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Thursday, August 17, 2017
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GUEST COLUMN: D.C. cartel has gotten us into a disgusting mess

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Friday, May 12, 2017 12:01 am

How many Hoosiers are disgusted with the performance of the U.S. House of Representatives?

The following email was sent to the speaker and a few of those members. If more of us sound off, we will win our battles! It appears we have to fight big money, but if we attack the lack of integrity and backbone of those who ignore us, they have to realize we do watch and listen, and they will not get our votes when they run for re-election.

They have run out of excuses. Simply check out “Conservative Review-Scoreboard” online to see the records of representative Liberty Score; how are they voting to protect our values and our nations' sovereignty?

Dear House Members:

It is an extremely sad day in America when we have politicians taking an oath of office they interpret as being available to do the bidding of the “K” Street special interests and insurance lobbyists, as well as the giant out-of-control Chamber of Commerce. (Is this monstrosity really a necessary evil?)

It is very clear where your allegiance lies. How pathetic when politicians decide to become career politicians only to line their own pockets at the expense of the people they promised to listen to and work for, to protect them from the very entities that you bow down to. Your aim seems to be to pacify your constituents with more lies. How dare you bow down to the greedy health insurance companies that want subsidies rather than offering their former clients individualized insurance policies that actually suit their needs.

What is wrong that they can't get back to working, using their knowledge to benefit the needs of the working masses? The idea of throwing 300 million Americans onto Medicaid with the 20 million who desperately need it is extremely immoral and actually unethical! You've had ethics training, but what good did it do to simply go through the motions and not learn and act ethically?

Hopefully you are not so ignorant as to realize that you are playing right into the hands of progressives/socialists. We don't give a damn about a government shutdown since you get so little done in your 135 days of so-called work. This is the problem with government employment: You get paid better than the private sector with better benefits ven to the exclusion of the rotten ACA the Dems shoved down our throats.

It's time at least one party stands up to actually do the work of the people. Yep, the infighting by the establishment in addition to fighting our fantastic Freedom Caucus members, who really are doing the work of their constituents, and adhering to our Constitution, we are to blame for their greediness for power and wealth. Those of the establishment/elite ilk have no problem selling out hard-working Americans for the flow of money into their coffers.

This D.C. cartel has gotten our country in this disgustingly pathetic mess. I guarantee since millions of us are so fed up you will not be re-elected. You do not possess real leadership skills and are simply too wimpy — you go along to get along. As far as I'm concerned we need more experienced military veterans and businessmen elected to office since they know how to fight for all Americans as well as knowing what accountability means. Sad to say our vets seem to be the only true patriots we the people can depend on, and we will certainly have the backs of any of those who desire to run for office and show up the pathetic career politicians.

It is absolutely astounding that so many of you are painfully arrogant to think we will vote for your do-nothing methods any longer. The so-called budget should embarrass you into resigning. Just because you didn't get Jeb or one of the other pathetic establishment thugs to do your bidding your egomaniacal behavior is an embarrassment to the citizens of our country. We deserve better performance than we are paying for.

Please resign, especially those washed-up, brain-dead has-beens. Stop brainwashing the real conservatives we have been electing since 2010. The Dems have to be overjoyed with the stupidity of the R's! Too bad we have to lump the good with the bad. We are looking for positive end results and not getting anything near that.

Pat Plesh is a resident of Fort Wayne.


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