Fort Wayne’s Addison Agen a good fit for tonight’s mashup duets on ‘The Voice’

Addison Agen of Fort Wayne will try to advance tonight to the finals of "The Voice." She and other Top 8 contestants will perform one solo song and one as part of a mashup duet with another contestant. (Photo by Tyler Golden/NBC)
Tavis Schlicker, who has worked with Addison Agen for a couple of musicals performed at Concordia Lutheran High School, stands in front of the many awards won by the school's choral department. Schlicker believes Addison will make a good duet partner when the Top 8 finalists perform mashup duets tonight on "The Voice." (By Kevin Kilbane of News-Sentinel.com)

The personality of Fort Wayne’s Addison Agen should be a strength when it comes to her mashup duet with Keisha Renee during tonight’s performance show on “The Voice.”

“She is great at being gracious and humble,” Tavis Schlicker said of Addison.

Schlicker is director of choral activities at Addison’s school, Concordia Lutheran High School, and has worked with Addison, 16, during a couple of student stage musicals presented there.

Along with each contestant singing one song solo as they have in past weeks, tonight’s show will feature pairs of contestants singing separate songs “mashed” together as a duet.

The mashup pairings have been posted on “The Voice” rules web page:

• Addison Agen (Team Adam) and Keisha Renee (Team Blake)

• Adam Cunningham (Team Adam) and Red Marlow (Team Blake)

• Brooke Simpson (Team Miley) and Davon Fleming (Team Jennifer)

• Chloe Kohanski (Team Blake) and Noah Mac (Team Jennifer)

“The Voice” officials haven’t revealed what songs the Top 8 contestants will sing tonight for their solo performance or in their mashup duet.

“The Voice” will be broadcast locally at 8 p.m. on Fort Wayne’s NBC, Channel 21.2.


While singing a duet has inherent challenges, “The Voice” mashup duets add the complication that each member of the duet is competing to advance to next week’s season finale.

Some contestants may be tempted to dominate their duet in hopes of making the final, Schlicker said before the show announced Addison will be paired with Keisha Renee, who has a big voice.

But for the duet to come off well, “you have to be intentionally incredible and supportive,” he said. “I think it is a delicate line to walk. How much is too much, and how much is too little?”

He believes Addison will collaborate well with her duet partner.

Addison’s father, Morrison Agen of Fort Wayne, agrees.

With a duet, you have to be “as complementary as possible to make a really, really good song happen,” and making good music is really important to Addison, said Agen, who owns Neat Neat Neat Records & Music at 1836 S. Calhoun St.

He also served as producer for the recording of Addison’s first album, “New Places,” and has helped produce albums for other local musicians.

Schlicker said “The Voice” officials also have been good about arranging songs in musical keys favorable to each singer’s voice and ensuring each voice gets featured time.

The contestants already have had one duet experience on the show because they all had to sing a duet in the battle round, Morrison Agen said.

Addison sang with Karli Webster when both were on Team Miley. Their celebrity coach, Miley Cyrus, gave Webster the victory in a close call.

Coaches Adam Levine and Jennifer Hudson then both hit their buttons to “steal” Addison, who chose to join Levine’s team. Addison has been part of Team Adam since.

“She’s definitely holding up well,” her father said of Addison. He anticipates the same tonight.

“She’s not tied to outcome,” he said, saying Addison focuses on making good music.

“She does everything to the best of her ability,” he added.


The change in format for this week’s “The Voice” performance show also means changes in how you can vote for contestants.

Addison Agen and the other Top 8 contestants each will perform a solo song and a mashup duet with another contestant.

Based on the rules, it appears you can cast a combined total of at least 44 votes for one artist during the overnight voting period by using all available methods to vote for their solo performance and duet.

Here’s a breakdown:


During the overnight voting period of Monday night into early Tuesday morning, you can vote for the solo song performance in the usual ways. See the link below under “HOW TO VOTE,” or for more information and links to vote, go to https://www.nbc.com/the-voice/exclusives/voice-methods.

Total solo performance votes include:

• “The Voice” smartphone app: up to 10 votes

• Online at www.nbc.com or via Facebook: up to 10 votes

• iTunes: 1 vote by downloading the song

• Apple Music: up to 10 votes by streaming the song 10 times

• Xfinity.com or X1 system: 1 vote


During the overnight voting period, you also can vote for an artist by voting for her or his duet performance using the following methods. Your vote(s) go equally to both artists in the duet:

• iTunes: 1 vote by downloading the song

• Apple Music: up to 10 votes by streaming the song 10 times

• Twitter: 1 vote by vote 8 p.m. Monday to noon Tuesday by sending a tweet with the hashtag containing the two artists’ first names in alphabetical order and the word “duet,” such as #AddisonKeishaDuet. The tweet vote won’t count if a contestant’s name is misspelled or the two names aren’t in alphabetical order, but the tweet can be all lower-case letters, as in #addisonkeishaduet.

If the duet performance makes it into the Top 10 on the iTunes 200 Songs chart, both contestants will receive five times the number of iTunes votes they actually received for that song.

In addition, any iTunes downloads or Apple Music streaming of a contestant’s “The Voice” performances made outside of the overnight voting window, but made now through 7 a.m. Dec. 19, will count toward the contestant’s cumulative vote total, if she or he makes it to this season’s final show Dec. 19.


Here’s a link to our story about voting rules and methods:

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