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Saturday, August 19, 2017
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One good reason to protect the border

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Monday, March 06, 2017 05:12 am

Two years ago most Americans took little notice when the Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced that 47,055 Americans had died from drug overdoses in 2014. It was an all-time high. In order to drive home the point, CNN posted that the number of deaths was 1.5 times greater that the number of Americans who had died during the same period in car crashes. If those numbers didn’t grab America’s undivided attention, the numbers reported just one year later did. For the number of persons who had succumbed to their temptations and addictions increased to over 50,000 deaths. This number was greater than the number of Americans who had died from gun homicides. If only liberal politicians gave as much attention to our problem with narcotics as they do in attacking the gun industry.

In the 2016 World Drug Report issued by The UN Office on Drugs and Crime, use of heroin in The United States had reached a 20-year high and “…deaths related to heroin use have increased five-fold since 2000.”

As for the Summit City, a Fort Wayne police officer described to me: “We are routinely called to respond to 1-2 overdoses each and every night.” Fort Wayne stats reported 804 cases of overdoses in 2016, and as of seven weeks into 2017, Fort Wayne was already reporting 130 overdoses. If that trend continues, this city will experience over 900 overdoses by the year’s end.

One of the reasons given for the rapid increase in hardcore drug usage is knowing that opiate use has been on the rise for quite some time. Prescription medications such as OxyContin have provided a natural pathway to those lured by the highs and cheaper cost of heroin.

Those who vehemently oppose building “the wall,” or who zealously take to task any proposal to stop or even attempt to decrease illegal immigration should especially consider the numbers. On the other hand, groups such as La Raza, or those bankrolled by George Soros such as MoveOn.org and who are financial supporters of the “open borders” movement, assiduously attack any anti-illegal immigrant talk as racist. Such accusations sound sweet to the ears of violent drug gangs such as MS-13 who routinely trip back and forth across the border.

According to the DEA, Mexico is the primary supplier of heroin to the United States.

Moreover, 93 percent of cocaine produced in South and Central American countries is moved to the United States through Mexico.

Providing such easy access over our southern borders helps the Mexican drug cartels feed their families to the tune of $19-29 billion a year. Moreover, despite state-by-state drug legalization, Mexico remains our number one supplier of marijuana.

I find it rich that former Mexican President Vicente Fox should attack President Trump for suggesting that Mexico pay for the wall, especially when considering that it is generally believed that the Mexican drug enterprises during his administration (2000-2006) had grown from “…gangs specializing in drug trafficking had turned into diversified criminal consortiums.” Mexican politicians can be so self-righteous toward Americans while overlooking their own corruption. If the Mexican politicians will not do anything to stop the drug problem in their own country, or aid in halting the tide of them coming into ours, means we must respond accordingly.

Preventing the flow of narcotics is just another reason in building the wall. And just another reason for our Congress to stop wasting time.

Bob Rinearson is a resident of Fort Wayne.


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