Bike-sharing company Zagster pedaling out of Fort Wayne

The Zagster bike-sharing service is leaving Fort Wayne and the city has started looking for a new bike-sharing provider that may be a better fit for the community, a city official said. (News-Sentinel.com archive photo)

The Zagster bike-sharing program is packing up and leaving Fort Wayne.

Zagster should remove white bicycles and bike stations within the next few weeks, said Mary Tyndall, public information officer for the city’s Community Development department.

The city had been working with Zagster to launch a new, semi-dockless bike-share brand called Pace in Fort Wayne, Tyndall said.

However, the city didn’t feel Zagster had the capacity to move to a dockless bike-share service, and both sides agreed to end their relationship, Tyndall said.

Dockless bike-share systems allow people to leave bikes wherever they want within a service area rather than needing to return them to a bike station.

Zagster offered 30 bbikes at six bike stations in Fort Wayne — five downtown and one at Indiana Tech, it used to say on the Zagster Fort Wayne website.

People could sign up for an hourly, monthly or annual membership, which would give them access to a code to unlock a bike from the bike station and use it.

The Zagster Fort Wayne website said members could ride for free on trips of less than one hour on weekdays and less than two hours on weekends, and then it would be $3 per hour for additional use.

The program started with 25 bicycles in April 2016 and an annual membership fee of $60 per person, News-Sentinel.com reported at that time. The annual membership was cut to $30 in April 2017, at which time the program had about 900 members who had made 1,700 trips, News-Sentinel.com reported in April 2017.

Going forward, the Community Development department “is looking forward to researching other bike-share options that will work best for Fort Wayne and our residents,” the city of Fort Wayne said in a statement.

The two-year pilot program with Zagster shows Fort Wayne has an “excellent biking community and a solid market for a larger fleet of shared bicycles,” the statement said.

Community Development staff have begun contacting other bike-share companies to gather information about their services, Tyndall said. There is no timeline for how quickly the city wants to have another bike-sharing service operating in Fort Wayne, she said.


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