Temporary ice rink could be ready for skating by Thursday in Fort Wayne’s Lakeside Park

Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department workers installed the liner Monday morning in the temporary ice rink at Lakeside Park and began filling it with water. (By Kevin Kilbane of News-Sentinel.com)
A hose attached to a picnic table shoots water Monday morning into the temporary ice rink at Lakeside Park. (By Kevin Kilbane of News-Sentinel.com)

If the weather stays as cold as predicted, you could be skating by Thursday at the temporary ice rink in Lakeside Park.

Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department staff installed the rink’s liner Monday and filled the rink with water.

When the temperature is below freezing, it takes about three days for the water to freeze solid for ice skating, said Natalie Eggeman, parks department public information officer.

The National Weather Service forecasts a high of 34 degrees Monday, but highs of 25-30 degrees through Friday. That should make for a good sheet of ice by Thursday or Friday.


The parks department has issued these rules for use of the Lakeside Park ice rink:

• Use the ice rink at your own risk. Users assume full responsibility for determining if conditions are safe for skating.

• No supervision is provided. Parents are responsible for children.

• Do not intentionally dig holes in the ice.

• Play safe on the ice. No chain skating, pushing, racing, reckless skating or skating in a manner that may jeopardize the safety of yourself or others.

• Use caution when skating and be considerate and respectful of others.

• Skaters must all skate in the same direction as the flow of skating traffic.

• Do not use foul or inappropriate language.

• Clean up messes you make.

• No sitting or leaning on the rink walls.

Please report vandalism or maintenance concerns to the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department at 1-260-427-6400.


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