Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Feb. 7, 2016. Only cities in The News-Sentinel’s circulation area are included.

Fort Wayne

* A R. Fann to June M. Be and Sar P. La.

* A’myra D. Sparks to Chaniqua R. Sparks.

* Abygael H. Ingol to Kristylee J. Hines and Antoine B. Ingol.

* Adrian A. Brown to Robin C. Brown.

* Adrian H. Crews to Laureen Apollon Quiane L. Crews.

* Ainsley L. Anglin to Amanda L. and Tyler L. Anglin.

* Akhilles K. Carter to Chandra D. and Terrell K. Carter.

* Alees Junemar to Sle Mar and June Mar.

* Alexandra M. Cardenas to Martha E. Saldana Hernandez and Jorge V. Cardenas Munoz.

* Alexzander M. Gardner to Elisabeth A. Stinson and Roger W. Gardner.

* Alina M. Matmati to Carla J. and Khaleed M. Matmati.

* Aliviyah B. Hood to Samantha J. and Jontavious T. Hood.

* Amanda R. Barnes to Kayla S. and Mitchell D. Barnes.

* Anthony M. Stockmaster to Angela C. and Kevin M. Stockmaster.

* Anthony R. Verser to Jannat A. Verser.

* Armani J. Allen to Brittany J. Allen.

* Ashlynn T. Deckard to Mallory J. Shelton and Kyle A. Deckard.

* Atticus J. Vallejo to Christine M. Vallejo.

* Auburn S. Baker to Stacy L. and Adam W. Baker.

* Beckham B. France to Rachel E. and Bradley J. France.

* Benjamin T. Fletcher to Michelle M. and Brian R. Fletcher.

* Bexley H. Ciolkos to Michelle J. and Ryan M. Ciolkos.

* Blakely M. Bridge to Chelsea M. Wahl-Bridge and Jordan R. Bridge.

* Braxton E. Mills to Bethany G. and William K. Mills .

* Braxton L. Troxel to Brittni R. and Douglas B. Troxel.

* Brylen J. Langston to Kayla M. Langston.

* Bryson C. Dobbs to Amber R. Angus and Brandon W. Dobbs.

* Cailin V. Carter to Heather N. Canaan Carter and Eric M. Carte .

* Caleia D. Moss to Sierra S. and Collin M. Moss.

* Camryn E. Offet to Molly K. and Matthew J. Offet.

* Carlos A. Romero Jr. to Ever Abelar Ocampo and Carlos A. Romero Salinas.

* Charlotte A. Schroeder to Tonya M. and Matt J. Schroeder.

* Chase L. Collette to Kendall A. Young and Eric L. Collette.

* Christopher D. Mitchell to Allissa L. Mitchell.

* Cleo D. Gerardot to Natalie N. Rufer and Michael J. Gerardot.

* Connor W. Doerflein to Emily N. Lefebvre and Jordan A. Doerflein.

* Cooper J. Seitz to Ashley N. and Andrew J. Seitz.

* Cora G. Shriner to Kelli R. and Jared P. Shriner.

* Cosmo L. Gough to Aubrey N. and Nathaniel A. Gough.

* Crosby C. Hemsoth to Holly R. and Travis J. Hemsoth.

* Daxton A. Cattell to Lindsey A. Wells and Andrew P. Cattell.

* Dre’shawn T. Brown to Ashlee M. Krans and Robert G. Brown Jr.

* Dustin N. Smith to Jennifer K. and Bryan W. Smith.

* Edith R. Shoda to Alexis M. and Gregory E. Shoda.

* Eliana S. Foss to Stephanie L. and Jeremy A. Foss.

* Elijah A. Recker to Laura A. and Kye A. Recker.

* Elijah B. Niman to Lydia A. Miller and Joshua C. Niman.

* Elijah R. Nickelson to Karen A. and Ricardo Nickelson.

* Ellison A. Moreland to Ashley L. and Robert T. Moreland.

* Emiliano Diaz to Diana Diaz.

* Emily G. Schroeder to Lyndsy M. and Blaine A. Schroeder.

* Emma H. Detar to Michelle D. and Jason A. Detar.

* Emma R. Weisz to Bailey B. and Patrick M. Weisz.

* Ethan T. Heck to Sarah F. Heck.

* Evan A. Guretis to Janessa J. and Nicholas L. Guretis.

* Evelyn F. Miller to Alecia A. and Christopher M. Miller.

* Evelyn J. Lueders to Kaitlin E. and Derek T. Lueders.

* Felicity R. Freel to Mary L. and Thomas M. Freel.

* Freya A. Isert to Brandy L. Trenary and Ronald E. Isert II.

* Gabriella G. O’Dea to Nicole G. and Ryan J. O’Dea.

* Gage R. Bushee to Lindsay S. and Brandon R. Bushee.

* Georgia S. Spieth to Kelli K. and Joshua J. Spieth.

* Gianna R. Phinezy to Oneitra M. Phinezy.

* Giovanna B. Loum to Winnie D. Dasilva and Hans M. Loum.

