Fort Wayne Fire Department swears in 19 recruits

Courtesy photo

The Fort Wayne Fire Department welcomed 19 new members in a graduation ceremony Thursday at the Public Safety Academy. Members of department’s 90th recruit class will begin their duties Saturday.

The recruits, 17 men and 2 women, participated in 20 weeks of training and will now continue their training alongside firefighters from the 18 stations that serve the City of Fort Wayne. The graduates include Kamron Bell, Erik Kitchen, Jonathan Chansyna, Andrew Knox, Brian Detweiler, Thomas Kocks, Joel Fravel, Trayson Luna, Travis Gase, Jared Maxwell, Andrew Goodwin, Robert Murphy, Thomas Greathouse, Nicholas Racioppi, Andrea Harris, Amber Stine, Joshua Howe, Lance Wagner and Jacob Stoppenhagen.

“Public safety is a top priority and we have an outstanding fire department committed to keeping our residents and businesses as safe as possible,” Mayor Tom Henry said in a statement. “We’re fortunate to be in a position to add new firefighters to enhance the department’s level of service. Under Chief (Eric) Lahey’s leadership, the Fort Wayne Fire Department is making a meaningful difference for all of us.”