City of Fort Wayne takes fleet maintenance in house; savings expected

In a move expected to improve service and reduce costs, the city of Fort Wayne will no longer outsource fleet maintenance services and will instead bring operations in-house. Ending the contract with outside vendor, First Vehicle Services, is expected to save the city nearly $350,000 a year.

From snow plow trucks to water and sewer maintenance trucks, to road paving equipment, and police and fire vehicles, Fort Wayne’s fleet department maintains more than 2,340 vehicles that are in service more than 36,000 hours a day and cover more than 9.4 million miles each year. If the city remained with First Service, this year’s fleet costs would be $4.84 million. Under the city, the cost for this year would be $4.5 million. The new contract will also allow the city to take advantage of federal and state cooperative agreements, reducing costs on vehicle parts.

Current workers for First Vehicle were offered positions in the new arrangement and most accepted. The city will hire 26 employees and will take over the operation Sept. 30.


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