NS In-Depth: Homestead’s Kara Gealy

It didn’t take long for Homestead junior Kara Gealy to be forced into the high school basketball fire. Last year as just a sophomore, she found herself starting in the backcourt with two of the state’s top guard0s — Madisen Parker and Miss Basketball Karissa McLaughlin — and took the court as a starter in the Class 4A state championship game at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. That is, if nothing else, trial by fire.

She averaged just 2.9 points and 2.1 assists per game a year ago, but the body of her work was not ever measured by those stats because it didn’t need to be. Instead, Gealy took up the role of Miss Intangible, playing hard-nosed defense, getting in passing lanes and attempting to leave her mark on every defensive stop. A big play in the state title game last year helped propel a finishing run for the Spartans that helped lead to capturing a state crown. As her junior year has started, she has added a true leadership role, pushing her teammates both younger and her peers as the Spartans continue to face lofty expectations.


WHO: Kara Gealy

SCHOOL: Homestead

CLASS: Junior

HOMETOWN: Cleveland, Ohio

HEIGHT: 5’6″

POSITION: Point guard



• THE PLAYER — Kara on Kara: “I am a very positive person and I try to make the best of every situation on and off the court.”

• THE COACH — Homestead coach Rod Parker on Kara: “Kara exemplifies everything it takes to be a “Homestead Spartan” from her relentless work ethic, passion to compete, desire to lead, and energy she brings to our program each and every day. Kara has quietly emerged as one of the best point guards in northeast Indiana. She has the ability to put her teammates in a position to be successful on the basketball court and provides the intangibles needed for her team to win. She values the details of the game and strives to be the best player possible every time she is on the court.”

• THE OPPOSING COACH — Northrop’s Rashida Muhammad on Kara: “Kara is a hard-nosed player that works extremely hard while she is on the court.”

• THE TRAINER — Always 100’s Vernard Hollins on Kara: “She’s not just a defensive stopper, shes is THE defensive stopper. She challenges herself each game with guarding some of the best point guards around. Even though she is undersized most of the time, she doesn’t let that stop her from pressuring full court and giving the point guard a hard time. Kara is someone everyone wants on their team because she just works hard all of the time. When everyone else is bent over, she is one of the few still standing. She doesn’t get discouraged on what her role is on the team, she embraces it and holds herself accountable. If you tell her something, she will try to implement it the next chance she gets. She has grown into a great leader and is still trying to perfect things each day. Not only is she great on the court but she is one of the top students as well, being recently named into the National Honor Society. She’s a go-getter.”



What are you looking for in a college?: The best fit for me when it comes to academics and sports.

Recruited by: I have been speaking to several coaches this past year like Ohio Dominican, Walsh, Ferris St.

When you knew you’d have a chance to play college basketball: The last few years my coaches and trainer have instilled confidence in me that I can play at the next level.



Nickname: KG

I can’t be beat at (sport, video game, board game, etc): Mario Kart

Biggest fear: Getting in a car crash

Pet peeve: When people are late

Best vacation spot: Destin, Florida



Favorite opponent: Carmel

Favorite gym to play in: Bankers Life

High school playing goal: To be a strong leader and communicator to my teammates

College playing goal: To help contribute to the success of the team as much as I can

Occupation, if not basketball: Education

Favorite Coach Parker saying?: “5 as 1”

Biggest sports thrill I’ve participated in: Basketball 2017 State Championship

Biggest sports thrill I’ve witnessed: Notre Dame vs. UCONN women’s basketball game in 2014

Favorite pro team: Cleveland Cavaliers

Favorite current pro athlete: Kyrie Irving

Sports hero: Skylar Diggins

First trophy was for: Rec league soccer

If you could player 1-on-1 with anyone: Aaron Craft



Favorite band/musician: Sam Hunt

Favorite meal: Spaghetti

Favorite dessert: Pumpkin Pie

Sit-down restaurant or fast food: Sit-down restaurant

Favorite ice cream flavor: Peppermint

Favorite candy: Jelly beans

Favorite movie: Anchorman

Actor/Actress: Will Ferrell

Books: The Selection Series

Class in school: Spanish

Homestead teacher: Mr. Stailey

TV Show: The Office

Cartoon as a kid: Dora the Explorer

Color: Purple



Favorite thing to do with mom: Cook/bake food

Favorite thing to do with dad: Jet ski

Number of siblings: 1

Favorite thing to do with siblings: Play 1 on 1

Best advice my parents have ever given me: To be confident and to treat everyone with respect

Future family is big or small: small



If you could go back and time to witness one event: To see Michael Jordan’s final shot

If you could meet anyone: Pat Summitt