NS IN-DEPTH: Bishop Dwenger’s Hayden Smithey

As Bishop Dwenger reaches the midway point of their season, a variety of players have stepped into new roles for the Saints. Few may have taken over a bigger role than junior Hayden Smithey. A calming presence on the court, Smithey is looking to fill a void left by graduation, including that of Butler walk-on Campbell Donovan, who was Mr. Do everything for the Saints last year. That now falls a lot on Smithey.

With the Saints currently sitting at 5-5, Smithey leads the team in scoring at just under 15 points per game as he continues to develop his shot. To show the diversity of his game, Smithey is also tied for first at Bishop Dwenger in assists and is third on the team in rebounds at 4.9 per contest.



WHO: Hayden Smithey

SCHOOL: Bishop Dwenger

CLASS: Junior

HOMETOWN: Memphis, Tennessee

HEIGHT: 6’5″




• THE PLAYER — Hayden on Hayden: “A good, hardworking teammate on and off the court.”

• THE COACH — Bishop Dwenger’s Matt Kostoff on Hayden: “Hayden has made a big jump this year. He was our only returning starer from last year. He’s making that adjustment to becoming the number one option on our opponents scouting report. He needs to be the guy we look to when we need a shot late in a game; he is our most versatile offensive player. He can post up, shoot the pull up jumper as well as hit the three. He’s learning how to play through the physicality of having the opponents best defender on him most of the time. He has a great work ethic, he is constantly working on his game, whether it’s doing ball handling drills before practice or coming in before school to get some extra shots up. He is a captain this year so he’s working on his leadership. He’s always been a good leader by example, but he’s starting to step up more vocally as well. He also is an excellent student, he made it in National Honor Society this year.”

• THE OPPOSING COACH — Homestead’s Chris Johnson on Hayden: “Hayden is a fantastic player on both ends of the floor. At 6’5″, he is a tough matchup for teams due to his ability to play inside and out. Great shooter with the ability to also put it on the floor to go around you.”

• THE TRAINER — Always 100’s Vernard Hollins on Hayden: He’s a long, athletic, hard working kid that just gets after it no matter what. I remember my first time training him this summer; he did 3 a days for 4 days straight and he didn’t complain one time. He was one of the best kids at my Pro camp this past year and always was competing and finding ways to better his game. Every chance he got he wanted to play me 1-on-1, but he never could beat me, even with his great shot. This kid’s upside is huge, I think he could make money playing the game of basketball in the future.



What are you looking for in a college?: Academic success and a family program where I can improve

Recruited by: Colgate, Air Force, IPFW, Toledo

When you knew you’d have a chance to play college basketball: Freshman year



Nickname: Hayden

I can’t be beat at: Fortnite

Biggest fear: Heights

Pet peeve: Nails to a chalkboard

Best vacation spot: Fort Myers, Florida



Favorite opponent: Carroll

Favorite gym to play: Home Court

High school playing goal: State Title

College playing goal: Winning

Occupation, if not basketball: Medical

Favorite pro team: Memphis Grizzlies

Favorite current pro athlete: Mike Conley

Sports hero: Larry Bird

First trophy was for: 5th Grade Basketball Championship

If you could player 1-on-1 with anyone: Kobe Bryant



Favorite band/musician: Quavo

Favorite meal: Steak and Potatoes

Favorite dessert: Brownies and Ice Cream

Sit down restaurant or fast food: Applebee’s

Favorite Ice Cream: Vanilla

Favorite candy: Sour Patch Kids

Favorite movie: Hush

Actor/Actress: Jennifer Aniston

Books: The Great Gatsby

Class in school: Chemistry

Teacher at Dwenger: Mr. Koehl

TV Show: Friends

Cartoon as a kid: Rugrats

Color: Carolina Blue



Favorite thing to do with mom: Travel

Favorite thing to do with dad: Go to the gym

Number of siblings: 2

Favorite thing to do with siblings: Ping Pong

Best advice my parents have ever given me: Lets try not to suck today boys -Mom

Future family is big or small: Big



If you could go back in time to witness one event: The Gettysburg Address

If you could meet anyone: Mother Teresa



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