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Saturday, August 19, 2017
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The Rant for March 8, 2017

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Tuesday, March 07, 2017 09:01 pm

The Rant is The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum. The readers’ views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel. The debacle at the end of the Academy Awards shows even the best well-tuned machines can screw up once in awhile. What's scary is that one self-proclaimed "well tuned machine" also has the nuclear codes.

There should be more upscale development in Waynedale. They even have a mountain view, Mount Ardmore.

I must have missed Jim Banks' town hall meeting during the congressional recess. I looked for times and dates but could not find any. Maybe his wife will talk to us while he is AWOL.

Dear Post Office, if you haven't delivered my mail by 7 p.m., just hold it until tomorrow. I can't do anything with it that late. Great service.

I was a "diehard" Democrat but lost confidence with our former president and then the liar Hillary (Clinton). I had no alternative but to try someone new.

What new gems will our state legislature come up with this session? We already have unenforced littering, driving in the passing lane, texting, license plate frames covering numbers and stickers, red lights ignored, people turning right or left after crossing three lanes without warning, and vehicle windows so darkened that we have no idea what is going on in the vehicle. 

A recent letter to the editor said God chose our president, and therefore protests are futile. It was quite a shock to find God tampers with our elections. I'd been blaming the Russians.

Due to having my jaw broken by my mom as a child, and no doctor was seen, now it's impossible to wear dentures. Medicare/Medicaid won't pay for a remedy: Rebreak and reset my jaw. They consider it "cosmetic." Yet, they'll pay for men's Viagra.

If you can't afford a box of cereal, a loaf of thrift store bread for toast and a gallon of milk for your kid each week, then you shouldn't have kids. I don't want to pay for their breakfast at school — not my job to feed your kid. Also, why did it take so long to try to unload Elmhurst (High) School?

I can empathize with President Trump. As a 70-year-old man, I am from time to time also confronted with leaks, and some can be be quite embarrassing.

When  I was a teen, many of us occasionally sneaked smokes. That was normal for teens. Now our unjust politicians urged on by anti-smoking fanatics have passed laws making smokes hard to acquire and expensive, while drugs are easy to get and cheaper. Those people will never admit to it, but their actions have fueled the increased use of drugs.  

Why is the General Electric sign so important? They employed 10,000, and now none. Let it go, people!

It's a shame more people don't visit the (Indiana) Air National Guard base near the (Fort Wayne International) Airport. The fighter jet display out front is free and includes a walkway around the many jet fighter diplays, a children's play area, free parking and a picnic pavilion. It is a Fort Wayne gem most people don't seem to know about.

If Hollywood liberals want to use the Academy Awards to bash our president, then maybe his supporters should boycott movies. Real Americans that value respect for others are certainly not represented by self-important actors and singers.

Biased news: The Sunday Evening NBC news reported on the decline of Morehouse College, a historically black college, showing electrical outlets hanging from the wall, ceiling tiles falling and enrollment down to five students in a class. Clearly it has been in bad shape for a number of years! The news asked, "Will President Trump help Morehouse College?" What? Why didn't NBC ask President Obama that last year, or why hasn't the alumni ... such as Spike Lee, Samuel L. Jackson, (or) Jeh Johnson ... stepped up to save it.

Fox News says that Democrats don't believe in the 1st or 2nd Amendments. I'm a Democrat, and I believe in both. The 1st so Fox can spread horse manure to all of it's watchers, and the 2nd so I can carry my handgun 24/7 and have an AR15 in both of my vehicles. Quit making stuff up just for ratings. Tell the truth for once.

Since MyTV doesn't have a sports reporter, I'll let you know that the (Chicago) Cubs think you are going to broadcast their game March 4. Since you missed the Feb. 25 game, I thought I would help you remember that the Cubs won the World Series and are drawing crowds wherever they are. Thought maybe you would like to get in on it. Right now, it's your TV, not "my."

And the Lord said, "May fire come down from the sky and consume all who worship the false Gods." Those who worship at the golden altar of wealth and greed.

The U.S. and Russia already have enough nuclear weapons to burn down the earth, yet (President) Trump wants more. ... You can quit worrying about your kids and grand kids having to pay down the national debt. They will all be dead as soon as the first nuke is launched. You elected a madman. The end of mankind is near! Sad!

You don't see baseball, basketball or hockey let its players play in the minor leagues on their day off. Why does NASCAR allow it? What a stupid rule. 