* Gitika Singh to Miriva Magar and Gopesh K. Singh.

* Greyson C. Hart Brandy N. Mcmillenhart Stephen A. Hart .

* Hailey A. Lommatzsch to Jessica L. and Jesse T. Lommatzsch .

* Halas J. Laisure to Jessemie A. and Christopher K. Laisure.

* Hazel M. Tate to Shekinah A. Tate .

* Helen J. Hibler to Tina L. Muncie and Ronny L. Hibler .

* Henry M. Knight to Holly A. Knight.

* Henry T. Niccum to Jennifer S. Rasler and Daniel R. Niccum.

* Irena I. Enev to Silviya A. Angelova and Iliyan I. Enev.

* Ivy T. Fawcett to Abigail R. and Matthew E. Fawcett.

* Iyla G. Shutt to Dayna A. and Justin A. Shutt.

* Jackson D. Leitzel to Whitney D. and Andrew D. Leitzel.

* Jackson L. Harmer to Jessica Benitez and Kristopher C. Harmer.

* Jackson W. Sullivan to Kara A. and Tyler W. Sullivan.

* Jadarrian L. Green Jr. to Jamesha J. Coleman and Jadarrian L. Green.

* Jahmylah N. Brown to Quamonique D. Underwood and Jordan M. Brown.

* Jalyn L. Trainor to Keyami S. Kendrick and Lydell E. Trainor Jr.

* James J. Radtke to Amanda E. and James A. Radtke.

* Jameson J. Deyoung to Elizabeth A. and Nathaniel J. Deyoung.

* Jayla A. Davis to Bobbi J. Wyatt and James J. Davis Sr.

* Jocelyn D. Belcher to Crystal M. and Joseph D. Belcher.

* Josephina B. Sweigert to Christine N. and Wesley A. Sweigert.

* Joshanna L. Drudge to Ashley R. Drudge.

* Joshua A. Johnson to Lisa A. and Luke E. Johnson.

* Josiah J. Haney-Powell to Kiara R. Haney-Powell.

* Journee D. Luna to Jessica A. Luna.

* Kaiden A. Ursery to Erica M. Porter and Kyedarion S. Ursery.

* Kathleen L. Spieth to Kelli K. and Joshua J. Spieth.

* Kaziah A. West to Ashlea N. West.

* Keaton E. Jewell to Alisan R. and Rory D. Jewell.

* Khalil Z. Miles to Shadee M. Miles.

* Kindle S. Neal to Rochelle S. Neal.

* King J. Parrish to Preosha S. Graham-Coats and Christopher T. Parrish.

* Kingston C. Dominguez to Kaitlyn M. Dominguez.

* Lamir E. Ayers to Chasity S. Ayers.

* Landen L. Dickinson to Candis B. Parrish and Gregory D. Dickinson.

* Lavender K. Bruce to Amy M. Taulbee and Timothy A. Bruce.

* Layla L. Garcia to Alexandria M. Flores and Richard A. Garcia.

* Leah R. Alvarado to Ericka M. Cruz and Samuel L. Alvarado.

* Leilany S. Zavala to Danica M. Pachuca and Miguel Zavala Jr.

* Levi D. Blosser to Jessica E. and Matthew D. Blosser.

* Liam D. Thompson to Samantha C. Lopez and Tobias F. Eggleston Thompson.

* Liam R. Buckwalter to Chelsea L. and Adam R. Buckwalter.

* Liliana A. Walker to Brook A. Lapierre and Robin A. Walker.

* Lilly R. Corbin to Ashely N. Mcalkich and Jody L. Corbin.

* Lilly R. Knapp to Samantha K. and Andrew R. Knapp.

* Logan R. Grogg to Lindsey R. and Justin R. Grogg.

* Luke M. Janke to Danielle J. and Ryan M. Janke.

* Lydia J. Bahr to Kayla N. Sutphin and David J. Bahr.

* Madelyn G. Dubea to Kailey E. and Tialer C. Dubea.

* Makayla F. Shearer to Amanda M. Wolfe and Robert R. Shearer.

* Maria S. Rahuma to Fathia M. Elhadar and Shaban M. Rahuma.

* Mariana A. Sandoval Tellez to Deisy P. Sandoval Tellez.

* Maximus W. Rivera to Kendra R. and Felipe Rivera Jr.

* Maxwell H. Jackson to Cassie M. and Billy R. Jackson III.

* Maya E. Kogin to Julie E. and Joseph P. Kogin.

* Melia P. Olry to Elizabeth M. Olry.

* Mia Mustedanagic to Sabina and Sabahudin Mustedanagic.

* Milanna L. Drudge to Ashley R. Drudge.

* Miles E. Pitcher to Nicole R. and Jacob D. Pitcher.

* Mohammed Ehsan to Lsar Be and Ali Bi.

* Mohammed Ibrahim to Sar P. Bee and Sha Des.

* Naseema Har to Harbee Bar and Twar Lar Har.

* Nevaeh K. Hannah to Stakaya D. Hannah.

