THE PIGSKIN PROPHET: Dwenger uses close losses, disrespect from The Pig as fuel in Angola rout

ANGOLA — Friday was a familiar spot for Bishop Dwenger.

So said Chip Clark anyway.

“Two years ago, we were in this same position,” said the senior running back. “We beat (Plymouth) 8-0.”

Yes, there were a lot of similarities between Friday’s regional game at Angola and the showdown at Plymouth two years ago.

The result was quite comparable as well.

In the biggest football game in Angola in a quarter of a century, it was the perennial state contenders that treated the host Hornets as unkindly as the weather was cold.

Bishop Dwenger 34, Angola 0.

The end result was not unexpected, although the lopsidedness of it was. Angola could not run the ball, finishing in the negative in total yards on the ground. A passing game behind Angola quarterback Chance Roddy that saw six of the first seven attempts go for completions devolved into a haphazard mess. Of Roddy’s final 16 passes of the game, three were completed for 17 yards.

Despite The Pig’s soft spot for the Hornets (12-1), Friday saw too much power, strength and talent on the visiting side of the field.

In the life of a football prognosticator, sustenance comes from being right. Most of the time, The Pig is that.

Conversely, the Bishop Dwenger football program feeds itself through a healthy amount of wins. But a few times this year, the Saints have come up just short.

Carroll, Sept. 15. A tackle at the one-yard-line as time expired left Dwenger on the short end of a 28-24 final.

Snider, Oct. 6. The Saints give up a long pass play late to set up a game-winning field goal for the Panthers in a 34-31 decision.

The fuel gained from disappointing losses is typically greater than what is procured via wins.

That stimulus was on display on Friday.

“(Those losses) fuel us because we had a sense we could (win),” said quarterback Patrick O’Keefe, who amassed over 150 yards of total offense on Friday. “We felt we had it both of those times and we lost it.”

There were no doubts on Friday. After a back-and-forth first quarter, Bishop Dwenger (10-3) broke out when O’Keefe found Bradley Black on third-and-long for a 28-yard touchdown.

It was game on from there.

Clark made sure to point out The Pig following Friday’s game to his teammates, pointing an accusing finger at the swine who predicted Bishop Dwenger’s season would end on Friday night.

It was a slap in the face to a program that now has six regional titles in the last decade.

But a team’s drive can always use more in the way of motivation. When asked if a certain cartoon farm animal should pick against the Saints next week against top-ranked Lowell in the Class 4A north semistate game, Clark did not hesitate.

“Yeah, you probably should,” said Clark with a smirk. “That’d be nice.”

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