LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bible reading not a one-time thing


If you’ve read the Bible only once you haven’t read it enough, each time you read it you will pick up something more, some meaning you missed the previous time you read it, and how to apply it to your life. Bible reading and study is a long term deal. — Richard W Burridge, Fort Wayne


SCOTT RASMUSSEN: What If Roy Moore Wins?


When Donald Trump appointed Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions to serve as Attorney General, it was widely assumed that his permanent replacement would be a Republican. But the scandals and allegations surrounding Republican nominee Roy Moore have challenged that assumption. It would be a stunning ...

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Todd Rokita taking the lead on opiod epidemic


I saw on the news this week that Congressman Todd Rokita is taking the lead to combat the opioid epidemic. This issue has me worried as I see it affecting my friends and community. There is much we need to do to fight this epidemic and I am thankful that Congressman Rokita is taking the lead. ...

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bosma betrays the unborn


Statehouse Insiders are whispering that House Speaker Brian Bosma plans to kill bills that protect the unborn this coming legislative session. This shouldn’t surprise pro-life Hoosiers who recall that Bosma defended Ben Smaltz, his hand-picked chair of the House Public Policy Committee, when ...

Leo Morris, NS Editorial Page Editor

LEO MORRIS: Marijuana legalization has redefined federalism


I’ve read every story – and there are a ton of them – about the excitement of a Republican lawmaker proposing to make medical marijuana legal in Indiana and the drama of the Indiana Association of Prosecuting Attorneys vehemently opposing the idea. In only a couple of the stories did I ...

Michael Hicks, director of the Bureau of Business Research at Ball State University

MICHAEL HICKS: Population decline is no mystery


My job affords me the opportunity to speak often in different communities inside and outside of Indiana. As it turns out, population change always emerges as a prime topic in the question and answer period. But there's a curious asymmetry to the questions. In growing places, residents and ...

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A Thanksgiving quiz


On November 23, Americans will celebrate their oldest tradition: the observance of Thanksgiving, which dates back to 1621. The quiz below, from the Ashbrook Center at Ashland University in Ohio, provides an opportunity to test your knowledge of the history and customs of the nearly 400-year-old ...

CLICK AND CLACK: Faulty air bag light requires a scan


Dear Car Talk: I have a 1996 Honda Accord with 161,000 miles. I am the second owner, but I've had it since '97, and it is the most mechanically reliable car I have ever owned. In the past few months, it has developed an intermittent issue. Sometimes — not always, but more than half the ...

dave ramsey new

DAVE RAMSEY: You’re under no obligation


Dear Dave, Our son is about to graduate from law school. He took out a loan to cover the cost, but we've always been debt-free and have been paying on it to help him out while he finishes his studies. The balance on the loan right now is around $30,000. He has a job waiting for him after he ...