* Nia M. Chapman to Courdney Y. Chapman.

* Nicholas G. Giarmo to Abigail K. and Benjamin Giarmo.

* Noah C. Gonzalez to Marissa E. and Daniel E. Gonzalez.

* Nora M. Brake to Amber R. and Cody A. Brake.

* Norah L. Fisher to Lucy A. and Matthew L. Fisher.

* Oliver P. Skordos to Rachel E. and Christian P. Skordos.

* Olivia R. Imel to Kimberly A. and Rodney W. Imel.

* Ophelia J. Broaddus to Teresa G. and Daniel S. Broaddus.

* Orion I. Beiswanger to Deserae M. King and Tyler J. Beiswanger.

* Paul W. Bauer to Amber A. and Christopher L. Baue.

* Paxton M. Bowersock to Maria P. and Jason M. Bowersock.

* Percival T. Smith to Claire M. and Evan M. Smith.

* Pyper N. Herron to Kalissa N. and Tylor S. Herron.

* Q’avell J. Baylock to Lytronda L. Shamley and Quentrell L. Baylock.

* Qua’niyla D. Jackson to Desirea M. Butler and Quantae A. Jackson.

* Rayquise D. Anderson Jr. to Sambria L. Graham and Rayquise D. Anderson.

* Reagan L. Haas to Samantha L. and David G. Haas.

* Reagon D. Person to Alexus L. Royal and Daniel L. Person.

Reegin A. Dunkin to Sarah N. and Timothy A. Dunkin.

* Reese M. Lohse to Kali J. and Kraig A. Lohse.

* Reina L. Vega to Ariana L. Brady- Gonzalez and Daniel Vega.

* River R. Becker to Destina R. Brown and Timothy M. Becker Jr.

* Rosalyn N. Higginbotham to Samantha C. Jackson and Korbin J. Higginbotham.

* Ryan M. Ramsey to Sarah L. and Thomas J. Ramsey.

* Saksoi C. Hongsarwatoi to Mi K. Hongsarwatoi.

* Samuel F. Steinhofer to Rachel K. and Jonathan D. Steinhofer.

* Saul A. Ramirez to Brittany M. Ramirez and Marvin L. Ramirez-Jacobo.

* Sawyer L. Michaelkeller to Aja M. Michael-Keller.

* Sebastian A. Pointer to Callie L. Stockman and Ian A. Pointer.

* Selah R. Harrigan to Anne M. and Timothy S. Harrigan.

* Shaginna Bi to Ah Ki Yas Bi and Kyaw Naing.

* Silas A. Gerow to Jaclyn R. and Brad J. Gerow.

* Sophia Noh to Ho M. Dar and Adam Noh.

* Sullivan R. Oren to Stephanie M. and Caleb W. Oren.

* Sullivan S. Runyon to Betsy V. and William W. Runyon.

* Summer A. Daugherty to Autumn R. Luebke and Bryon T. Daugherty.

* Swa Bit to Mi Loe and Sodoe Ali.

* Thiri W. Kyaw to Salemah B. Khan and Kyaw S. Win.

* Trixie D. Kellogg to Ashley B. and Paul T. Kellogg.

* Tyler P. Rietdorf to Michelle M. and Anthony P. Rietdorf.

* Victor W. Duffey to Brittany E. Heinlen and Keith G. Duffey Jr.

* Walter D. Fisher to Deirdre T. and Joel A. Fisher.



Fort Wayne

* Weston Z. Rittenhouse to Jennifer L. Jacobs and Andrew R. Rittenhouse.

* Willow A. Walter to Valerie R. and Derek E. Walter.

* Yareli Pineda to Faviola Rosas-Diaz and Miguel Pineda Monterroso.

* Yukari C. Kennedy to Precious M. White and Tariko R. Kennedy.

* Zander R. Jones to Rachel L. Jones.

* Zecharius S. Nicholson Merri R. Peabody Jason S. Nicholson.

* Zeppelin D. Bright Ceiara D. Bright.

Feb. 8-21, 2016

* Abby A. Brooks to Divinity D. Brooks.

* Adam E. Bodnar to Lauren M. and David A. Bodnar.

* Addison N. Wolff to Ashleigh K. Prewett and Jeremiah D. Wolff.

* Adley A. Gettys to Jessica N. and Ryan M. Gettys.

* Adrian W. Toth to Elizabeth A. and Gary W. Toth.

* Aevha N. Nguyen to Paige N. Barnes and Tony M. Nguyen.

* Alanna A. King to Julie A. Freeman and Steven A. King.

* Alice E. Smith to Sara E. Matteucci and E. Smith.

* Aliviah H. Stinson to Bobbie T. Stinson.

* Amarion E. Miller to Ashley N. Wade and Antonio J. Miller.

* Amelia L. Williams to Shidasha R. James Anthony L. Williams Jr.

* Amina Edilov to Deja K. and Reshi M. Edilov.

* Anaya Kaur to Jasmin J. Amedavadi and Rajpreet Singh.

