The Rant

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Using gun addict’s “logic,” if too many people are dying of lung cancer, what we need is more cigarettes.

To the “$400,000 home owner” complaining about the property tax cap being too low – please feel free to write an additional tax check to the county.

I live in America, and our official language is English. So, tell me again why I have to press “1” for English?

The war on drugs will never be won. So, let’s legalize them, tax them and stop funding the war. Use that money somewhere else, like schools.

I worked for the city/county for 25 years and saw the waste. I’m sorry, but it’s about time they were held accountable for their spending. I have to live within my means. They should, too.

Democrats continue parading victims in their quest for gun control. Have they ever considered bringing forth the thousands of people who have defended themselves legally with guns? It is not uncommon … .

Every time President Obama wants something done, it’s “now is the time” or “we must act now.” Time magazine calls Obama “the architect of this new America.” It’s time to slow down the controversial legislation until it is really discussed. Two weeks for a study of gun control by the vice president is not thoughtful governing.

It’s really sad that we have to have women in combat. It’s also really sad that we have to have men in combat.

Letting gays in the Boy Scouts … I feel could compromise my son’s safety. Can’t they have their own organization like the girls do? What about my rights. Why is their demanded equality able to trump my rights to a wholesome environment for my son’s beliefs? Don’t tell me our values and morals don’t matter.

For years, I have been target shooting with my semi-auto .22-caliber rifle. It got tiresome constantly reloading a 10-shot magazine, so I purchased a 50-shot magazine for increased enjoyment of the sport. Oh, no. Now I have an assault weapon the anti-gunners claim has no value to citizens for any reasonable purpose.

Funny how President Obama rushed out his immigration plan the day after a bipartisan group presented their thought-out and discussed plan. Obama quickly threw out a re-tread plan with few specifics. Guess who will insist on the credit again for another historic achievement?

Like many people, I have no problem with people being gay. I think their joining would be less opposed if it was called anything but marriage. That term is already spoken for by men and women in a tradition going back thousands of years. A new term is needed.

I met a lot of nice people at the gun show Sunday located at the fairgrounds, that is, until I asked the deputy at the door how he was doing. No reply, just a look of what’s your problem. Nice job on hiring this one, (Sheriff) Kenny (Fries).

I was filling my gas tank at $3.52/gallon on the sign, and there were five cars at the gas station next door pumping gas with $3.76 on the sign. I had to chuckle to myself while I thought, do any of those five really know what is going on around them or is cost no object?

Hey, I know! Let’s make murder against the law, and all of these killings will cease! Because surely these cowards won’t break any laws we pass, will they?

The media advances the goals of terrorists by the way they report their attacks. Shock, outrage and alarm with copious coverage only further what they want to accomplish. A simpler factual report would be better: (e.g., a terrorist attempt at the Turkish embassy only succeeded in killing the attacker and a bystander). Meanwhile, in other news, Beyonce, etc., etc.