Glut of stray dogs fills Fort Wayne shelter to capacity

(News-Sentinel,com file photo)

Due to a recent increase in the number of stray dogs, Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control is urging pet owners to visit the shelter and reclaim their pets before the long holiday weekend.

Because of the spike, the shelter is now at capacity and more dogs are expected to come in over the next three days. As a result, dogs need to be returned to their owners to make room for pets. Many of the dogs at the shelter are well cared for and clearly have owners. The shelter is closed Monday, meaning owners will not be able to reclaim their pets until Tuesday.

Owners looking for a lost pet should fill out a report, visit the shelter at 3020 Hillegas Road and check to see if your animal is in the city’s care. In an effort to return as many dogs to their owners as possible, payment options may be flexible. Anyone who finds a stray over the holiday weekend is encouraged to fill out a found report with Animal Care & Control and keep the animal in their home for now if possible.

Holiday weekends often lead to an uptick in stray animals brought to the shelter. To prevent your dog from getting lose be sure to always keep it leashed and under control at all times. Be sure your pet is always wearing ID tags and its microchip information is up to date. If you need assistance from an Animal Control Officer over the holiday weekend, call 260-449-3000. Animal Control Officers will still be on duty to respond to service calls.