Allen County Recorder offers new property fraud alert system

The Allen County Recorder’s office is offering a free “Property Fraud Alert” online subscription service that allows residents to have their name monitored within the office in order to track possible fraudulent recordings that affects their property.

The threat of mortgage fraud and identity theft crimes continues to rise, but many victims are unaware their homes or identity have been stolen. While Property Fraud Alert does not prevent fraud from happening, it provides an early warning system for property owners to take appropriate action.

A common property fraud scenario involves a criminal filing a bogus deed making it appear that the actual owner had transferred ownership of a parcel to someone else. The criminal then takes that deed to a bank, fraudulently obtains a mortgage and then disappears with a large amount of money.

With Property Fraud Alert, subscribers will be notified when the name they have submitted is used in any recording activities within the Recorder’s office. When subscribing to the service, the subscriber will have the option to choose notification by email or telephone call.

Property Fraud Alert is available by subscription on the web at www.allencountyrecorder.us/Services/PropertyFraud.aspx or by contacting the Recorder’s office at 1-260-449-7165.