* Antavious M. Murph III to Shontanette N. Lloyd and Antavious M. Murph Jr.

* Arafat Ayub to Roshidah B. Ismail and Ayub B. Rahman.

* Ariela A. Husidic to Chelby C. and Edin Husidic.

* Arya R. Patterson to Carolyn R. and Kyle C. Patterson.

* Asher A. Black to Stacy R. and Ethan I. Black.

* Ashton A. Hockemeyer to Tori C. Bell and Joel A. Hockemeyer.

* Audrey G. Samuel to Darnesha R. Neal and Anthony C. Samuel.

* Austen E. Black to Stacy R. and Ethan I. Black.

* Avery M. McDaniel to Alexandria M. McDaniel.

* Benjamin J. Carnahan to Rebecca L. Carnahan.

* Benjamin R. Bradtmueller to Cynthia E. and Seth N. Bradtmueller.

* Benjamin R. Murphy to Robin N. and Ryan S. Murphy.

* Blessing K. Doeh to Ella M. Kue and Ne Doeh.

* Bode A. Bolesky to Liberty A. and Nicholas K. Bolesky.

* Brayla K. Billingsley to Ericka K. Hopkins and Branden D. Billingsley.

* Brooklynn W. Clark to Ashley E. Clark.

* Caius A. Stewart to Caitlan N. and Craig A. Stewart.

* Calia J. Carcione to Sydney J. Carcione.

* Callen C. McNair to Khaliyah S. McNair.

* Camden E. Creighton to Jennifer L. and Zachary J. Creighton.

* Cameron C. Foxworth to Candice M. Kennedy and D’andre’ Foxworth.

* Camila N. Ortiz to Kristen M. Yzenas and Vinicio R. Ortiz.

* Catherine R. Werschky to Rose M. and Jason J. Werschky.

* Charity D. Goins to Destiny A. and Joshua S. Goins.

* Christopher A. Ceballos to Maria C. De Lira Guzman and Erick F. Ceballos.

* Christopher I. Johnson to Ashley M. Crawford and Shane R. Johnson.

* Conner D. Faucett to Laura L. and Joshua L. Faucett.

* Creedance A. Briggsto Tayler K. Park and Chad A. Kennedy.

* Da’layah M. Simms to Bria L. Simms.

* Daniel H. Gaw to Bey B. Oo and Hsar M. Gaw.

* Dellah J. Konkle to Darbi N. and David J. Konkle.

* Dillon M. Dillon to Jerri L. Dillon.

* Dimhuai K. Thang to Dim Mang and Thomang C. Thang.

* Dolan P. Crouch to Keli C. Little and Corey A. Crouch.

* Duke G. Spiguzza to Lacey J. and Andrew J. Spiguzza.

* Elias M. Tatum to Jody B. Ream-Tatum and James M. Tatum.

* Elinor P. Brandenberger to Abigail N. and Matthew J. Brandenberger.

* Elliott K. McGill to Chelsea M. and Matthew R. McGill.

* Ellyanna I. Mosqueda to Amber L. Hopkins and Cruz A. Mosqueda.

* Emilee M. Wall to Angela M. and Rex M. Wall.

* Emilia R. Taing to Crystal R. Brooks and Andrew K. Taing I.

* Emma S. Zinn to Irene R. and Eric M. Zinn.

* Emmett J. Hyndman to Chelsea M. and Nathan J. Hyndman.

* Erow L. Higgins to Erica S. Lupkin and Owen M. Higgins.

* Esperanza G. Gonzalez to Perla E. Ramon and Noe Gonzalez.

* Ethan G. Miller to Sarah D. and Brian A. Miller.

* Evelyn G. Phillips to Colleen R. and Brad A. Phillips.

* Evelyn M. Rennhack tp Madeline E. and Andrew R. Rennhack.

* Everett L. Branning to Kimberly R. and David L. Branning.

* Fa R. Da to San San Htway and Za Min.

* Falyn Y. Hill to Letha D. Hill.

* Finn W. Ferguson to Jenna R. and Ryan J. Ferguson.

* Francisco E. Ghotra to Danielle D. Gooden and Sundarpal S. Ghotra.

* Gabriel M. Johnson to Ashley M. Crawford and Shane R. Johnson.

* Gemma M. McCarthy to Adelina M. and Andrew J. McCarthy.

* Gianna M. Soto to Kristen M. Pape and Matthew P. Soto.

* Grace J. Seeger to Amanda E. and Adam Z. Seeger.

* Grayson A. Belt to Kaitlin M. and Mickey J. Belt.

* Grayson M. Harmeyer to Amy M. and Brian M. Harmeyer.

* Harper J. German to Kami K. and Kenneth E. German.

* Hazel E. Johnson to Abigail M. and Jason M. Johnson.

* Henry E. Bergman to Mary E. and Ethan M. Bergman.

* Hudson J. Swygart to Elizabeth L. and Timothy J. Swygart.

* Hudson L. Bratten to Allison R. and Joshua A. Bratten.

* Hunter M. Noyes to Morgan I. and John M. Noyes.

