Allen County Election Board to consider vote-security plan

Beth Dlug

Thanks to a new state law, every county in Indiana must have a plan to safeguard the integrity of their voting equipment by July 1. Allen County was ahead of the curve.

“We adopted a significant protocol last year, (so) we just need to make it formal with a resolution from the Election Board,” said Beth Dlug, director of elections, who said the board is expected to do just that Wednesday.

Under the county guidelines implemented last year, only personnel identified by badges are allowed access to areas containing any of the county’s 675 electronic voting machines and 260 electronic poll books. The identification system prevents unauthorized people from gaining access to the machines and possibly altering them, Dlug said.

Without its own plan, she added, Allen County would have to follow guidelines outlined by the state, which would require all machines and poll books to be “tagged” to prevent unauthorized access. “That would be very time consuming, and probably not as good (as what the county is already doing),” she said.

The Election Board could ratify the existing plan or amend it, Dlug added, with additional changes in the future as necessary.


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