THIS DAY IN HISTORY: March 31 in photos

1994 - Bill Blosser, Maintenance Manager for ARC, looks through one of the boxes that is being donated to them. The donation is property that was seized in a drug raid two years ago. Including several VCR's, T.v.'s, telephones and stereo systems.
1994 - Jerry Wilson, Executive Chef/General Manager of Summit Gardens, 4747 Lima Rd. uses a chain saw to to do an ice carving of a bunny. Summit Gardens plans to use the ice carving on Easter Sunday, in their establishment.
1995 - Alfonso James leads the stretches for his peers during a recent track practice at Elmhurst High School.
1995 - Local nurses and nursing students hold a rally at Freimann Square to coincide with the "Nurses March On Washington D.C." also on Friday.
1996 - Fire tears through an apartment building at 1672 Reed Rd. around 5:30 p.m. Sunday.
1998 - Dan Purvis is closing his New Haven store, Purvis Card & Gifts, in June. The drugstore, the last remnant of a three-store chain of pharmacies, gradually broadened its merchandise and stopped filling prescriptions in the 1990s, when Purvis sold his other two locations to Hook's.
1999 - A sign in the window of the Old Country Buffet notifies customers that the resturant will be closing April 1, 1999. Many customers were upset but not suprised by the news. Southtown Mall, where the buffet is located, has been in a business nosedive for a few years.
2000 - DeKalb high School catcher Stef Schermann, senior, shows that the knee she injured last year is recovering nicely, as she chases down a line drive during practice.
2004 - Deb Osborne and her Willy Dog cart at an auction in Decatur,
2004 - Spc. John Amick of the 221st Ordnance Company guards a security checkpoint at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin on Wednesday, Mar. 31, as part of training for an 18-month deployment to Afghanistan.
2004 - Marion Center Road bridge over St. Marys River in southern Allen County is aging and said to be the most structurally deficient bridge in the county.
2006 - Allen County Courthouse dome clock
2010 - Students at Cedar Canyon Elementary School, 15011 Coldwater Road, got a visit from a baby Tyrannosaurus rex on Tuesday afternoon. The dinosaur was a promotion for "Walking with Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular," which will be at Memorial Coliseum on April 27-28.
2014 - The Fort Wayne TinCaps loosen up before their first practice on Monday, March 31, 2014 at Parkview Field.
2014 -Enrique Lopez,18, plays with, Francisco Guillermo, 2, at Foster Park Monday afternoon. Lopez said he and his mother were watching the toddler-soccer player.
2015 - Rise’n Roll’s fruit tart has a nice mix of grapes, kiwi slices, mandarin oranges and fresh strawberries. The buttery filling has a taste and texture of cheesecake
2017 - Two men work on demolition Tuesday at the Wendy's, 1021 S. Clinton St., which is closed until May for remodeling. takes a daily look back at some of the historical people and events from our archives for this day of the calendar year through the years. We hope you enjoy our gallery.