* Irelynn G. Starling to Skyllar A. Starling.

* Isabella G. Ly to Dep T. Tran and Tri V. Ly.

* Isabella H. James to Jessica E. and Michael J. James.

* Isaiah L. Carlisle to Shanitra L. Carlisle.

* Ja’onna L. Wilson to Patricia C. Ensley and Jevon L. Wilson.

* Jacarri K. Sanders to Jaquelia T. Sanders.

* Jack S. Smith to Danielle M. and Justin M. Smith.

* Jacob A. Scribner to Ashley R. Scribner and Bruce J. Neal.

* Jaeden M. Jones to Hollie M. Hunter and Jeremiah D. Jones.

* Jahmere D. Edmondson to Julia D. Edmondson.

* Jamari L. Slater to Desiree C. Slater.

* Jamea L. Gant to Shantell R. Gant.

* Jameston A. Roth to Keitra L. Duff and James A. Roth.

* Jaxon M. Grabner to Jaima L. and Mark F. Grabner.

* Jay’veion M. Jones to Markeshia L. Jones.

* Jayme L. Hunter to Jaeme A. Eldridge and Tae’shaun E. Hunter.

* Jessica Quintana Perez to Carolina Perez and Jose A. Quintana.

* Jh’myla R. Porter to Timiya O. Porter.

* Jo’siah E. Jones to Taylor A. Perry and Reginald L. Jones Jr.

* Jordan A. Richards to Amy E. and Zachary S. Richards.

* Jose L. Granados to Minerva Granados.

* Joshua S. Diallo to Kadidiatou Diallo.

* Journey N. Beaver to Jessica N. and Adam L. Beaver.

* Juliaching N. Lien to Cing Tawng and Kai K. Lai.

* Jurnee N. Chapman to Latesha M. Carswell and Jason D. Chapman.

* Kai A. Cervantes to Sarah E. Weber and Justin T. Cervantes.

* Kailen C. Carrico to Onny K. Carrico.

* Kasandra Pacheco to Erica Martinez and Sergio Pacheco.

* Kenna R. St. Andrew to Kelsey E. St. Andrew.

* Kenny L. Turner to Megan K. Tun and Kenneth L. Turner.

* Kingston M. Cohen to Marjorie F. Parker and Michael A. Cohen Jr.

* Kinslee L. Parrish to Whitney K. Wagoner and Thomas J. Parrish.

* Krystian A. Pricemartin to Evelyn J. Price-Martin and Thomas E. Martin.

* Kyle L. Gerig to Charity L. and Ryan W. Gerig.

* Landon J. Cox to April L. and Aaron J. Cox.

* Laylah A. Burnett to Ashley L. Englert and Quentin R. Burnett.

* Levi D. Jones to Malarie J. Will and Ryan P. Jones.

* Liam B. Patterson to Lauren N. Patterson.

* Lillian J. Barker to Madeline A. Kiefer and Joel D. Barker.

* Lillian R. Kratt to Sierra R. and Travis A. Kratt.

* Lillianna M. Brown to Tiffany M. Brown.

* Lilyannah G. Owen to Rebecca L. Gibson and Brent M. Owen.

* Lincoln M. Monaco to Taylor J. and Daniel R. Monaco.

* Logan M. Kittredge to Chelsey E. and Christopher R. Kittredge.

* London D. Clark to Teneka L. Kizer-Clark and John E. Clark.

* Luca D. Maurizi to Cindy D.and David E. Maurizi.

* Lucy L. Winebrenner to Melissa M. and Kirk A. Winebrenner.

* Lydia D. Holman to Nivia S. Holman.

* Macie G. Weidemeier to Regina M. and Mark J. Weidemeier.

* Mackayla R. Harris to Jetaun L. and Bruce C. Harris.

* Mackenzie L. Dugan to Cailey L. Culbertson and Jesse E. Dugan.

* Madelyn A. Rutherford to Sara E. and Blake D. Rutherford.

* Madelyn R. Carpenter to Amy S. Denham and Trevor A. Carpenter.

Fort Wayne

* Madelyn R. Young to Christina A. and Joshua R. Young.

* Magdalena R. Digan to Kaitlin A. and Patrick M. Digan.

* Marcus D. Mudd Jr. to Jennifer L. Boyd and Marcus D. Mudd.

* Mareyae M. Goodman to Ashley M. Goodman.

* Marvin O. Vetter to Sarah J. and Adam E. Vetter.

* Matayah M. Lunford to Kylee F. and Rickyle C. Lunford.

* Mateo G. Dorissant to Jada E. and Carl-Philip Dorissant.

* Mckinley R. Harris to Evelyn R. Harris.

* Mia L. Griffith to Paige N. and Adam J. Griffith.

* Miaira L. Simmons to Dominique L. Simmons.

* Michael A. Laferriere to Helen M. Laferriere.

* Michael C. Scott to Ericka L. and Christopher M. Scott.

* Mikaeel K. Mir Ali to Ayza Omar and Mir Murtaza Y. Ali.

