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Fort Wayne's role in Huntertown sewer saga is large, but not always obvious


Late in the exceptionally rainy month of June, I and other local reporters were invited to a press conference at which Eel River Township residents would explain why Huntertown's proposed sewage-treatment plant should not be built because it would make...

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“Redskins” is one of those names that many people consider a derogatory reference to Native Americans, so it is unsurprising that momentum has been building for the effort to get North Side High School to quit using it.

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“In other respects, we're actually quite a bit like our ancestors. We are hardly beyond taboos; we just observe different ones.

Guns or mental illness not always the problem


The trial of James Holmes for the July 2012 shootings in a Colorado movie theater that killed 12 and injured 70 has been in the death penalty phase this week. On this date in 1966, Aug.