Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through March 10. Only cities in The News-Sentinel’s circulation area are included.

<br> Albion

* Arabella G. Thieme to Courtney R. and Jeffrey T. Thieme.

* Brady L. Prentice to Alyssa A. Snyder-Prentice and Roger W. Prentice.

* Makenna A. Jordan to Melissa A. and Shawn R. Jordan Albion

* Wyatt D. King to April M. and Adam D. King.

<br> Angola

* Weston A. Miller to Emily N. and Adam J. Miller.

<br> Auburn

* Aleah R. Lank to Shanna W. and Gary W. Lank Jr.

* Beckett W. Albertson to Shelby N. Miller and Nathan W. Albertson.

* Grayson A. Hilty to Brenna M. Carpenter and Timathy A. Hilty.

* Kennedy E. Seltenright to Brittany N. and Grant W. Seltenright.

* Madisyn R. Short to Cassandra M. Christian and Derek M. Short.

<br> Avilla

* Kole D. Desormeaux to Sara L. Mannikko and Shelby D. Desormeaux.

<br> Berne

* Liam J. Ohler to Kristi R. McPherson and Justin A. Ohler.

<br> Bluffton

* Joshua K. Vance Jr. and Kylee R. Vance to Shawnee R. and Joshua K. Vance.

* Mason D. Englehardt to Holly J. Kaup and Matthew D. Englehardt.

* Mylah G. Reinhard to Janae R. and Matthew G. Reinhard.

<br> Churubusco

* Caleb M. Blaugh and Isabella P. Blaugh to Divya A. and Christopher A. Blaugh.

* Margaret L. Gibson to Annetta M. and Michael V. Gibson.

* Nick A. Harmison to Kristi L. and Brian K. Harmison.

<br> Columbia City

* Amelia E. Schrader to Ashley A. and Scott A. Schrader.

* Brenleigh E. Smethers to Danielle M. and Bryan J. Smethers.

* Brian J. Morgan to Vicki A. and Christopher P. Morgan.

* Daphne M. Hartman to Sarah L. and Matthew P. Hartman.

* Ethan C. Knowles to Amanda M. and Jonathan C. Knowles.

* Evelyn J. Parrot to Monaca B. and David A. Parrot.

* Madalynn A. Taulbee to Tiffany A. and Stephan C. Taulbee.

* Wyatt T. Woods to Hollie S. McKinney and Joseph P. Woods.

<br> Cromwell

* Dailynn R. Johnson to Carey A. and Robert L. Johnson Jr.

<br> Decatur

* Brinley L. Ross to Katie L. Ross.

* Cooper J. Hakes to Alicia M. and Lucas J. Hakes.

* Lyncoln A. Hess to Alicia L. Hirschy and Jesse A. Hess.

* Parker N. Mack and Peyton R. Mack to Jodi N. and Casey R. Mack.

<br> Garrett

* Alivia J. Wellons to Leah E. Myers and James L. Wellons.

* Demetri J. Sisson to Lexi R. Isham and Justin M. Sisson.

* Lillian P. Trubey to Jinnifer A. Trubey.

* Reese A. Battenberg to Antoinette Stoner and Chad A. Battenberg.

<br> Geneva

* Colton R. Garringer to Jennifer A. and Benjamin R. Garringer.

* Declan C. Triplett to Kristi M. and Richard L. Triplett II.

<br> Grabill

* Janetta M. Graber to Kanoshia M. and James M. Graber.

* Lamar J. Graber to Naomi R. and Jonathon B. Graber.

<br> Harlan

* Braden D. Schmucker to Abbigayle L. and John D. Schmucker.

* Chase J. Crozier to Shelley M. and Joseph D. Crozier.

* Katherine J. Gospodareck to Halie J. and Thomas M. Gospodareck.

<br> Huntertown

* Addison M. Macy to Abigail L. and Kent D. Macy.

* Alyvia P. Paul to August A. and Chad M. Paul.

* Eliana N. Hoffman to Kristen M. and Braden K. Hoffman.

<br> Huntington

* Charlotte M. Spath to Michelle M. Spath.

* Colton M. Graves to Emily S. Nelson and Mathew L. Graves.

* Kendal R. Cornett to Beth J. Bruce and James H. Cornett.

* Maximus J. Ryan to Jessica C. and Samuel R. Ryan.

* Orlando J. Donaldson to Elizabeth R. Leckenby and David E. Donaldson.

<br> Kendallville

* Jabr M. Al Ameri to Dowlah G. Alasal and Mohammed S. Nasser.

* Kallie N. Gillespie to Ashlee D. Madden and Kyle J. Gillespie.

* Kyla D. Hammond to Bobbie J. Crager and Nicholas J. Hammond.

<br> Leesburg

* Derrick V. Engelberth to Megan M. and Ryan C. Engelberth.

<br> Leo-Cedarville

* Amelia R. Strong to Donna R. and Rodney A. Strong.

* Caden D. Tichler to Sonya K. and Ryan L. Tichler.

* Mallory V. Pitzer to Lynn A. and Justin D. Pitzer.

* Stella C. Tone to Christina S. and Alex J. Tone.

<br> Monroeville

* Dylan J. Jaeger to Leisa D. Jaeger.

* Kaidan R. Agler to Selena E. Crump and Kyle R. Agler.

<br> New Haven

* Carson A. Tsetse to Abigayil N. Fiore and Cole C. Tsetse.

* Dylan M. Homan to Jennifer P. and Matthew D. Homan.

* Hannah T. Sorg to Angela J. and Kenneth A. Sorg.

* Hudson A. Vandriessche to Heidi L. and Ryan R. Vandriessche.

* Lily M. Motta to Hilary A. and Timothy D. Motta.

* Patrick E. Vlagea to Raluca and Sorin B. Vlagea.

* Shiloh J. Pope to Noella V. and Kynan Pope.

<br> North Manchester

* Gus R. White to April D. White.

<br> North Webster

* Jesse F. Miretti to Emily G. and John M. Miretti.

<br> Ossian

* Adelaide R. Tumbleson to Emily A. and Clint L. Tumbleson.

* Kaitlynn M. Weimer to Tia J. and Justin S. Weimer.

* Nolan R. Richardson to Holly R. and Ryan M. Richardson.

* Shaelyn R. Reinhard to Angie L. and Mark D. Reinhard.

<br> Pierceton

* Addison F. Butz and Mason L. Butz to Jennifer L. Homan Butz and Benjamin G. Butz.

<br> Roanoke

* Asher M. Johnson to Emily A. and Cory M. Johnson.

* Parker D. Hochstetler to Amy J. and Bart E. Hochstetler.

<br> Shipshewana

* Harper R. Yoder to Laura L. and Ryan J. Yoder.

<br> Silver Lake

* Gabriel J. Bolin to Amanda L. Snow and Joshua J. Bolin.

<br> South Whitley

* Elizabeth A. Johnson to Rebecca E. and Adam L. Johnson.

<br> Topeka

* Kenlin W. Yoder to Waneta and Dennis L. Yoder.

<br> Wabash

* Tierney E. England to Davin L. and Eric P. England.

<br> Warren

* Branson M. Kiel to Amy M. and Adam W. Kiel.

<br> Warsaw

* Elijah L. Reneker to Tori N. and Tyler L. Reneker.

* Owen S. Huffer to Dana L. and Marc E. Huffer.

<br> Winona Lake

* Harper K. Catanzarite to Lindsey B. and Joshua B. Catanzarite.

<br> Woodburn

* Easton O. Hoff to Chelsie R. Adams and Dustin E. Hoff.

* Nashlon J. Roe to Kelli R. and Jason E. Roe.


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