do your homework! (Donald) Trump/(Steve) Bannon have an agenda. Fact check their claims, and you will find them 70 percent exaggerated or outright false, all the while calling the press trying to report the truth "the enemy of the American people." Trump/Bannon want to discredit the press so their outrageous lies appear to be more credible than the press. What are they trying to hide?

Once, just once, I'd like to hear (President) Trump take responsibility for his words and actions. He wants all the power, all the glory, all the billions of dollars that will flow to the Trump empire — but none of the responsibility and accountability required of the office of the president. Pathetic!

If some or all of the immigrants have been here for years, why haven't they applied for citizenship?

My father came here from Macedonia in 1904, had to have a sponsor, a job, a place to live, and he went to school nights to read, write and speak English. Got his citizenship and loved the U.S.A.

Nowadays, there are a lot of "single" mothers. If you can't afford one child, why keep having more?

When I watch TV and I see someone on a show who is "disabled" but can race across the state without his or her walker, someone in Washington isn't doing their job. 

How many of the Hollywood stars left the U.S.A. as they said the would if President Trump got elected? Bye-bye. 

I didn't know so many Democrats thought it was OK to back up Hillary Clinton. ... Glad I opted out.

If "Black Lives Matter," then why are there so many lives being lost to murder?

Surprise! Since the Summit League basketball tournament was moved to Sioux Falls, S.D., nine years ago, either South Dakota State or North Dakota State have won the tourney seven out of nine years. Get IPFW out of this rigged league. The Dakotas are playing home games for the honor of going to the NCAAs. The Dons deserve better. How about doing something about this Chancellor (Vicky) Carwein, or are you too busy dismantling IPFW?

First off, I support equal pay for women and appreciate the contributions they make to the workplace. But this National Woman's Day ... where feminists encourage women to not show up for work is ludicrous, except if their boss has stated it being alright with them. I hope women who tried to hurt their workplace by not showing up that day are held accountable. Maybe then they would have a National Work Appreciation Day, as they stand in the unemployment line.

Wow, Mark GiaQuinta really likes Mark GiaQuinta.

Do we need education reform? I think so. What is going on? Teacher's call for a demonstration of the importance of women in education and take a day off of school. I would expect that day to be added at the end of the year or the teachers who honored it to give back their pay to the district. I worked for 40 years as an educator, and my colleagues and I felt that the students were the reason we were there, not how important we were in the scheme of things. I would especially frown on the example of demonstrating that is being exemplified by those who want to be good models. Next, the students can demonstrate by calling a day of school to show how important mothers, who happen to be women, are to the school systems.

Wake up America. Lying Donald Trump is selling us out for money and power. The Republicans are turning a blind eye because they now have power and are afraid of this lying president. The great Imposter is going to break your heart. (Russian President Vladimir) Putin has him and the American public fooled. When the covers come off, considerable damage will done. Wake up!

To the thief and vandal who prays on northwest Fort Wayne, please stop stealing our Blessed Virgin Mary statue. Our family has experienced joys and disapointments, births and deaths, children becoming parents, parents becoming grandparents, and during these times, Mary allows us to have a constant reminder of her trust in God. After stealing the statue, what does she represent to you ?

It seems like the only (thing) the Republicans care about is cutting taxes on the rich.

It's so refreshing to see that (U.S. Rep.) Jim Banks totally supports President Putin, oh I mean Trump. Same difference.

At first, I wasn't for a new downtown arena, but now I am. I can see the Mad Ants, IPFW, IHSAA, concerts, farmers market, conventions and tournaments using the space throughout the year. Like Parkview Field, this project is a risk worth taking and one that will succeed.

(President) Trump is dealing a game of Three Card Monte, and the American people are the marks. It's a game that the people cannot win. Turn and walk away, now!

I will fund my own campaign, I will build a wall and Mexico will pay for it. On day one I will repeal Obamacare. On day one I will tear up the Iran deal. Lies, all lies.

Congressman Trey Gowdy spent $16 million of taxpayers dollars investigating Benghazi and the (Hillary) Clinton e-mails. Now that she lost, never mind. These Republicans are spending your tax dollars without a thought about how much $16 million will do for America. That was one congressman. Multiply that by 435 (U.S. representatives), and you are getting hosed. Billions wasted. Stop voting for morons.

Let's correlate something. On the campaign trail, (President) Trump over and over said he loves WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks has now released top-secret details about American security twice. Wikileaks is trying to bring down America. That means that Trump is also trying to bring down America. Maybe WikiLeaks can find his tax returns and see that the Trump empire has ties to Russia. All hail, Emperor Trump.

Concerning (Florida U.S. Sen. Marco) Rubio and (Texas Sen. Ted) Cruz, (now President) Trump called them little Marco and lying Ted. Trump also made fun of Ted's wife's looks to all of America. If it was you, would you go to dinner with him, or would you hit him in the mouth? If you said dinner, then you have no honor. These guys are not men, they are pathetic. They are only worried about their jobs and will take all the degradation that Trump dishes out. Pitiful.

To the ranter who wrote that if we don't like the president, we should leave America: The ranter wants all of us to live in candyland with lollipops and sugar pies. Well, dude, that's not the way America works. We have the First Amendment so everyone, even you, can voice their opinion, even if others don't agree with it. I respect your opinion, but maybe it's you who needs to leave and find a country that is totalitarian ruled.

It's amazing how quickly language can change. Since Jan. 20, 2017, the words "unprecedented" and "unpresidential" have become synonymous.

Dear President Obama: Sue the SOB (President Trump). Keep him in court for the next four years. Maybe then we will see his tax returns.

My family name is well known in Republican politics in Fort Wayne and Allen County. If Jim Banks votes to pass this new mess of a health-care bill, one of us will run against him in the primary, and we will beat him. You can't throw people off of health care, especially the ones who will have no other option but to use the emergency room as their primary physician. We all lose when that happens.

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