TV Diary

The classic film “The Best Years of Our Lives’ (1946) airs at 8 p.m. tonight on TCM.

This film, which won the Best Picture Academy Award, focuses on three World War II veterans who encounter problems when they return home after war. It starred Dana Andrews, Fredric March, Myrna Loy and Harold Russell.

Here is a quiz on the film and its stars:

1. Who received two Academy Awards for his performance – Best Actor in a Supporting Role and an Honorary Oscar?

2. This famous director received the Best Director Academy Award.

3. Who portrayed March’s wife?

4. Who played Fred Derry?

5. What was Al Stephenson’s vocation?

6. Most of the scenes were filmed in California, with the exception of which Ohio high school?

7. Name the films also nominated for Best Picture that year.

8. This songwriter from Bloomington starred as Butch Engle.

9. How did Russell lose his hands in real life?

10. Who played Marie Derry?

Answers: 1. Russell. 2. William Wyler. 3. Loy. 4. Andrews. 5. Banking. 6. Walnut Hills High School, Cincinnati. 7. “Henry V,” “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “The Razor’s Edge” and “The Yearling.” 8. Hoagy Carmichael. 9. He was working on an army film in 1944 when an explosive he was holding detonated accidentally. 10. Virginia Mayo.


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