Trump has been president for one month, and he has yet to say something good about America. It's a mess, a disaster, horrible, full of chaos. But he sure says I and me a lot. I alone can fix it. Nobody more than me. I, I, I. You elected a wannabe king. The king of cartoons.

While Trump worries about ISIS, I worry about TISU — Trump Inciting Social Unrest. You can keep your head in the sand while my family keeps reloading in the basement. We are ready for the battle, are you? Where will you get food to eat and water to drink when the war begins? Only the strong and the rich will survive. I'm not rich, but I am very strong.

I'm giving up rants for Lent, but I will leave you with this: The reason "Truth be damned Trump" is not my president is because he doesn't want me to be. Listen to his speeches. He hates the Left and even shuts out the Left news organizations. I am paying this administration's salary, yet I am left out of the equation. He talks about "states rights"; what about my rights to have a president for all of America? I will pray for him during this holy season.

Instead of building another monument to Mayor Henry downtown, how about spending millions on the Fort Wayne Police Department. The bank robberies and murders in this city are completely out of control.

The Oval Office is now adorned with a portrait of Andrew Jackson. And like his hero, the current president is forcing the evacuation and seizing of Indian land. Is "Trail of Tears" next?

The dead (reportedly) vote in Chicago elections. The dead win in Allen County elections. Chicago has nothing on us.

The repeal of the ACA (Affordable Care Act) will effect everyone who has insurance, no matter where it comes from. There is one line of the ACA that states, insurance companies cannot impose lifetime caps on benefits. If the ACA goes away, you might find yourself without insurance even if it is company sponsored, if you are over your cap. Pay attention!

Steve Bannon said the press and the opposition won't go down without a fight. What ... does that mean? Are they planning on putting us down like animals? Are they going to put us in camps? Are they going to have a political cleansing of all who oppose them? This is some scary talk and should be taken seriously because he was dead serious when he said that. That was the first shot in a new Civil War.

Mark GiaQuinta is resigning mid-term? For those of you who don't understand this "process," ... the FWCS Board can handpick his replacement. This will give the new board member a huge advantage in 2018 as an incumbent. The election law should state that any appointed official cannot run during the next cycle, thereby making it an open/fair race. This type of politics is done over and over and over. Jim Banks' seat was the same thing.

Ninety percent of the rants are anti Trump. This is like the end of the poker game. The winners (Republicans) whistle as they walk to the bank. The losers (Democrats) say no, keep dealing. They just don't know they have been beaten.

Notice that Democratic politicians and Democratic chronic criers never use the word "republic" when they refer to our form of government. They always call it a democracy. They wish. Never gonna happen.

Former CIA director Mike Hayden wrote about how seldom Obama attended morning intelligence briefings. He said President George W. Bush was always at the briefings. If President Trump has delegated the intell session to Mike Pence, he has made a smart move.

If God has a plan for everyone, did he plan on 340 million people being killed by warfare? Seems cruel to put man on the planet knowing that they would kill each other.

If God picks our presidents, he made a big mistake with (Richard) Nixon. Me thinks he just made another with (Donald) Trump.

... (Local company leader) why, out of 16 new employees that you hired, would you hire 11 people that had to move to Fort Wayne to work for you. I am sure you could find 11 very capable people in Fort Wayne to work for your business. 

The people who don't like our new president and the way the government works, get a one way ticket out of the U.S.A. and find a country that would put up with your antics.

(Vice President) Pence gives (President) Trump a standing ovation when Trump says we will not tolerate hate crimes. Yet Indiana is one of only five states that does not have a hate crime law. Pence fought this law during his time as governor, and the latest Indiana legislature and (Gov. Eric) Holcomb did not want to pass one. Pence has turned into the vice liar of the United States.

A 23-year-old gets only 60 years for raping and killing a baby because the ... judge and prosecutor are so weak they go for a plea bargain. This pervert will be out before he is 60 and will still be a psycho deviate killer. He will do it again. Hope that he gets taken out in prison. It will be a blessing for him.

Do taxpayers know city workers are followed around to see if they are really hurt or sick. Spend that money on potholes.

It wasn't just Liberals and Democrats that lost the election, it was all of America. This will become evident as we march toward (President) Trump resigning in disgrace.

The downtown arena looks like a basketball floor with a stage at one end like many of our high schools. Let the (Mad) Ants play in one of them instead; probably will hold enough (of a) crowd. Even $65 million is too high ... .

