New program can protect homeowners against cost of utility repairs

Fort Wayne City Utilities is participating in a new partnership that can help residential customers handle unexpected and potentially costly repairs to the water and sewer service lines that run through their property.

Under the partnership with American Water Resources, a subsidiary of American Water, the nation’s largest publicly traded water and wastewater utility company, homeowners who are customers of City Utilities have the option to enroll in water line and sewer line protection programs to help prevent significant financial loss in the event of service line problems. Sewer service lines are the responsibility of the homeowner all the way from the public sewer line under a street or alley to the house. Normal wear and tear, tree roots and seasonal changes can cause sewer service lines to clog or leak. Similarly, water service lines generally lying between the curb and the house may break and are the homeowners’ responsibility to repair. These are typically not covered by homeowners’ insurance policies or standard home warranties. The water and sewer service line protection programs allow eligible customers to pay a small amount each month to receive protection for covered water and sewer line repairs.

American Water Resources has established a local contractor network and claim-management resources. After enrolling, program participants can call a toll-free, 24-hour support hotline to report a service line issue and request a repair. A local, insured plumber dispatched by American Water Resources will arrive within 24 hours. All covered repairs include a one-year warranty, with no forms to submit and no deductibles. Eligible homeowners are receiving details about American Water Resources’ water line and sewer line protection programs in the mail. Information is also available by calling 844-765-7263 or visiting the website AWRUSA.com/FortWayne. In addition to costs, the mailings will provide information on Fort Wayne residents’ responsibilities for the water and sewer lines running through their property.

American Water Resources is acting as an independent corporation, not an agent of Fort Wayne City Utilities, which does not assume responsibility for the actions of American Water Resources.


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