Fort Wayne shelter helps with dog-hoarding case

Photo courtesy city of Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control recently was contacted by the Indiana State Board of Animal Health (SBOAH) requesting assistance with a hoarding case in a neighboring county involving several dogs of various breeds. The breeder agreed to cooperate with the SBOAH and bring her dog ownership and breeding activities into compliance with state law.

The breeder brought nine dogs to FWACC this week, and each was immediately evaluated by a veterinarian. Several of the dogs have health issues relating to their age as well as issues stemming from their living conditions. Many of the dogs have missing teeth and need extensive dental work, chronic skin conditions, ear issues and mammary tumors. Many of the dogs need further medical evaluations and diagnostic testing before their outcome is determined by staff. One dog was euthanized due to its age and extreme medical issues. Once all of the dogs are cleared medically, Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control will be reaching out to its coalition partners to help find loving homes for these animals.

“We see situations like this pretty regularly. What we find is people start out with the best of intentions but quickly exceed the volume of animals they can provide all the necessary care for,” FWACC Director Amy-Jo Sites said in a statement. “Though these animals were of good weight, they have medical needs that need to be addressed. We are thankful the owner is working to reduce the number of animals in her care to a more manageable level.”

FWACC is currently accepting donations toward the medical expenses incurred to rehabilitate and place the dogs. Donations can be made to the Angel Fund online at, by mail, or during business hours at 3020 Hillegas Road., Fort Wayne, IN 46808.