The Pigskin Prophet

Coaches frequently talk about wanting their teams to be playing their best football at the onset of the postseason.

Well, that goes for cartoon prognosticators as well.

The Pigskin Prophet had his best soothsaying week of the season in Week 8, only missing one game (come on Huntington North, failed The Pig again!).

The key this week is to keep the momentum going. Next week begins crunch time. You think the teams have it tough in the one-and-done format, how do you think The Pig feels knowing his superior prognosticating prowess is on the line when predicting wins and losses in the postseason?

But we will worry about that next week. For now, count your blessings that you have access to one of the most accurate prep football predictors of our time…

Last week: 17-1

Overall: 120-32

BISHOP DWENGER AT NORTHROP. Let’s stop calling Patrick O’Keefe “Dwenger’s backup quarterback”. This kid has played like a true starter, and will only continue to get better as he just a sophomore. THE PIG SAYS BISHOP DWENGER BY 16.

NORTH SIDE AT CONCORDIA. So, who plays QB for the Cadets now. No Byrd. No Doerffler. No deep postseason run? Stay tuned. THE PIG SAYS CONCORDIA BY 3.

SNIDER AT BISHOP LUERS. Remember when we spoke about the “vaunted” Panthers defense? Fact is, Snider has given up only 18 points less points than Homestead, a team whose defense gets zero props from the media. THE PIG SAYS SNIDER BY 11.

SOUTH SIDE AT HOMESTEAD. Speaking of the Sparty defense, it has looked stellar since getting owned by Snider in Indy in Week 5. Is it ready for the rematch with the Panthers? We will find out in two weeks…THE PIG SAYS HOMESTEAD BY 31.

WAYNE AT CARROLL. The Generals need a victory in the worst way to gain some momentum heading into a sectional that it could win if things fall right. Which Carroll team do we get? THE PIG SAYS CARROLL BY 6.

BELLMONT AT EAST NOBLE. The Knights have only lost to Bellmont once since 2009. With at least a share of the NE8 crown on the line, East Noble will cruise. THE PIG SAYS EAST NOBLE BY 22.

HUNTINGTON NORTH AT NEW HAVEN. Only once before has Huntington North ever been 0-8 — 1977. That was also the last time the program was 0-9, which is likely come Friday. THE PIG SAYS NEW HAVEN BY 33.

COLUMBIA CITY AT NORWELL. The Pig knew the recent three-week stretch of games for the Eagles would be tough, with lopsided losses to New Haven, East Noble and Leo. Has Columbia City lost its confidence? We will find out on Friday. THE PIG SAYS COLUMBIA CITY BY 7.

LEO AT DEKALB. Three straight wins for the Barons looks impressive, but the competition in those victories is a combined 4-20. THE PIG SAYS LEO BY 28.

HERITAGE AT JAY COUNTY. Two teams with the same mascot should be banned from playing each other. THE PIG SAYS JAY COUNTY BY 4.

LIMA CENTRAL CATHOLIC (OH) AT BLUFFTON. Kudos to the Tigers for scheduling a quality out-of-state opponent. Not sure they will feel it was such a good idea after Friday. THE PIG SAYS LIMA CENTRAL CATHOLIC BY 22.

SOUTHERN WELLS AT SOUTH ADAMS. It is “get well” week for the Flying Jets before the rematch with Adams Central next week. THE PIG SAYS SOUTH ADAMS BY 29.

WOODLAN AT ADAMS CENTRAL. Once again, the ACAC comes down to this one. The Flying Jets can run the ball, but can they make plays vertically when it counts? If they can, this one is close. THE PIG SAYS WOODLAN BY 6.

ANGOLA AT EASTSIDE. The Pig made peace with his friends in Angola last week. Still, this prophet feels a strong pull to take Eastside here…sigh. Be strong Pig. THE PIG SAYS ANGOLA BY 2.

CHURUBUSCO AT FAIRFIELD. Underrated first-round sectional matchup – ‘Busco vs. one-loss Northfield. First, the Eagles will take care of business on the road. THE PIG SAYS CHURUBUSCO BY 26.

GARRETT AT CENTRAL NOBLE. The Railroaders have not beaten a team with a winning record. Central Noble has a winning record. Sometimes, these picks just write themselves. THE PIG SAYS CENTRAL NOBLE BY 2.

LAKELAND AT FREMONT. This game was decided by seven points a year ago. Won’t be that close this time around. THE PIG SAYS LAKELAND BY 24.

PRAIRIE HEIGHTS AT WEST NOBLE. Want to know a macabre stat? Prairie Heights has not won two straight games since 2007 when it won five consecutive contests. That’s a decade. THE PIG SAYS WEST NOBLE BY 20.