NS In-Depth: Central Noble’s Meleah Leatherman

Central Noble junior Meleah Leatherman has plenty of things to check off on her high school basketball bucket list this year. One season removed from being a vital piece in Central Noble’s most successful season ever and so close to a state finals appearance, Leatherman has picked right back up where she left off and has the Cougars sitting at a perfect 6-0.

Averaging 17.2 points and 10.8 rebounds per game, Leatherman sits just 93 points away from being just the second girl to ever reach 1,000 points for Central Noble after 2006 graduated Carey Magnuson. No Central Noble player has ever reached 1,000 points before their senior season. Leatherman is also just 307 points from reaching Magnuson as the leading scorer in school history as she races junior teammate Sydney Freeman to that honor.


WHO: Meleah Leatherman

SCHOOL: Central Noble

CLASS: Junior

HOMETOWN: Albion, Indiana

HEIGHT: 6’1″




• THE PLAYER — Meleah on Meleah: “I am very competitive and just always know if you’re guarding me, I’ll probably end up throwing some elbows in your face. Not to be mean, but I’ll do anything to win.”

• THE OPPOSING COACH — West Noble’s Dale Marano on Meleah: “Even with all her skill and talent and how she has improved her game over the last few years, I still believe one of her greatest attributes is her competitive spirit. There are very few players who compete harder than Meleah.”

• THE TRAINER — Always 100’s Vernard Hollins on Meleah: “This hard nosed kid is always going to be her team’s best rebounder or one of the best. She stands out as a rebounder because she is one that goes out of her way to get a rebound even if it’s against her own teammate. Her motor is like no other and this is one reason why her game is reaching another level each day. Not only that, but her outside shot has also improved. She is what some may call the “glue” to a team because she just puts the missing pieces to the puzzle in place in whatever way you need her to; even if that’s stepping up and defending different positions on the floor. Meleah is the “glue” in Central Nobles program and her father is the “glue” to Central Noble being their biggest cheerleader. So fortunate that they are a part of the program.”



College choice: N/A

What are you looking for in a college?: Somewhere that everyone feels like family and where everyone will have your back no matter what. I want to be able to walk around campus and know people. Also preferably stay in Indiana.

Recruited by: I’ve had offers from University of Saint Francis, University of Indianapolis, Davenport University, and Western Michigan.

When you knew you’d have a chance to play college basketball: 8th grade I was homeschooled and realized I could be good really good at this sport, so I attended high school to get better



Nickname: Meah

I can’t be beat at: I like to think I can beat anyone at anything, so my attitude comes across that way. Although there isn’t one thing that I ALWAYS win at.

Pet peeve: When people use the wrong form of “There, Their, and They’re”

Best vacation spot: I’ve never been on vacation but I want to see the ocean!



Favorite opponent: Myself

High school playing goal: State title

College playing goal: Continue to be a better player each year and most importantly, to win.

Favorite Coach Treesh saying?: “Did you forget to take your moody pills this morning?”

Biggest sports thrill I’ve participated in: Beating the predicted team to win 2a state (Whitko) in the sectional finals in double overtime on our home court.

Favorite pro team: Don’t have one

Favorite current pro athlete: Breanna Stewart

Sports hero: Michael Jordan

First trophy was for: Bible quizzing



Favorite band/musician: Jonah Leatherman – guitarist (p.s. look him up, he is amazing)

Favorite meal: My mom’s homemade pizza

Favorite dessert: Mom’s chocolate cake

Sit down restaurant or fast food: Steak and Shake or Olive Garden

Favorite Ice Cream: Moose Tracks

Favorite candy: Reese’s

Favorite movie: the Rocky series

Actor/Actress: Sylvester Stallone

Books: The Lorien Legacies series

Central Noble teacher: Mr. Howell

TV Show: Friends

Color: Blue



Favorite thing to do with mom: Go shopping

Favorite thing to do with dad: talk about basketball

Number of siblings: 4 older brothers

Favorite thing to do with siblings: Play horse/pig or one on one

Best advice my parents have ever given me: “Pray about everything”

Future family is big or small: hopefully big!



If you could meet anyone: Geno Auriemma