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Saturday, August 19, 2017
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Are we ready for a continuing liberal onslaught?

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017 05:01 am
In an interview, the far left’s sweetheart Sen. Elizabeth Warren made it quite clear the Leninist tactics that will be used against any person or institution seen as standing in the way of the progressive steamroller that will finally turn America into a socialist state: “We stand up, and we fight back,” said the senator. “We do not back down. We do not compromise, not today, not tomorrow, not ever.” Perhaps she is simply displaying a warrior attitude derived from her feigned Native American heritage.

The two things that immediately come to mind is how the media made it sound when candidate Donald Trump talked of not backing down to the threats of the left, making him appear as if he were endorsing violence. Of course, we recently watched how right-wing, Republican terrorists threw Molotov cocktails, attacked innocents with pepper spray, torched cars and broke out windows on the campus of USC Berkley. What? Wait? Oh yeah, those 150 masked terrorists weren’t Trump thugs, in fact they were rioting like spoiled millennials against the idea that Trump was legitimately elected. They were by definition leftist terrorists that caused $100,000 in property damage in order to shut up conservative Milo Yiannopoulos who had been invited to speak on campus by The Berkley College Republicans. These were actual homegrown terrorists, not the type that progressives have tried in portraying anyone who ever attended a tea party rally.

The second thing that comes to mind is that as conservatives, we have heard our own middle-of-the road elites along with the media continually scold any wayward Republican, reminding them that in order to get things done, they must reach out to the other side to seek compromise. Well, you heard what Sen. Warren says about compromise. And you certainly saw for eight years what Barack Obama thought about reaching out to Congress.

But do not take for granted Warren’s words. For years, Democrats flaunted their political power, slowly and patiently fracturing those foundations that once offered real opportunity, from education to the family, from religion to life. All of it seems to be dissolving around us. But suddenly their world has been turned upside down, and now they seem hell-bent on destroying any and all opposing voices. Are we ready for what surely is to be the beginning of a continual onslaught?

In National Review recounting the life of “Radical Son” turned conservative David Horowitz, Frontpage Magazine editor Jamie Glazov wrote, describing a Republican naiveté in their approach to the progressive-Democrat political mindset.

“Conservatives generally, and Republicans in particular, either fail to understand that there is a political war taking place, or disapprove of the fact there is. Conservatives approach politics as a series of management issues, and hope to impose limits on what government may do. Their paradigm is based on individualism, compromise, and partial solutions. This puts conservatives at a distinct disadvantage in political combat with the left, whose paradigm of oppression and liberation inspires missionary zeal and is perfectly suited to aggressive tactics and no-holds-barred combat.”

Based on what we have seen over the last two years of this election cycle, Glazov’s description could not ring any truer.

This doesn’t mean that we will match fire for fire. We will not burn campuses, we will not kidnap and torture those who do not like our candidates (see Chicago). We would welcome debate if the progressives could engage instead of blocking entrances, beating up the helpless or throwing pies in faces of invited.

What we will do is stand up for our values, and stick behind our president (even when his early-morning tweets sometimes make us cringe) because he has promised us that the change needed to get this country back on track is on its way. We will not apologize for voting for Donald Trump, and we will continue to make our voices heard.

We are conservative and proud Americans, we are law abiding and for the most part civil, but it might be wise to keep in mind that it is a new day, so …


Bob Rinearson is a resident of Fort Wayne.  




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