A divided nation cannot stand. We were able to unite after a bitter Civil War. We should be able to unite after a bitter election. We are friends and trading partners with communist oppressive China  (Nixon visited)  and Cuba (Obama favored them with a  visit). We should be able to tolerate communist Russia.  We want China to help us contain North Korea. Why not have Russia help us with the Middle East?

The sleazeball (South Carolina) Congressman Trey Gowdy spent over $6 million investigating Benghazi but is silent on the Trump administration's ties to Russia or the failed incursion into Yemen that got a Navy Seal killed and the loss of an Osprey aircraft that cost $72 million. He is a disgrace to Congress and should be put back on toilet detail.

Congressman King of Iowa talking about the ACA (Affordable Care Act) said 1/3 of all counties only have one choice, 2/3 have two choices and the rest have multiple choices. I knew that Republicans weren't very smart, but I at least thought they could do simple math. And he is supposed to be one of the smart ones. Help!

(President) Trump is like an old Lucky Strike cigarette. He has no filter.

The politicians say they want business to return downtown. Then why buy out businesses making a profit for an arena that at best might break even after five or 10 years? Penny wise, pound foolish.

(President) Trump said that the stock market has gone up by $2 trillion since the election. Great! Eighty percent of the market is owned by 10 percent of the population. That means that the top 10 percent, or 30 million people, made $1.6 trillion, which is $53,333 per person while the other 270 million people split the rest. That's $1,333 (per person). Sure hope that you are one of the 10 percent.

Liberals, have you ever heard of projection? No, no, not from TVs. It's when you accuse others of what you yourself are guilty of. Check out your own behavior. Please. You may need help.

On the days The Rant appears, I know I'm in for a few delicious minutes of sheer joy and humor! The cause? The multitudes of leftist rants riddled with downright hilarious falsehoods. You may be spreading propaganda to each other, but conservatives are much smarter than to believe most of your drivel. We just laugh at you! Thanks for the fun!

My family came to America during the Irish potato famine. We have fought and died in every war since the Civil War. I still have family in uniform. The hatred against immigrants is non-American. If you are not from a Native-American family, then you are an immigrant. Thank God that 150 years ago, America wasn't such a stuck-up country.

I'm not perfect. I cheated on my wife. I did drugs, and I cheat on my taxes. I'm going to run for office in Fort Wayne. I know that I can win because I am a Republican, and you will vote for me because of that.

It is unfortunate that the large regional medical center on the north side of town is treating its employees like common criminals by ticketing them for parking in (an) inappropriate location. Maybe adequate parking should be provided as a basic benefit. Nice way to instill how much you appreciate your help!

We need another Joe McCarthy to stop the Communists that are infiltrating (President) Trump's administration. The reds are alive and well in the White House.

The Pre-K program is state-sponsored welfare. You had the kids, now it's time to pay for your kids. Just a bunch of freeloaders on my dime. 

Attention businesses: If your letter or mailer to me says "or current resident," it goes straight in the garbage without ever being looked at.

Let's get down to basics. Either a mandatory hitch in the military when you graduate high school or bring back the draft with no deferments. Build up our troops and then kick the butts of our enemies so we can all get back to living the good life. After service, all will be eligible for the G.I. bill, which means free college. No more student debt.

(President) Trump's speech to Congress was like eating cardboard, bland and hard to digest. (Indiana Rep. Jim) Banks said it was the best speech he had ever heard in his lifetime. What is up with Banks? He is a lackey of Trump without ever having an original thought. Please, someone run against Banks so we can bring this fool back to Indiana where he can't harm the nation.

When the boss, (President) Trump, is a pathological liar, so are the employees. (Former National Security Adviser Michael) Flynn to (Vice President Mike) Pence, Pence to the American people and (U.S. Attorney General Jeff) Sessions to Congress. What a crew!

It really burns my biscuits when I hear that "illegal" aliens are being denied their "rights"! They have no rights here — those are for our legal citizens. Case in point: FWCS (Fort Wayne Community Schools) is afraid illegals won't apply for scholarships (for Americans) or sign up for free lunches (for Americans). I should hope not!

Bad people can do good things. (President) Trump haters should recognize and applaud the good things and not denigrate them because of their poor opinion of the source.

To contribute to The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum, email comments of 50 words or fewer to therant@news-sentinel.com or send mail to: The Rant, The News-Sentinel, 600 W. Main St., Fort Wayne, IN 46802.


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