* Mohamed N. Zamahn to Sue I. Ma and Mahn Mahn.

* Molly K. Meyer to Danielle L. and Andrew D. Meyer.

* Nadia L. Fiedler to Emily M. Filipiak and Matthew H. Fiedler.

* Nicolas P. Lichtsinn to Gabriela R. Orduno and Craig A. Lichtsinn Jr.

* Norah S. Bryan to Abby R. and Shaun E. Bryan.

* Nouradine A. Ali to Souad A. Goni and Ahmat A. Ahmat.

* Nova J. Berry to Ashley N. Wilson and Kirby J. Berry.

* Nur Rahman to Khin M. Nu and Ka M. Deen.

* Olivia G. Belbutoski to Erin J. and Richard A. Belbutoski.

* Orion A. Rencher to Shatoya L. and Otis Rencher.

* Rafee O. Lar to Twar H. Dar and Ar P. Lay.

* Ranyla S. Paris-Smith to Taleisha A. Paris and Ronnie E. Smith Jr.

* Raya A. Bradley to Ronysha R. Fowlkes and Tyray A. Bradley.

* Rayfaah Si to Pharifav Lwin and Ba Si.

* Reagan E. Hutter to Renee E. and Joseph S. Hutter.

* Reed E. Hawthorne to Candace L. and Michael S. Hawthorne.

* Richard K. Osei Jr to Christina K. and Richard Osei-Kofi.

* Riley D. Runyan to Allison L. and Travis C. Runyan.

* Riley H. Bennett to Abigail R. and Ethan J. Bennett.

* Riley J. Albers to Shannon E. and Eugene B. Albers.

* Ruby G. Todd to Amber R. and Nathan R. Todd.

* Rylan A. Decker to Alexandra L. Brown and Austin A. Decker.

* Ryleigh L. Parrish to Sharonda A. Stanford and Frederick O. Parrish.

* Sadie R. Bell to Bethanny R. Kinsey and James M. Bell.

* Samaira Jaiswal to Vinita and Suresh Jaiswal.

* Sander O. Araujo to Christina M. and Carlos M. Araujo.

* Sarah Franco to Jeniva Harms and Rene Franco.

* Sha’mya A. Hannah to Shamay B. Jones and Cedrick W. Hannah Jr.

* Sharon N. Vazquez to Yanira Y. Bedolla Lopez and Saul Vazquez Diaz.

* Simon V. Mente to Audrey R. and Steven J. Mente.

* Skylon E. Montalvo to Sirena S. Freeman and Timothy W. Montalvo II.

* Sloane E. Till to Bethany L. and Eric M. Till.

* Solomon A. Pearson to Jeanna J. and Cleavon L. Pearson.

* Sun’niye R. Love to Audrey M. Harris and Terry S. Love.

* Ta’vayah L. Storey to Tamara L. Storey.

* Tate L. Whybrew to Sarah E. and Nathan E. Whybrew.

* Thea B. Keys to Melissa Mencarelli and Nickolas W. Keys.

* Thomas Q. Baker to Crytstal J. Miteff and Chad M. Baker.

* Torin P. O’Herron to Jennifer L. O’Herron.

* Vincent W. Corner to Alicia M. and David B. Corner.

* Violet E. McCain to Myra A. and David M. McCain.

* Xzavier J. White to Porsha R. Kelley and Tyrone A. White.

* Yair N. Cornelio to Elitania Martinez and Jorge Cornelio.

* Yanamarie M. Crandall to Briana M. Moreno and Deshaun D. Crandall.

* Zachary R. Sanderson to Cherie L. and Scott A. Sanderson.

* Zemirah L. Young to Cerah M. Young.

* Zoey J. Topp to Brittany P. Rhodes and William T. Topp.

* Zurie R. Arquette to Maria R. and Robert J. Arquette.

Through Jan. 24.


* Kieanna D. Bolen to Ellen L. and Kenneth D. Bolen Jr.


* Amaya Santoyo Almanza to Mariana Almanza Garcia and J. Guadalupe Santoyo.

* Lucas D. Balyeat to Kelly D. and Jacob W. Balyeat.

* Nolan L. Watson to Laura L. and Bradley J. Watson.

* Ruby E. Menefee to Kristina J. and Timothy M. Menefee.


* Azalia A. Horn to Michelle J. and Bradley L. Horn.

* Kai A. Chavis to Tiffany C. Fitzwater and Malachi H. Chavis.


* Stella K. Hart to Kelly M. Hart.


* G. Schultz to Jessica L. and Trey L. Schultz.


* Sadie R. Watson to Mikala K. and Colton R. Watson.


* Brantley S. Geiselman to Jessica E. and Dustin S. Geiselman.


* Roman M. Pequignot to Melanie L. and Chase M. Pequignot.


* Grant D. Adams to Krysta R. and Ronnie W. Adams Jr.

Columbia City

* Dalton W. Carroll to Danielle M. Carroll.

* Levi E. Rhoades to Rachael V. and Ethan D. Rhoades.

