Komets Keepsakes What memorabilia did you keep? Players, team officials describe unique souvenirs

Maybe you’ve got a “Komets make me Vomit” poster from Indianapolis hanging on your wall, or signed puck from a favorite player tucked away in a drawer somewhere. Possibly there’s an autographed picture from a favorite player or a jersey you won in a charity bidding that you no longer wear.

Everyone has favorite pieces of historic memorabilia from Komets games or players, and so do the players and those closest to the team. We asked quite a few former players, team officials and off-ice officials what is their favorite or most unique piece of Komets memorabilia they own. The results are fascinating.

George Drysdale: The original elected captain has the first stick he used in a Komets game in 1952-53. Wow.

Dave Norris: The former Komet still wears a bracelet from the only all-star game he ever played in, the 1977 International Hockey League classic in Toledo.

D’Arcy Keating: The former Komets forward has an autographed Terry McDougall hockey stick.

Robbie Irons: The all-time goalie great has the blue and orange mask he wore during the 1970s and 80s.

Dennis Schebig: The long-time Komets off-ice official has the firepuck from the 1994 International Hockey League All-Star game which was supposedly easier to see on TV.

Nick Boucher: The five-time championship goaltender has stick autographed by his teammates from the 2012 Central Hockey League championship.

Chuck Adamson: Still has the mask he wore during the early 1960s when he became the first Komets goaltender to regularly wear one.

Terry McDougall: A picture of Mike Boland, Robbie Laird and himself drinking from the Huber Trophy.

Kent Hormann: Terry Pembroke’s 1977-78 road jersey, the last season the all-time great defenseman played.

Mark Bradtmeuller: The former Komets equipment manager has a jar of melted water from the ice surface of the 2008 triple-overtime game to win the IHL Turner Cup.

Billy Welker: The long-time Komets stickboy and equipment manager has Pat LaFontaine’s stick from when the 1984 U.S. Olympic team played Fort Wayne.

Dave Burns: The long-time team dentist has Pokey Reddick’s goalie stick from 1992-93 12-0 Komets autographed by the team.

Josh Testin: The Komets director of sales and marketing has a Bob Chase puck autographed by Chase and Mike Emrick.

Bob Zimmerman: The former IHL linesman and off-ice official has a Captain Komet road jersey from 1964-65.

Terry Ewaskuk: The winger has the No. 4 jersey he wore during the 1976-77 season, the Komets’ 25th anniversary year.

John Hilworth: The defenseman has both jerseys he wore during the 1983-84 season.

Mathieu Curadeau: Has a piece of the glass he broke with a body check.

Mike Kellermeyer: The former Komets stick boy has an unopened bottle of champagne from the 92-93 Turner Cup celebration.

David Franke: The Komets vice president and general manager has the final puck used in the 1993 Turner Cup sweep.

Michael Franke: The team president has the puck from the Komets’ last game in the original International Hockey League in 1999.

Larry Schmitt: The public address announcer Larry Schmitt has the goalie stick Tom Lawson used from the clinching game of the 2003 Colonial Cup championship, and it’s signed by Lawson and Dustin Virag who scored the game-winning goal in overtime.

Dustin Virag: The forward has the stick from the overtime goal he scored to clinch the 2003 Colonial Cup.

Scott Sproat: The Komets vice president has the stick Sean Venedam used to score 10 goals in three games in 2004.

Joe Franke: The long-time equipment manager maybe be the only person in history to have won the Turner Cup (IHL), Colonial Cup (UHL), Central Hockey League (CHL) and Stanley Cup (NHL) championship rings.

Norm Waslawski: Has his jersey from the 1959 IHL All-Star Game.

Ted Wright: The former forward and defenseman has a sweater he wore and some articles under glass, a birthday present from his children.

Doug Rigler: The retired forward has a Komet clock made by goaltender Rick St. Croix

Jim Stovall: The former team photographer has a tumbler commemorating the 1972-73 Turner Cup champions.

Terry Ficorelli: The long-time minor league broadcaster has a personalized, autographed copy of Bob Chase’s book.

Steve Wissman: The former stick boy and equipment manager has a blue and orange satin Starter jacket from his first season in 1985-86.

Don Detter: The long-time statistician has an Eddie Long Night autographed program.

Gus Braumberger: A Komets Oldtimers ring from 1976 that was lost until teammate George Polinuk found it at a pawn shop and returned it.

Len Thornson: A Manitoba Hall of Fame ring.

Eddie Long: The bloody jersey from the 1959 game where he got split open, left for the hospital to get sewn up and then came back to score the game-winning goal.

Randy Marcom: The Komets broadcaster has a black and red Komets equipment back from the early 1950s.

Shane Albahrani: The radio man has a marshmallow bag, one of thousands the Komets handed out for a 1988 game that they ended up on the ice. Albahrani pleads the fifth, but the bag is empty.

Chuck Bailey: The team’s director of communications has a signed stick from former NHL and Komets goaltender Peter Sidorkiewicz.

Pascal Morency: The former Komet said, “I’ve kept a few scars and some fake teeth from the dentist in Fort Wayne. I have no objects but some great memories.”

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