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Tuesday, August 22, 2017
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Time to move on from the fake news

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017 05:01 am
A recent letter stated that President Donald Trump had no proof of fake news stories from supposedly credible sources. What sends a shiver down my spine is that this person along with many others do not inform themselves enough to know what is fact and fiction. On Nov. 22 the Tri State Hacking Conspiracy was proved false. It was tweeted and shared on Facebook thousands of times by Politico, the New York Times and MSNBC before being disputed as nothing more than demographics.

On Dec. 1, a story circulated that Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnuchin had foreclosed on a 90-year-old woman’s home for a 27 cent error. Again, Facebook, New York Times, Huffington Post, Vanity Fair, the Associated Press and others shared the story thousands of times. It was proved false and that Mnuchin’s bank was not involved and the woman’s house was not foreclosed on.

On Jan. 20 the media circulated a story that Nancy Sinatra was angry because President Trump and First Lady Melania danced to one of her dad’s songs. Nancy Sinatra said no such thing. CNN updated the article later without explanation of their mistake.

Also on Jan. 20 a false story circulated that President Trump’s administration purged all climate change references from the White House website. The story was misleading as this action is a routine part of government. Another fake news story by the New York Times.

Again on Jan. 20, a Times reporter accused President Trump of removing the Martin Luther King bust from the Oval office. Because the reporter couldn’t see it, he decided for himself that it wasn’t there without asking anyone. Another fake news story.

And again on Jan. 20, Bestsy DeVos was trashed by stating that locales and states should determine gun laws because different circumstances exist such as grizzly bears in Wyoming. A school has a fence but because of the possible danger, the school would find it necessary to have a gun on site. But the media twisted the story to make it sound like she supports guns in school under any circumstances.

On Jan. 26, a fake news story stated that the entire management at the State Department resigned inferring they didn’t want to work for Trump. The protocol with every new administration is that the outgoing administration send in letters of resignation. And it was administration, not management. This was tweeted thousands of times by The Guardian, Washington Post, Bloomberg, ABC and others.

On Jan. 31, a fake news story circulated by Huffington Post that a woman died during President Trump’s travel ban waiting for approval for her son to bring her to the US for treatment. The son lied about the time of his mother’s death.

On Feb. 1st, a fake news story circulated that President Trump was getting ready to invade Mexico. This was a story formulated by the Associated Press and spread through Facebook and tweets by Yahoo, Times, Politico and BBC.

On Feb. 2nd, TMZ put out a fake news story that President Trump wanted to change Black History Month to African American History Month. Obama referred to the month that way as well.

Again on Feb. 2, the Associated Press put out another fake news story that Congress was going to roll back Obama’s gun background check rule. What Congress actually did was modified the rule that people who need a third party to manage their affairs due to mental incompetence, that their names be forwarded to the National Instant Criminal Background check.

This all within the first two weeks of the president being in office. The Democrats are further burying themselves by not accepting that they lost the election. If they don’t move on with this and do their jobs, they will continue their demise.

Laura Smyser is a resident of Fort Wayne.



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