* Oakleigh R. Steele to Vanessa E. and Kenneth J. Steele.


* Amelia N. Hogue to Erika L. Shaw and Matthew R. Hogue.

* Charis M. Dodrill to Chasity M. Becklehimer and Anthony R. Dodrill.


* Raelynn M. Vanderbosch to Courtney M. Vanderbosch and Austin J. Coak.


* Ethan J. Borntrager to Clara F. and Kenneth O. Borntrager.


* Savannah G. Mesing to Meghan N. and William D. Mesing.


* Adelaide E. Brown to Veronica R. and Joseph M. Brown.


* Ayvian W. McCann to Randalla M. Lee and Jeremy S. McCann.


* Addilynn G. Furnish to Moriah L. and Trevor L. Furnish.


* Aaliyah J. Diaz to Magali Pita Guillermo Diaz.

* Alyssa C. Halsey to Richelle M. and Shaun M. Halsey.

* Oliver J. Meyer to Faith E. Meyer.

* Reid J. Johnson to Amber M. and Troy W. Johnson.


* Zachary L. Miller to Elnora E. and Jerry J. Miller.


* Michael W. Braun to Angela M. and Bradley E. Braun.


* Jonathan S. Schwartz to Susan D. and Harvey R. Schwartz.

New Haven

* Brandon W. McCann II to Courtney R. King and Brandon W. McCann.

* Javon W. Schmucker to Julie K. and Jess A. Schmucker.

* Knox A. Ruch to Danielle M. and Jacob A. Ruch.

* Mason A. Sheetz to Jennifer A. Sheetz.

* Sylas R. Botello to Whitney D. Hemsoth and Margarito Botello Jr.

* Trey M. Burbank Jr. to Autumn N. Nowostawski and Trey M. Burbank.

North Manchester

* Ruby A. Parker to Kellie M. and Patrick D. Parker.


* Remy R. Meyer to April M. and Brandon R. Meyer.

* Sienna B. Sommer to Kylie N. and Samuel F. Sommer.

Pleasant Lake

* Blake M. Tarbet to Jessica N. and Michael D. Tarbet.


* Sienna L. Salcedo to Christie S. and Stephen M. Salcedo.

South Whitley

* J. D. Allender to Brandy A. and Andrew J. Allender II.


* Leora R. Schwartz to Sharon R. and John D. Schwartz.

* Millicent J. Ballinger to Kara N. and Benjamin A. Ballinger.

* Wyatt D. Delagrange to Sarah M. and Aaron D. Delagrange.


* Charlotte W. Monroe to Bridie M. and Jeremy M. Monroe.

Through Jan. 24


* Harper K. Leas to Michella S. and Christopher R. Leas.


* Jaxton M. Henthorn to Carrie M. and Jason M. Henthorn.

Feb. 8-21, 2016


* Fredrick M. Campbell to Sarah J. and Jeffery A. Campbell.

* Jagger J. Mccoy to Angela L. and Brent J. McCoy.

* Kepler O. Davis to Kelly J. and Jared M. Davis.

* Nicolas A. Erazo to Elizabeth S. and Andres J. Erazo.


* Larkin U. Omspacher to Christina M. and Zebulon K. Omspacher.


* Bethany L. Wickey to Deborah R. and Ruben M. Wickey.

* Clayton W. Decker to Maekayla L. Carper and Caleb W. Decker.

* Connor L. Souder to Amber L. and Michael L. Souder.

* Ezra R. Sanders to Kelsey D. and Richard H. Sanders.

* Jane E. Hissong to Catherine J. Hipskind and Aaron B. Hissong.

* Logan J. Corbett to Jill M. and Brian E. Corbett.

* Natalia G. Nelson to Erika Y. Sanchez and Christopher D. Nelson.

* Olivia A. Reger to Emily A. and Adam K. Reger.


* Fiona J. Fisher to Michele and Christopher P. Fisher.


* Kensley A. Richard to Kylee B. Helton and Joshua A. Richard.

* Vivian D. Bailey to Rebecca A. and Bradly O. Bailey.


* Addison E. Thompson to Shelby K. and Cody R. Thompson.

* Amos T. Littell to Valerie J. and Jesse A. Littell.

* Griffin R. Campbell to Rebekah D. and Tyson M. Campbell.

* Ryder D. Smith to Kimberly D. and Joel A. Smith.


* Alice J. Conkle to Kayla N. and Harold W. Conkle.


* Quintin T. Pedraza to Stacey L. Bodnaradams and James D. Pedraza.

Columbia City

* Alexis L. Rose to Tiffany D. Rose.

* Jaxson D. McCoy to Stefanie R. Lawson and Quimbia J. McCoy.

* Kahrlee M. Goss tp Trisha J. and Justin G. Goss.

* Nora P. Lehman to Madison L. and Todd R. Lehman.

* Silas J. Peters to Lara M. Melton and Timothy J. Peters.


* Claire A. Emenhiser to Amanda J. and Kyle G. Emenhiser.

* Evalynn G. Corral to Lindsay N. and Joseph A. Corral.

