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To the ranter who wants “traditional proms” to exclude people’s gay children: Parents in Georgia last year wanted to exclude mixed-race couples, is that OK? We can just decide based on the amount of pigmentation who gets to go and who doesn’t. Doesn’t seem very inclusive or tolerant in either case.

All poll “results” are merely propaganda unless the question posed and the demographics used are published as well.

Farmers are raising enough food to feed … (10) billion people in the world, and we have … (more than 7) billion. The problem is waste, distribution and economics in the world.

The … advantage people with money have serves to undermine the credibility of the American criminal justice system.

Terrorists have struck Washington. They’ve put extra stupid powder in the drinking water.

How many of our current crop of murderers on the southeast side have gun permits or own those guns legally? Those answers might prove inconvenient to the gun-control crowd that want to burden law-abiding gun owners with more laws criminals won’t obey. Murder is already illegal, too.

President Obama is right about redistributing the wealth, but we need to do it by getting jobs for our lost young men so they can be proud again. With a future ahead for our youth, maybe gun violence will go down.

We need new gangs on the southeast side. Gangs of mothers and residents joining our pastors to fight a war against thug behavior. It is a battle we need to fight to get our kids back and our neighborhoods back. We have thought of the police as our enemy too long. If we cooperate and turn these thugs in, our babies can grow up.

Burrr! Where’s that global warming when we need it?

Everyone has the focus on the boys from (Steubenville) Ohio who committed the rape. Yes, that was wrong, but also the parents of the girl need to be teaching her not to be drinking. And especially to the point where she has no control over what is happening to her.

President Obama is over in the Middle East telling other countries how to run their affairs when he can’t get anything done in his own. What a joke.

The Rant column is like Twitter for oldsters.

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