GUEST EDITORIAL: Play to win for Mike Braun

In 1992, my Fighting Irish took on the Penn State Nittany Lions in what is known as one of the greatest comebacks in Notre Dame history. I still remember it like it was yesterday.

The game was hard fought, the snow was falling heavily, and the atmosphere in South Bend was electric. Adversity was thick in the air, and with 4:19 left on the clock, we were down 16-9.

We got the ball back and drove it all the way to the end zone with just seconds to spare, making it 16-15 — but we weren’t playing to tie, we were playing to win. We went for two and came out on top in what is now known as the Snow Bowl.

This great comeback couldn’t have happened without the combined effort of our entire team. I always told my players that it didn’t matter if 10 guys on the field did their job, because it takes all 11 to get the win.

The same is true in all aspects of life, and this November, Indiana has an opportunity to come together as a team and send someone to Washington who exemplifies this winning mentality.

Because I still feel like a Hoosier at heart, I already expressed my strong support for Mike Braun for the U.S. Senate earlier this year.

But as the race gets closer, just like in the Snow Bowl of 1992, it’s apparent that a combined effort is needed to accomplish another come-from-behind victory.

In July, Mike was down by 12 points in the polls, but had pulled to within seven in August. Over the past few weeks, he’s continued to claw his way back, and now the race is a virtual toss-up.

Mike’s incredible comeback can only become reality, though, if everyone shows up and gets in the game on November 6th. Republicans, libertarians, conservatives, moderates, and perhaps some open-minded Democrats must come together to push Mike Braun over the goal line.

With Washington struggling through difficult battles, waged largely by establishment politicians these days, it’s time we elect politicians who aren’t afraid to take risks and find a way to win for the American people.

As I’ve said before, Mike Braun has three characteristics that I believe make him the right candidate in this race. Mike is trustworthy, he’s committed to excellence, and he cares more about the people around him than he does about satisfying his personal ambitions.

His track record speaks for itself: he’s a great man and the right guy to represent Indiana in the U.S. Senate. Indiana Republicans need to come together, focus on the goal line, and make sure we come away with a win on November 6th.

Lou Holtz was football coach at the University of Notre Dame 1986 to 1996.