Amazon, Fort Wayne should be on the HQ2 short list, too

Fort Wayne would make a great location for Amazon.com's planned second headquarters, HQ2. (News-Sentinel.com photo illustration by Brad Saleik)

Hey, Amazon: Congratulations on coming up with a “short” list of 20 cities — including Indianapolis — in which you may locate HQ2, your second headquarters.

Not to second-guess the business wizards that have gotten you where you are today, but we think there should be one other name on the list – Fort Wayne, Ind.

After all, the website This Insider just named Fort Wayne the best place to live in Indiana (Pardon us, Indianapolis!).

So here are 10 reasons you should put HQ2 here:

• We have an international airport, plus you get a cookie and a smile every time you arrive here.

• We have sports teams with the best nicknames. Where else can you find teams known as the Mastodons and Mad Ants. And we have the mascots to go with them! We also started the NBA’s Pistons – they played here before moving to Detroit.

• We love books and shopping. What can we say: During the winter, there’s not too much else to do here, so people hit the great libraries we have and the malls. You probably already know we shop online, too.

• We are located on three rivers. If the drone delivery thing doesn’t fly, you can try delivering purchases by airboat, jet ski or radio-controlled small watercraft. We have water access to the Great Lakes system and the Ohio and Mississippi rivers and the Gulf of Mexico.

• We love to eat out, so we have lots and lots of restaurant choices, including Fort Wayne’s Famous Coney Island and the aroma-lingering Powers Hamburgers. And we have Starbucks – more than one, to be precise.

• We give great tax incentives, all the way down to lemonade stands. OK, that’s a slight exaggeration – but only slight!

• Many famous people grew up or have lived here, such as actresses Carole Lombard and Shelley Long, fashion designer Bill Blass, occupational health pioneer Alice Hamilton and numerous sports stars. Plus, we were named after a guy named Gen. “Mad” Anthony Wayne. And we had a mayor named Harry Baals. How do you top that?

• Elvis was here. Three times! Really! In 1957, 1972 and 1976.

• We have a shorter name than many other cities on your list, and we abbreviate especially well: HQ2FW.

• We were home to the “World famous WOWO fire escape” for decades on radio. Can any city top that? Huh? Don’t think so!


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