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Letter to the editor: Wyneken House progress continues

The Friends of Wyneken on Tuesday passed another milestone on the long road of restoring the historic Wyneken House on the Winchester Road in Adams County with the drilling of a well to provide running water to the basement area of the house.

Letter to the editor: Jane Avery was an angel among us

Jane Avery was proof that angels do indeed live among us. Her life stands as a role model to all of what can happen when you answer a higher call to serve those in need.

Let's use Legacy funds to save GE complex


This piece is in regard to the unfortunate demise of Fort Wayne’s General Electric complex. I’m writing because it is my sincere hope that enough people come forward to advocate saving this incredible historical property.

Letter to the editor: Support peace Aug. 8 at courthouse

The Iran diplomatic strategy for peace is just the beginning. The next step should be congressional support and planning for a wider agreement to disarm nuclear weapons and reduce military spending around the world.