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Tuesday, August 22, 2017
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Of the rich, for the rich and by the rich

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Thursday, March 09, 2017 05:01 am
The point is, that you can never be too greedy.”  — Donald Trump

Yes, I am sick that Donald Trump is president. I was also sick when Barack Obama was elected, and George W.Bush, Bill Clinton, George the senior Bush, to mention just a few.

All are liars, war criminals — and rich. Since Americans continue to elect the same person, and brag about how by having a different skin color or hair color or tie color this person will make a difference, I can only conclude that many of my fellow Americans like war, blatant injustice, refugees, environmental devastation and all other sorts of misery these so called leaders cause. I guess maybe because it makes them feel superior.

I am sick to live in an empire where millions of people believe that Hilary Clinton would have been better than Trump. As Rajan Naidu writes, “The undisciplined words of a bullying buffoon such as Donald Trump, deeply offensive though they are, do not compare to the torn flesh and spilt blood of Hillary Clinton’s reality.” The same came be said of Obama. Lance Ciepiela says, “President Barack Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, has failed to live up to the promises he made and the hopes he raised.”

He prosecuted whistle blowers but not a single Wall Street crook. Unless I missed it and he promised to bomb a hospital, he didn’t keep a single promise. He rained death by drones on innocent children. The Peace Prize-winning president went out in style, having ordered according to The Nation magazine, the dropping of 26,171 bombs in his last year of office, while millions of American kids go to bed hungry. Yet we have this stunning nonsense spouted by the likes of LeBron James, rich and famous for putting a ball through a basket, who praised Obama as “a champion for children and their futures.” 

Obama’s party had a candidate who attacked those responsible for the suffering of the followers of Don Trump. Bernie Sanders fired his ire at Wall Street and attracted the respect of millions. But the party couldn’t have that and pushed him aside for Clinton, Sanders played his part by meekly bowing out and throwing his allegiance to the woman he ran against. Trump’s appeal to these “deplorables,” as Clinton called them, is to give them permission to hate, not Wall Street, which he rewards, but those beneath them: Native Americans, blacks, Hispanics, Muslims. In a country that worships winners and hates losers, it is crucial to find someone to look down on.

As bad as I believe Obama was, Trump is proving to be worse. A liar. A cheat in business, not paying workers, using fraud to collect money from unsuspecting students in his fake college, groping women, his resume is of a human being who should be in prison. But this is America, where the rich are rewarded and the poor are punished.

He’s a winner. Winners govern for the winners and shower the losers with contempt. Hence tax breaks for filthy rich corporations and individuals who show their appreciation by poisoning your water, contaminating your food, waging war, profiting off your illness, fracking through your yard. Trump has stocked his swamp with humans who share his value: money, more money, and lots of it. At our expense. A website called Our Revolution puts it this way: On his orders to advance construction of the Keystone XL pipeline and the Dakota Access Pipeline. “(H e) is willing to prioritize the fossil fuel industry over the health and well-being of our planet ... Additionally, it goes against the will of millions of people who stood up to oppose these pipelines in the first place.”

But when you get sick from drinking the water, don’t count on your government to help you. Already Trump is planning to tear apart Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid, after promising not to and gaining the votes of millions of elderly Americans. But don’t take my word for it. Here’s Kirsten Gillibrand, a U.S. senator: “They’ve announced plans to kick low-income children, seniors and people with disabilities off Medicaid, destroy the Affordable Care Act without a replacement and leave the 2.5 million Americans who depend on Planned Parenthood without anywhere to turn for affordable, lifesaving care.”

Which raises the questions: If you cast your vote on the basis of what a candidate says and there is no accountability when he lies, what’s the point in having elections? What kind of person sees programs that benefit millions and devotes himself to abolishing them? Who votes of her own free will for such a “monster,” Trump’s description of himself.

In all the hysteria about Trump becoming president, I am asked to sign letters thanking Obama, posts vowing to carry on for justice, telling me that love is stronger than hate, that Trump’s racism “is not our values,” (which of course it is, given the country was founded on genocide and the architects are lauded to this day,) but not one that dares to ask what does it say about a country that presents your choice for president between a male career criminal and a female career criminal?

Ours is a government of the rich, by the rich, for the rich. It is time to replace the two-party corporate representational system with something that at least tries to work for all of us.

Terry Doran is a resident of Fort Wayne.  


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