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It's not too late to save the Bowser Pump buildings


Per Indiana Landmarks (Historic Preservation Advocacy), Bowser Pump nuildings (Bowser) are rated outstanding. Indiana State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), “Why is no one going crazy to save these buildings?&r ...

Even a blind pig could find an acorn -- if he had a smart phone


It’s just about the best surprise in the world when I stumble onto something that my smart phone can do that I had no idea it could. (Maybe that’s why it’s called a smart phone?) I’m still amazed ...

Are we ready for a continuing liberal onslaught?


In an interview, the far left’s sweetheart Sen. Elizabeth Warren made it quite clear the Leninist tactics that will be used against any person or institution seen as standing in the way of the progressive steamroll ...

Five new books for your reading pleasure


It’s book time! I love Fannie Flagg’s “The Whole Town’s Talking.” But then I love anything Fannie Flagg writes. Her sense of humor pervades her writing. Her characters are so good one wishe ...