Komets fans offer all-star fix suggestions

Colin Chin, Kelly Hurd, John Purves and Danny Lambert at the 1994 IHL All-Star Game in Fort Wayne. (News-Sentinel file photo)

After saying last week that Fort Wayne should ignore hosting future ECHL All-Star Classics, we asked Komets fans in various forums what they would suggest hockey leagues try to revitalize the mid-season classic. The results show the fans are as unsure as the leagues on what to try next.

Darrin Wright: Let the fans vote on the rosters, and don’t hold the game on a Monday afternoon.

Andrew Thompson: What would the players be interested in? They obviously don’t don’t want to injure themselves playing hard in a game that doesn’t mean anything, so what would make it worth competing in? Do they even enjoy the skills competition?


Kim Koehlinger: Eliminate them. 60 minutes of full frontal goalie assault.

Robbie Starkey: Actually have the best players, not the “Oh look what we have in our system guys.”

S. Jeffrey Kenny: Just stop having them at all levels of every sport. Boring and pointless.

Josh Gales: I know this idea is a little crazy, but bear with me. What if the ECHL selected the top players in the league to play in the all-star game instead of just players with AHL/NHL contracts? If they call it an all-star game, the players should be the league’s all-stars. If they want to call it a “future stars game” or something and keep the current way of selecting players, I’d be for it.

Amanda Gunnells: I think it would be fun for one player from each team start and every 30 to 60 seconds an additional player comes in. Goes from one on one to one on two, to two on two and so forth.

Mitch Brunner: I agree with article… but I’d watch the ECHL all-star game before the NFL Pro Bowl

Mark Shepler: I’d make it an all-star game. Select the best players in the league. Keep the format how it is. But, I’d add 3-4 more players per team. I’d do it on on a Tuesday or Wednesday with no other games played on that day.

Robert Roe: The problem is how to make the game entertaining without the risk of getting hurt… you can’t. So, there has to be an incentive… for the game. Maybe what you do is have the All-Star Charity Classic.

Host City… youth teams sell tickets to the Charity Classic. Top eight youth teams in tickets sold play a 30-minute game against an All-Star team (teams to be divided. Make it a weekend event….hospital visits, autograph sessions… time for a quick league meeting… make the focus on the community. Call it the ECHL All-Star Charity Weekend in Celebration of Community Awareness. That is a legacy the ECHL can live with and needless player injury risk is virtually eliminated.

Cameron Miller: Let the fans have a part in the selection. Don’t have the dumb thing on a Monday.

Bill Fiengo: You have to make the game meaningful to the fans and the players. Having fan input on player selection will get buy-in from the fans. Not sure how to make it meaningful to the players. An award for MVP maybe. Or just make it a skills competition.

Ed Rose: When you weigh the host team’s cost and manpower required, I just don’t see it, sadly.

Jim Weiler: In the ECHL it’s not an all-star game, it’s a future stars game. Hockey without hitting just doesn’t interest me.

Rebecca Emily Lemonade: This was my very first all-star competition I have really been interactive in. I am a sucker for the skill events- I want to see more of those.

Richard Thornton: I think they need to do like they did in the IHL, but have the skills comp do away with the 3-on-3 and have the breakaway competition. Let the fans vote for the players for the all-star teams.

Michael Parker: Instead of doing 3-on-3 with the four different divisions, just have the two conferences play with a full roster. To have an incentive to play competitively, whichever conference wins, they get home-ice in the Kelly Cup Finals.

Chuck Itt: (That) never works unless you have a bunch of players who are gonna make the playoffs, some all-star from lower teams aren’t going bust their butts for the Komets or Toledo to get home ice. The game itself is boring, need to add more skills competition.

Steve Leid: Skills competition, shooting challenge, some type of obstacle course.

Dean Stephen II: Have a true all-star game and a prospect game… just stagger them. Let AHL pay for kids (prospects) game.

Jane Borchelt: Personally, I think all-star games are a waste. No one wants to risk an injury in a game that means nothing in the standings. I do enjoy the skill challenges.

Castille DeWells: They should do a draft! The top two vote-getters are captains, and they choose from the pool of players that have been selected to participate. You would have unlikely pairings that might lead to an entertaining game.