FOCUS 2018: Praxis Detailing in Auburn makes taking care of vehicles a priority

The interior of Praxis Detailing has everything needed to make cars look like new. (By Justin Kenny of news-sentinel.com)
An exterior look at Praxis Detailing, 1629 E. Wayne St. in Auburn. (By Justin Kenny of news-sentinel.com)

The story of Mike Liebing the business owner is a story of coincidence.

A few years ago, the owner of Praxis Detailing at 1629 Wayne St. in Auburn started doing some detail work on the side out of his home in Avilla. When looking to promote himself, Liebing was put in touch with Renny Doyle, a master level aircraft and automotive detailer.

“Renny did a YouTube video for me in 2003 and he kept bugging me to take his (detailing) class,” said Liebing. “I kind of thought I already knew what I was doing, but once I took the class it was way more complicated than I could ever dream.”

The added knowledge pushed Liebing into the field further, eventually opening up Praxis Detailing after buying the shop front on Wayne St. in 2014.

“I was doing enough of it at my house, I decided to go to Auburn,” Liebing said. “I have always loved Auburn, which is like the car mecca of the Midwest. The shop now looks pretty much like it did when we drove by it.”

Being in Auburn, Liebing has been able to tap into both the regular everyday driver with their cars to those with classic cars rolling through the auctions, as well as boats and watercraft.

The location north of Fort Wayne right off I-69 allows Praxis to tap into a variety of locales as well.

“Seventy percent of our business comes from Fort Wayne, but we get cars from Ohio and South Bend as well,” Liebing said. “When there is a big auction, we get cars from New York or Pennsylvania or Phoenix. We do work on them then take them over to the auction.”

Praxis makes it a point to have an option for every budget. Want a nice wash and wax? Praxis can do that. Need a full detail on a classic Plymouth? Praxis can do that as well.

“Our bread and butter are daily drivers,” Liebing said. “We might have a million dollar car in there, but that’s not every week or every month.”

The business has grown over the last few years and expansion is an option in the coming years. The current shop provides the basics of what Praxis needs, but a bigger facility may eventually be needed.

“There is no more room we can expand in our current location,” Liebing said. “We want to expand what we do and cater to more people by offering more products and more services. We will need the space to handle more cars.”

For now, you can visit Praxis at its shop in Auburn and can give them a call for more information at 260-413-4135.


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