St. Joseph Hospital has a long history of care

St. Joseph Hospital is seen in about 1910. The Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ religious order gradually expanded the hospital from the former Rockhill House hotel where they started in 1869 to a larger hospital to serve Fort Wayne's medical needs. (News-Sentinel file photo)

This timeline provides a glimpse of St. Joseph Hospital’s long presence in Fort Wayne. The information came from the hospital’s website, www.stjoehospital.com/history:

* 1869: St. Joseph Hospital opens in the former Rockhill House hotel, which was constructed about 1838. It is operated by the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ order of religious women.

* 1876: A doctor’s clinic opens and the first resident physician, Dr. Friscus, begins practice at the hospital.

* 1894: Expansion project adds elevators and private and semi-private rooms.

* 1899: An isolation hospital is constructed nearby for tuberculosis patients.

* 1900: The “country hospital” is annexed into the city of Fort Wayne.

* 1912: Construction of a building addition moves the hospital’s front doors to Broadway from their former location on Main Street.

* 1914: The first birth in the hospital happens at 7:40 p.m. March 7.

* 1918: The hospital opens the St. Joseph School of Nursing.

* 1921: The maternity ward opens.

* 1929: The Rockhill House hotel that originally served as the hospital is demolished. A new seven-story structure with 350 patient beds is constructed, extending the hospital to Van Buren Street.

* 1952: One floor of the hospital is set up solely to care for polio victims, accommodating 136 patients.

* 1966: Construction projects include a nine-story wing along Broadway and a four-story building on Van Buren Street. The work includes adding a chapel.

* 1974: St. Joseph Regional Burn Center opens.

* 1984: St. Joseph Hospital buys land near Dupont Road and Interstate 69 with a goal of expanding health-care services to that area.

* 1988: The St. Joseph School of Nursing closes.

* 1990: The first phase of Dupont Medical Center opens at Dupont Road and Interstate 69.

* 1993: The Children’s Care Center moves from the hospital to Lafayette Medical Center, Pontiac and Lafayette streets.

* 1994: Dupont Medical Center Phase II is completed.

* 1996: The Frank Freimann Regional Outpatient Burn Unit opens.

* 1998: Quorum Health Group of Brentwood, Tenn., buys St. Joseph Hospital from Ancilla Systems, which is sponsored by the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ religious order.

* 2000: The hospital opens Fort Wayne’s first permanent palliative care room for terminally ill patients.

* 2001: Triad Hospitals of Dallas buys Quorum Health Group, including St. Joseph Hospital.

* 2003: A $5.5 million Emergency Department renovation and expansion takes place.

* 2005: The obstetrics area receives a $1.8 million renovation and expansion.

* 2007: Community Health Systems buys Triad Hospitals, including St. Joseph Hospital.

* 2009: The intensive care unit receives a $750,000 renovation and upgrade.

* 2014: A $5.9 million renovation of the surgical department includes updating and enlarging operating suites and related areas, as well as upgrading surgical equipment.

* 2015: A $2.1 million renovation improves the catheterization laboratory and diagnostic procedural services area.


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