* Evan A. Howell to Amy M. and Brett A. Howell.

* Maverick J. Foreman to Amber M. Bible and David M. Foreman.


* Evan R. Sisson to Jessa R. and Justin M. Sisson.

* Tucker D. Howard to Breana D. Littleford and Nicholas R. Howard.


* Clara W. Eicher to Ada E. and Marcus C. Eicher.


* Graysen A. Brookhart to Casey N. Brookhart.


* Keegan A. Kirkman to Jamie L. and Bradley A. Kirkman.

* Remey N. Conrad to Janine K. and Brett M. Conrad.


* Eloise J. Dettmer to Aubrey M. and Aaron J. Dettmer.

* Oliver E. Doust to Jennifer N. and Joseph G. Doust.

* Parker P. Tran to Jenny N. Ha and Andrew Q. Tran.


* Chase A. Rennaker to Stephanie A. Chapman and Chad A. Rennaker.

* Isaac A. Kline to Olivia M. and Jonathan L. Kline.

* Isaac J. Smith to Sara E. and Joshua S. Smith.

* Joyce M. Riley to Lennette T. and Tracy J. Riley.

* Liam D. Wiley to Linsee K. Ruppel-Wiley and Todd D. Wiley.

* Malia P. Boone to Stacey A. and Derek D. Boone.

* Octavia J. Watkins to Michaella L. and Ronnie J. Watkins.


* Alice R. Acker to Kendra R. and Andrew C. Acker.

* Aurora E. Dominguez to Maria C. and Edgar J. Dominguez.

* Austin J. Collins to Audrey N. and Benjamin E. Collins.

* Bailee M. Pruitt to Emalee P. and Shawn D. Pruitt.

* Kayidence M. Powers to Alisha M. Woods and Adam L. Powers.

* Leilyn U. Gibson Baldwin to Ashlyn S. Gibson Baldwin.

* Oliver W. Sorg and Olivia E. Sorg to Steffani J. Colter and Michael B. Sorg.

* Peyton S. Powers to Alisha M. Woods and Adam L. Powers.


* Easton G. Ringger to Bethany C. and Jonathan D. Ringger.

* Marissa J. Pitzer to Lynn A. and J. D. Pitzer.


* Jeremiah R. Burt to Nicole A. and Michael R. Burt.

New Haven

* Abram M. Lengacher to Irene R. and Jacob C. Lengacher.

* Elliot R. Wyss to Darcy R. and Thomas C. Wyss.

* Emmaline V. Albert to Kenna A. and Daniel A. Albert.

* Harper E. Schaadt to Elizabeth A. and Benjamin S. Schaadt.

* Jacquel L. Weaver to Crystal B. Weaver.

* Jesiah J. Wittmer to Rosa M. and Jesse B. Wittmer.

* Kayden A. Gerardot to Destiney D. Beard and Jae F. Gerardot.

* Miriam M. Lengacher to Marie and Marlin R. Lengacher.

* Marshall J. Schwartz-Eicher to Elisa R. Schwartz and Dakota D. Eicher.

* Norman J. Graber to Laura A. and Menno A. Graber.

* Rylie S. Whetsel to Jennifer L. Minick and Bradley T. Whetsel.

* Skylar K. Starks to Deamber D. Starks.

North Manchester

* Jaxon C. Metzger to Heidi M. and Neil D. Metzger.

* Landon I. Slone to Jesmine P. and Scott D. Slone.

* Maxwell A. Dierks to Sarrah N. Dierks.


* Ryder J. Kumfer to Ashley N. and Kody J. Kumfer.


* Jace H. Mishler and Jorja R. Mishler to Jami L. and Franklin F. Mishler.


* Makayla G. Bowman to Jessica S. Bear and Cory M. Bowman.


* Alexander J. Smith to Ashley M. Smith.

* Evangeline R. Grable tp Camille M. and Jerry M. Grable.

* Freya D. Williamson to Cally M. and Christopher G. Williamson.

* Parker K. McGehee to Megan R. and Travis I. Mcgehee.

* Violet A. Lederle to Cassie I. and Caleb M. Lederle.


* Christopher A. Setser to Cheyenne N. Armstrong and Robert A. Setser.

* Tallen W. Swanson to Tamara J. and William R. Swanson.


* Skyla M. Alexander to Syblebreonaa M. Alexander.

* Taylor A. Vanlandingham to Heather N. and Brett A. Vanlandingham.


* Aaron W. Frye to Katherine L. and Matthew R. Frye.

* Martelo J. Berry to Natena J. Berry.

* Wiley E. Bell to Jennifer E. and Kyle E. Bell.


* Harvey A. Chaple to Lindsay C. and Justin T. Chaple.

* Mariah J. Hartman to Katherine R. and Sean J. Hartman.


* Evelyn J. Danner to Kimberly S. and Brian E. Danner.

* Jaxson D. Hostetler to Abby M. Hinrichs and Daniel R. Hostetler.


* Eden C. Paden to Katie J. and Joseph D. Paden.


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